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In 2008, Barack Obama lobotomized a generation. For an entire year, otherwise clear-thinking members of the most affluent, over-educated, information-drenched generation in American history fell prey to the most expensive, hi-tech, laser-focused marketing assault in presidential campaign history. Twitter messages were machine-gunned to cell phones at mach speed. Facebook aIn 2008, Barack Obama lobotomized a generation. For an entire year, otherwise clear-thinking members of the most affluent, over-educated, information-drenched generation in American history fell prey to the most expensive, hi-tech, laser-focused marketing assault in presidential campaign history. Twitter messages were machine-gunned to cell phones at mach speed. Facebook and MySpace groups spread across the Internet like digital fire. YouTube videos featuring celebrities ricocheted across the globe and into college students’ in-boxes with devastating regularity. All the while, the mega-money-raising engine whirred like a slot machine stuck on jackpot. The result: an unthinking mass of young voters marched forward to elect the most radical and untested president in U.S. history. Recognized as one of the country’s top young conservative activists by Human Events, Jason Mattera created an internet sensation with ambush video interviews that exposed clueless young liberals and cunning Democratic officials. Now he reveals the jaw-dropping lengths Barack Obama and his allies in Hollywood, Washington, and Academia went to in order to transform a legion of iPod-listening, MTV-watching followers into a winning coalition that threatens to become a long-lasting political realignment. Obama Zombies uncovers the true, behind-the-scenes story of the methods and tactics the Obama campaign unleashed on youth culture. Through personal interviews and meticulous original research, Mattera explains why conservatism’s future rests upon jolting the young masses from their slumber, yanking out their earphones, and sparking a countercultural conservative battle against the rise of the ignorant Left. The lesson from 2008 is crystal clear: When true conservatives run away, Obama zombies come out to play....

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Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation Reviews

  • Amanda Lyons
    2019-03-08 10:40

    I've looked this one over and nope I wasn't brainwashed as the author claims. In fact most of the generation it discusses and those who voted for Obama as a whole made their decisions by researching information on both candidates via the internet rather than latching onto the "liberal media" and other such sources. Being young doesn't make us all gullible folks! In fact many of us have read, learned about or experienced the same parts of history that caused you to make an opposing decision!Don't get me wrong I'm all for fair political debate but I hate to see anyone call my choice one I made based on "brainwashing". I'm sure the same holds true for those who remain conservative or identify as independent or Tea Party. My views are all based on the way I want to the world to be and my choice to vote for the president was one made in the interest of reducing the pain, suffering and reduction of freedom I saw under Bush/Cheney for 8 years. Obama was a candidate who offered a presidency which matched up with most young people's views on the world separate from politics. Rather than a man who seemed angry and a vice president who seemed less than experienced we voted for the candidates who seemed more together, more aware of the social structures we used and the world view we held. September 11th affected us as a nation and at first we all invested ourselves in the war that followed but soon it became clear that tragedy was being used as a manipulation tool, one that caused many to accept the limitations and invasions that came with the Bush/Cheney administration. Those of us who voted for Obama saw this and became wary, began to study politics and the way it affected our right and our nation as a whole in the last 40 years. We followed the run of both presidential elections that preceded the Obama vs McCain election and as a whole didn't vote for either party in those elections. We began to realize that both parties were flawed and studied the candidates as people, the decision they made before the election and the facts about them behind the statements they made while running. Obama was the first presidential candidate we felt any real connection to. He actually held many of the same beliefs we had and spoke about them in his books and in his life outside of his candidacy. We voted for him because he was who claimed to be knowing that while not everything he promised would come to pass that he would endeavor to try to make those things happen. That was something few politicians had done in the last several terms and it made an impact. we voted for him feeling that our views would b e better represented and our rights would be in far less danger than they had been under Bush/Cheney. Having made those efforts I think that those of us who made that decision would consider this book as insulting as the Ann Coulter books were for liberals or for anyone whose beliefs caused them to be labeled liberal despite their lack of political identification with either party.

