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What's better than a hot guy having his cherry popped? Ten hot couples doing it From the first kiss ever, the first kiss with a new lover, or just the first time trying something new, Cherry has it all. From tender and sweet to raunchy and hot, from new lovers to old marrieds, this anthology has something for everyone. With stories from Torquere newcomers and veterans alikWhat's better than a hot guy having his cherry popped? Ten hot couples doing it From the first kiss ever, the first kiss with a new lover, or just the first time trying something new, Cherry has it all. From tender and sweet to raunchy and hot, from new lovers to old marrieds, this anthology has something for everyone. With stories from Torquere newcomers and veterans alike, Cherry brings ten stories that are sweet and spicy, that explore the dynamics of trying out something new, be it kissing guys, meeting the in-laws or going places you've never gone before. There's just something about a first time, and Cherry brings you ten different ones....

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Cherry Reviews

  • Jenre
    2019-06-27 17:11

    This anthology of ten stories by different authors first attracted me for two reasons. Firstly, I liked the premise and wanted to see what could be done with the idea of a character experiencing things for the first time and secondly, I especially wanted to read the story by JL Merrow as I'd really enjoyed her stories in the Sindustry anthologies released by DSP.The anthology turned out to be a mixed bag as you might expect. I enjoyed many of them a great deal and some were just OK. However, I still feel that the anthology as a whole is worth reading.My favourite story turned out to be the one for which I'd bought the anthology: Different Strengths by JL Merrow. It concerned 1st person narrator Michael who is dragged along to a strip club by one of his clients. Whilst he's sitting there pretending to be interested in watching the girls, his attention is caught by the hunky bartender. After a while Michael needs to escape for a while and is taking a breather in the alley outside the club when the bartender, Kyle, approaches him. Michael thinks he looks vaguely familiar but can't place where he's seen him before. It's only after he's back at Kyle's place with half his clothes off that Michael remembers where he knows him from and it's not a good memory.One thing I've noticed about JL Merrow is that she likes to inject a certain amount of darkness into her stories. This appeals to me as I like my heroes to work a little for their happy endings. In this case Michael has a lot of forgiving to do and his internal confusion is realistically done. I felt quite a lot of sympathy for Kyle, especially his frustrations at having to hide his sexuality throughout his life. I finished the story feeling that both men had come to a realisation that you can't be controlled by the past as they make a conscious effort to move on with a tentative HFN which fitted in entirely with the story.There were a couple of TQ 'big names' with Sean Michael and BA Tortuga both contributing great stories. Graduation Cherry by Sean Michael was a cute 'second chance' story about ex-roomies who come together at graduation which was the perfect lighthearted way to end the anthology. File Gumbo by BA Tortuga was a Roughstock story which will appeal to both fans of that series and those who have never read BA's stories before. This time it's the turn of Sam and Beau to realise that cowboys can be rough in and out of the bedroom.Nice Girls Do by Mallory Path was an intensely sweet story of two young men who have been brought up together in the same house. Alan has no experience with girls so Taz offers to let Alan practice on him at first with kisses then with more. It sounds contrived but it wasn't at all. I liked Alan's calm, serious nature as he attempts to get things right and Taz was a delight as he tries so desperately to pretend that he is just doing Alan a favour. His attempts to keep his voice from getting too strained and the way he tries to pretend almost up the last minute that he's just a substitute for a girl was quite charming.There were other highlights as well: Particularly Alpha Male, Beta Male by Taylor Lochland, where vet Aaron is seduced by the much younger Nathan and, surprisingly for me, Just Like Him by Dallas Coleman, which was a well written twincest story where the door is firmly closed on anything other than a kiss. This might not be to everyone's taste and was in fact the first twincest story I've read, but I felt that the characterisation and story was so realistically done that I had a great deal of sympathy for the brothers.Overall I enjoyed reading these stories and I would recommend Cherry to those who like anthologies and also those who are fans of some of the authors who have contributed.