  • June Junebug
    2019-03-02 14:41

    PROS: → Laughable in a "haha, this is so childish" sort.CONS: → No valid arguments to support theories.→ Meant to be insulting so it may or may not be insulting depending on how you look at it.If the book was meant to anger and/or make liberals laugh, then it got the job done. I like to read books to see the other people's opinions but I have only found one (Moral Politics : How Liberals and Conservatives Think; very unbiased and maturely well-written). I still have yet to find a book with opposing views where the book is well-constructed with maturity and sophistication. Most of the time, I feel like the purpose of books written by self-identified Republicans is meant to attack other people who think differently instead of talking about what they believe in. This book is no exception to that and I'm left feeling nothing but disappointed.

  • Doug Hauser
    2019-03-12 13:47

    Very well done with the same cutting humor that is usually reserved for lefties Cobert and Stewert. I'm sure they wouldn't consider it funny though since they really lack any sense of humor at all. Young people read this book, enlighten yourself!

  • Barney
    2019-03-08 14:57

    OK, so I don't really know where to start with this. Is it the constant use of "bro" in reference to Obama, or the constant use of the phrase "beta male" when writing about any TV talking head not named Hannity or O'Reilly? Beta male means "an unremarkable, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation" according to urbandictionary. com. In other words, pussies. I read this to see how one side is trying to reach out to the youth market. I will NEVER read another screed of this kind, regardless of the liberal or conservative person who wrote it. Mattera blathers that conservatives make up their own minds. Well, if you buy what he is selling here, you don't. Oh, and there is more. Much, much more. Mattera became a minor celebrity back in 2003 for writing that ""pedophiles nationwide ...condemned the FDA's food pyramid as 'bigoted' and 'hateful' because 'anus' and 'penis' were not listed as separate food groups." This is from a Roger Williams University College Republican newspaper called The Hawk's Right Eye that the then 20 year old Mattera published with school funding. Of course, it was a private school. Just like most other people on earth who know a lot about public education, he don't go to a public university. I'll start in on that D-Bag in a minute, but here are three points I want to make:1. If the "mainstream media" had numbers of something Mattera calls "O-gasms", especially by female reporters who "got wet panties talking to His Holiness" (9-13), why did the Obama Campaign use YouTube "as a way to bypass mainstream media."? (39) Would you bypass something that was/is as firmly in your pocket as Mattera claims? No? Didn't think so. I do agree with the claim that the big three and most cable news outlets treated Obama with kid gloves; see my review of Game Change.2. After blasting Barack Obama for "The Job Stimulus that Wasn't" he chides the Chief Executive for "doubling down on Bush's reckless spending" (199). OK, so if a conservative fucks the budget 18 ways from Sunday and from Hell to Breakfast, it's reckless. If a Democrat does it, he is "the most radical left wing presidential candidate in history." Of course, Mattera, Ann Coulter and the rest of these miserable deadbeats have possibly heard of Eugene Debs, and honest-to-God socialist who ran for president. Of course, if Mattera actually met a real socialist, he would call him a "beta man", getting only 1/2 the second word out before bursting into flames. It is brutally obvious that "socialist" is a buzzword, just like "Fascist" was for liberals in 2003-2008. Both words are meaningless now, bogeymen stripped of their context but not their power.3. ""I'm all for compromise, but I'd rather see liberals concede to our values." (197) Well, OK. If I go into a dialogue about the family budget with the wife, and want to spend $700 on beer a month thinking "well, I'd rather her concede to my values" we will get in the mother of all arguments that will end with the checkbook rammed sideways up my ass. Notice too, he says values instead of ideas. That's really what this whole Conservative/Liberal thing is about. It is not about whose ideas are better, but whose values are. And that is the precise reason why everything is so fucked up.And here's for the D-Bag:This is the best the Conservative movement has to offer. A puerile bag of hot air, spouting values and not any new ideas. In 2010, he offered up this to CPAC, a gathering he termed "our Woodstock":“Except that unlike the last gathering, our women are beautiful, we speak in complete sentences and our notion of freedom doesn’t consist of snorting cocaine, which is certainly one thing that separates us from Barack Obama.”This is just fucking tired. Books and authors such as this add nothing but bile to a world perfectly fucking long on that substance. It is not that he is stupid, or a chickenhawk, or a racist, which seem to be the labels of the month for most conservative media darlings. Like all of his ilk, left, center or right, he says things to get attention. These people do nothing to help this country; all they do is add another level of volume to a world that is too loud.

  • Steven Shroyer
    2019-03-19 17:50

    First let me say something to all those 1 star reviews... IT'S CALLED OBAMA ZOMBIES YOU DUMBASSES, IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE NEUTRAL! Now on to the review.Being a former Obama Zombie(I can remember volunteers coming to my anime club for Christ sake) I can say this is a truly entertaining book. It basically spells out how Obama took advantage of the youth of this country by using the internet their basic lack of knowledge, and their love of celebrity culture. It is brutal, scathing and often times humorous with enough punch to keep the reader hooked.I would recommend this book to many of us who were around in 2008 and remember being suckered in. It may not be the nicest and gentlest of books, but then again waking up in the morning isn't either.

  • Tressa
    2019-02-24 11:47

    Jason Mattera has some funny things to say about the twenty-somethings who played a big part in sweeping into office a man with very little experience; a man they put on a pedestal as a uniter and reformer, even though he is anything but. I try not to cheapen anyone's vote by assuming they're voting for the wrong reasons, but, come on, even I'm cringing at some of the loopy, idealistic, unicorn-under-the-rainbow things Obama Zombies were caught on camera or in print saying and doing. The crying, weeping, and Obamagasming that was going on all over America over this man who was politically raised by Chicago thuggery and who voted present 50% of the time was just unbelievable. And more than a little frightening.Mattera's book is filled with guffaw-producing zingers, but this is my favorite: What was McCain doing while Obama's team built up a fierce social network using Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace? "McCain was still fiddling with an abacus."

  • Travis
    2019-03-08 18:06

    Obama Zombies: or how I'm really bitter that my guy lost the election and being a loud and proud conservative meant I didn't get laid for two years.Where to start with this mess of a book?Here's his main argument: Obama was charismatic, articulate, cool, made use of social media, had the backing of a huge chunk of Hollywood and had a rock solid, on the ground, infrastructure and McCain was a lousy candidate, so the obvious conclusion is that Obama won because...College kids are dumb and Obama brainwashed a whole generation!Seriously? As a 'wake up call' for a generation this book is a failure. It's arguments are unconvincing, badly stated and when he has an interesting point he is inarticulate and makes sure to bury it under a huge pile of adolescent humor involving a lot of name calling and really clunky cultural references.A whole chapter on MTV? Are you kidding me? Obama brainwashed a whole generation using MTV? Is it 1987 again and nobody told me?He promises facts, but relies on blanket statements, talking points, and deeply flawed logic, as well as ignoring history and context and contradicting himself.He seems to be trying really hard to stay ignorant on why anyone would be excited to be voting for the first time or seeing the USA elect the first black president.He also does not present much in the way of convincing, specific argument for why his side is better. Just more talking points, blanket statements and the occasional defense of Sarah Palin.His side is better, but you are going to just take his word for it, because he doesn't provide examples or facts.While this book is funny, none of the laughs occur when the author is trying to be funny, those bits are pretty painful, and read like either they were written by a 12 year old or written by an old white guy trying to sound like a college student.I chuckled a lot, but never when the author wanted me to. The laughs mostly occurred when he was presenting his serious, factual arguments.

  • Martina
    2019-03-13 13:54

    I started reading this one with only a few ideas based on the title of the book. Had never heard of it and cam upon it by chance and it's been lying around for a while. I had this idea that it would be a critical commentary of the overwhelming gush that obama received upon election (thinking of the nobel prize and similar stuff) and just because the title's hyperbolic it wouldn't necessary be an interesting critique.Holy crap on a cracker was I wrong. I wish I could give this book negative stars. It makes me want to wash my hands as if the frothing pejoratives slung about by the author has made my hands sticky. Bleh.Here's the first sentence of the 4th chapter: "whom would you rather have protecting your family? rambo? or bambi? that was your choice in 2008 well, thanks to obama zombies america chose bambi." the book just continues in this vein, it has footnotes and definitely tries to base it off facts. But in the end it seems to just want to hate on the college yuppies (fair enough) whilst pretending to have something more to say.It's probably naïve of me to be so appalled by this book, but I will say that I haven't found much criticism of it online despite the fact that the author keeps dismissing any racial grievances as race-baiting and claiming that voters who are proud to have a black president are not being colorblind like him and un-american.I need a shower.