  • Alina
    2019-07-20 11:29

    I especially loved Kiernan Kelly's story about FB and Matt :) I just love this guys from Caffeine for a Marine and First of Foot was great continuation to the series. Sweet, fun and hot :)

  • xbmbgrl
    2019-07-07 14:18

    II love a good cherry story. Whether it's someone's first time ever, or their first time with a new lover, whether what they've never done is kissing or penetrative sex, that first time the cherry is popped is always special. Here are ten stories brought to you by Torquere veterans and newcomers alike. They all have one thing in common ~ cherry popping. New lover's and old, innocent and not so innocent, there's something here for everyone. Another anthology that hits the mark. It is unusual to have so many recently that are mostly above average for all the stories, but this one meets that standard too. As the title implies and the blurb states, this book is all about firsts. Among the contributors are well known authors that introduce us to characters we have not met before such as Crispin and Marc in "No One’s Cherry" from Julia Talbot and "Graduation" with Neil and Bobby by Sean Michael. Long time Torquere readers will be happy to see some of their favorite characters also. In "First of Foot, Right of the Line," Kiernan Kelly gives us a glimpse 2½ years into the future with F.B. and Matt from Caffeine for a Marine. Add to that we get a Roughstock Story, "File Gumbo" about Sam and Beau that gives us another glimpse into that rodeo world and the relationships being built. We also get stories placed back in time a bit like "Nice Girls Do" by Mallory Path. Written with a little bit of a different author voice that was interesting while the story itself seemed very calm and serene for a first time encounter. Also, "Who Shall I Tell" by Martin Delacroix looks at a first time encounter in Florida in the late 1970’s when you never knew who to trust with your secrets. Another is a futuristic and interplanetary that seems more like a first chapter to a longer novel then simply a short story. I would not be surprised to see the characters from "Lessons" by Kathryn Scannell again. Throw in two more contemporary stories "Alpha Male, Beta Male" by Taylor Lochland that toys with Dominant/submissive posturing between two men that usually Top. "Different Strengths" by J.L. Merrow brings two men together years after a high school gay bashing incident that makes them both realize where strength comes from and what constitutes true character. Finally, in the middle of the pack is "Just Like Him" by Dallas Coleman. A story about twin brothers that while not sexually explicit is still very erotic with a twincest plot that has brothers trying to rebuild trust and a relationship 10 years after a teenage confession. All the stories in this anthology are above average. Some of them could have been a little longer and there was not always a lot of emotional depth to each couple but I was not disappointed in any of them. I hope you enjoy this cherry collection as much as I do.

  • Marlobo
    2019-07-06 13:16

    Overall: 2.5 starsNo One's Cherry by Julia Talbot - 2 starFirst of Foot, Right of the Line by Kiernan Kelly - 2,5 stars Nice Girls Do by Mallory Path - 3,5 starsLessons by Kathryn Scannell - 1, 5 stars Just Like Him by Dallas Coleman - 3 stars. In spite of being a topic that habitually I reject, something compelled me to follow forward, probably so much feeling disclosed in the story. Fortunately the tale finishes at the exact moment for my tolerance with this theme. Who Shall I Tell by Martin Delacroix - 1.5 starsFile Gumbo: A Roughstock Story by BA Tortuga - 4 starsI need to check more Roughstock stories from this author.* Later, this title was applied to a novel while this story was retitled as Starting the RpuxAlpha Male, Beta Male by Taylor Lochland - 2 starsDifferent Strengths by JL Merrow - 2,5 stars "baby" abuse.Graduation by Sean Michael - 3 stars

  • Josephine Myles
    2019-07-13 12:36

    I bought this anthology mainly for the story by JL Merrow, and imagined it would be pure erotica through and through. How wrong I was - yes, the explicit "first time" stories are there, but mixed in with a real variety of others. There were stories about a first visit to a strip joint; first time with a new lover; first kiss and even first time babysitting!So, varied in subject matter, but also in quality/appeal to me. JL Merrow and Kiernan Kelly's stories stood out for the sheer scope of their plots and the emotional punch, but I also really enjoyed the contributions from Dallas Coleman (who'd have thought twincest would be something I'd enjoy?), Martin Delacroix, BA Tortuga and Sean Michael.I really think that there is something for everyone in this anthology - you certainly couldn't accuse it of being samey.

  • Jimmy Hanson
    2019-07-10 14:19

    Like most anthologies, "Cherry" had both cute and serious shorts, some well written and some just ... ugh. I only skipped over one fic, though after reading another I kind of wished I'd skipped over that one as well. For the most part, though, Cherry was a good read. Would I actually buy it? No. But if a friend offered to let me borrow it again some time in the future [a few months or a year or two from now:], I'd probably agree just so I could read those select few I liked again.

  • Mara Ismine
    2019-07-17 12:36

    An interesting collection of stories, some of them good and some of them not so good. Or to be more accurate some of them fitted my tastes and some didn't.

  • Jean
    2019-06-29 12:25

    There were some good stories and ok stories, but none that really knocked my socks off.

  • Taylor
    2019-07-06 18:29