  • Kim
    2019-03-08 15:37

    Every young person in America should read this book!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-15 14:02

    Making my teenager read this - however, I'm marking over some of the swear words (that the author directly quotes from others) and passages that may be inappropriate material. That being said, this book should be required reading for all youth before they vote in their 1st election as it will teach them a little something about what candidates & their handlers will do to get their vote; also, how to be a more savvy voter themselves. I knew the Obama team was up to no good, & it has been confirmed by many others now!

  • Christy
    2019-03-24 14:04

    Before picking this up I thought, "I already know all this stuff". But, decided to give it a try because I noticed the last chapter was about what we can do to help make sure no more zombies are created. I appreciate the way the author breaks up the book into chapters dealing with the "hot-button" issues of the time. (This was published in March, 2010, so there's obviously a lot more to add now.) It starts out really angry sounding when he's writing about "manufacturing a crowd" with celebrities, but his main points are right on target. I do wish there hadn't been a whole chapter dedicated to Steven Colbert and John Stewart. It sounded much more personal to the author than the other chapters and it became annoying. But, it is a point worth making since their shows are favored by my generation. Above all, the best thing is that this book is dripping with facts. Facts about the environment, the economy, health-care, the media and all the individuals involved in the lies that were a large part of the Obama campaign. Look up the facts, people, and you will be much more informed when everyone is screaming at you "do this, it's the cool thing." Know why you believe what you believe.I'm just going to add a few pieces of this book that summed it up for me..."You do have the right to be duped by the 'scientific' shell game, but you also have the right to think for yourself and not act like a Zombie." pg. 107"Let's punt all our personal responsibility and just lay it at the feet of Dear Leader. The government can't even make a profit delivering mail, yet they want to dictate the health-care policy for 300 million Americans?!" pg. 118"Look, if government spending were a magic bullet, the Soviet Union would never have fallen; it would have been an economic juggernaut, a model for our success. Moreover, Cuba, Venezuela, and every other socialist tyranny around the world would be economic nirvanas." pg. 139"While liberals like to tout themselves as progressives, the dirty little secret is that they are far from progressive in any modern sense of the word. Their allegiance to top-down, bureaucratic management is right out of a thirteenth-century feudal system where "kings" and "lords" gave order for how all the "peasants" would live in society." pg. 198

  • Carl Martinez
    2019-03-23 16:57

    I highly recommend this book but at the same time it was hard for me to enjoy it. Growing up in the eighties over the years I've learned to detest the current and last few generations of "young" people from the Gen X'ers, Y2K generation, the hip-hop generation, etc., ...for a lot of other reasons besides political I might add. Unfortunately for years I cast aside the youth as irrelevant but reading Obama Zombies I felt as if I was in a wide-awakened nightmare where ObamaGirl and Oprah actually had influence to put a rock star with diddly squat for executive experience into the White House.

  • Jay
    2019-02-23 13:48

    Mr. Mattera is simply bashing douchey college kids and newscasters. "Meh, I'm a republican and I'm not used to kids being active in politics therefore they must be brainwashed. Mehhhh."

  • Dachokie
    2019-02-26 11:04

    Surprisingly Entertaining Observations from Generation Y Republican ..., December 18, 2010Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation (Hardcover)Arguably, the sudden ascension of Barack Obama can be credited to the youth generation's decision of choosing someone who seemed to echo their concerns, ideals and vision for the. The 24/7 news cycle seemed to chronicle this growing group of vociferous individuals in perpetuity. The surge of support for the young and inexperienced junior Senator from Illinois transformed into an unstoppable steamroller that clearly paved the way for his historic and successful Presidential campaign. Opposition to the Obama juggernaut from this youth movement was observed to be, at best, a humorous anomaly or at worst, racist. Even though the vitriol exhibited by both sides of the political spectrum is equally dispersed, there is occasionally a rare youthful voice that presents an argument in an entertaining, clear and succinct manner. It is this reason that Jason Mattera's observation of his generation's political "brainwashing" proves to be a worthy read. Although "Obama Zombies" may simply be chalked-up as just another political rant from a Republican point-of-view, it is actually an impressive display of writing by a member of a generation that is often characterized as being politically ignorant. A look at the cover of "Obama Zombies" is probably enough for many to dismiss the book from the start. Yes, the book's title and the caricatures of the iconic campaign poster are clear indications that the author's point-of-view probably isn't alongside the current President or those who follow him. What the cover doesn't reveal, however, is the youthful author's work is more of a brazen attempt to mock his generation as a bunch of mindless followers of liberal media chicanery than a tiresome anti-Obama diatribe. What makes the book refreshing is that Mattera's youthful perspective is in direct contrast to the stuffy, old man image that generically personifies most Republicans/conservatives (think John McCain). The first chapter of the book is dedicated to Mattera defining an "Obama Zombie" as being someone who is brainwashed by the liberal media machine through the wide variety of tools the younger generation not only embraces, but worships. Mattera argues that the liberal media, liberal entertainers, and savvy political activists have successfully created an army of young mindless followers that blindly support s the staple liberal platform for no other reason than they can't think for themselves. What follows that initial chapter is a witty and frequently humorous account of his observations. From global-warming alarmism to healthcare to world peace, the staple platforms of liberal politics have infiltrated the malleable minds of the youth generation through the very means that provides its sustenance: MTV, Twitter, Facebook, John Stewart et al. Specific accounts and quotes of college students (menand women) gushing over the President is reminiscent of seeing screaming girls at Beatles or Elvis Presley concerts. While Mattera is obviously expressing his political viewpoints in "Obama Zombies", he provides enough sources to substantiate his argument throughout the book. In other words, I felt his book to be less proselytizing and more fact-based opinion. But, what clearly stands out, in my opinion, is the author's ability to keep the reader engaged by keeping the tone of the book upbeat with humor, especially considering the provocative subject matter. Living in a college town has exposed me to many instances of political ignorance being expressed by college students (regardless of their political affiliation), so while I feel Mattera's viewpoint to be well-founded, I also believe that a liberal author would have just as much material to write a book. Yes, Mattera makes fun of the young liberal movement that culminated in Obama's election and yes, this book is sure to raise the ire of Democrats and liberals alike. But, what separates this book from the standard anti-liberal invective is that the author's voice is refreshingly youthful. "Obama Zombies" is a great example of how political opinion, when expressed intelligently, can appeal to both sides of the political spectrum. With "Obama Zombies", Jason Mattera is proof that a new generation of successful political pundits is beginning to make itself known.

  • Rob Bryant
    2019-03-17 11:40

    Obama Zombies, subtitled 'How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation,' is a look into how President Obama won his bid for the presidency, and generally how the brainwashing of the young in America continues. It concentrates on how the left have centered their efforts on capturing the youth vote and the methods used. Mattera goes into depth on these things, and brings his own youthful banter into the fold with sarcastic critique. If you have ever read Conservative Victory by Sean Hannity, then you will know what to expect in terms of the writing. Hannity would provide some points, and then give his own dry sarcasm. Mattera does something similar to this, but with a much more vibrant approach.He touches on the media being in the bag for liberal policies, and how they swooned over Obama during the campaign. While all of us Conservatives know this, it never hurts to relive these things. He also goes on about how the campaign itself used technology to their advantage through websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Organizing for America (Obama). Not only that, but the use of text messaging and mining phone numbers of cell phones from the willing allowed the Obama campaign access to many, many people throughout the campaign. Chapter two definitely seemed like one of the most significant chapters in the book, and has some lessons for us on the right to learn from.Of course, he went after the elitists in Hollywood, calling them out on their videos of 'service' that they made after the election, as well as the musicians that helped get more young people on board prior to the election itself. He even wrote a special chapter reserved solely for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and as we all know, deservedly so. They have been a big driving force for liberal viewpoints, unfortunately. MTV got a good bashing, too. I haven’t paid much attention to MTV for year and years and years. After reading the crap they have been pulling, I see why I strayed from the channel so long ago.There are chapters on global warming, health care, and economics, which he explains how the younger people in our country are being swarmed with using emotional thought over everything and not challenging what they hear from the media, their professors, or other fringe lefty groups. It’s something that I have come to notice myself, but he spells it out quite well. Something he points out through the entire writing is that liberals teach kids to want to feel good. True enough.I noticed that he referenced Milton Friedman arguments on more than one occasion, which is always welcome. He even referred to a quote by Adam Smith that Friedman seemed to love so much; call it 'The Affecting Paragraph,' if you will. I think most of us know which phrase I am talking about.At the end of the book, he gives his "Six-Point Battle Plan" to snap these kids out of their slumber. I’m not sure if I’ve followed all of them, but there are some great points in it. For instance, framing the message as it should be, not as the left frames them. Other points are utilizing the web and donating to causes that outreach to the youth with Conservative thought. There are a few others, but I’ll leave it to you to read the book!Overall, it’s a good read, and shows just how easily the youth are manipulated with their emotions. There are some good laughs to be had, and I’ll share one of my favorites with you before I end this. Upon talking about McCain’s military background and why he would’ve been better for the country in terms of national defense, three paragraphs worth, he had this to say as a fourth paragraph:"Here are Barack Obama’s military experience and credentials:_______."haha The lead up to that line made it great! Good comedic timing in the writing for sure. Check it out.

  • E. Scott Harvey
    2019-03-14 17:56

    This is a terrific, eye-opening book. Mattera pulls no punches regarding the liberal BS that inspired - er, brainwashed - a generation of "zombies" as he calls them, sold out the the "anointed one" himself. I especially enjoy his six-point battle plan at the end for awakening these zombies:1) Get "back to the basics" - the unapologetic espousal of the core principles of conservatism. No more John McCain "RINO" candidates (Republican In Name Only). 2) "The job stimulus that wasnt" - drive home the wasteful and ineffective results of the Obama stimulus package. Remember when the "anointed one" recently said, "those shovel-ready jobs weren't so shovel-ready?" How's the job market looking for ya? Have those sea levels gone down yet? How's all that hope and change feeling right about now? 3) "Piss off a liberal: get a job, make money and be happy" - liberals win when we become dependent on their government plans for more and more of our daily needs. Don't!4) "Learn to frame the message" - harness the power of social and new media. Be smart with the message - this is, after all, a soundbyte generation.5) "Twitter this" - use every available outlet to spread liberty-loving ideals.6) "Donate that money" - not just to candidates, but to organizations universities who help get solid conservative speakers like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and others in front of bong-water drinking, young skulls full of mush who inhabit most of the college campuses. All I can say is, good stuff!!

  • Brian S. Wise
    2019-02-28 18:55

    It took me thirty-two pages to understand what bothered me about Obama Zombies, but once I did, it completely unraveled a book that didn’t have far to go. The problem isn’t that the premise is flawed; in fact the premise – that the Old Media, celebrities, and large sections of American youth were so captivated by Obama in 2008, and were so willingly blind to his many faults, that their dedication bordered on zombie-like – is unassailable. The problem also wasn’t the foundational research Jason Mattera laid for himself; his material is no worse than a majority of “political books” coming from both the Left and the Right. (Al Franken’s cookie-cutter collections of shit come to mind.)The problem is Jason Mattera. In the hands of a more skilled writer, Obama Zombies could have been a cutting critique of the groupthink that sprang up, enveloped, and protected the Obama campaign in 2008. As it is, this book is an irritant; very early taking on, and never shaking, the vibe of a seventeen-year-old’s blog. Even when Mattera makes a good point, it’s masked by the fact his “voice” is, more often than not, exasperating.Some people can cleverly employ written sarcasm; Mattera cannot. Some people can artfully slam dumb people in print; Mattera cannot. Some people can take their research and turn it into a rock; Mattera cannot. He just wasn’t the writer for this task.

  • Ifor
    2019-03-13 16:48

    This is dire. I am not a fan of Obama, nor do I strongly support his policies. By doctrine, I consider myself a republican, I believe in small government and the freedom of the individual to choose.I also believe when writing a critique of a politician it is important to uphold certain standards.The first standard is to tell the truth. To criticise a man whilst decrying established, well researched facts reduces the argument to little more than a rant.The second standard is to present evidence to support your cause. A bigoted diatribe does not convince me of anything, other than the author's inability to convey his meaning succinctly and well.There are good critiques of Obama's presidency available, there are fine books of political analysis available. This is neither.

  • Amy
    2019-03-21 17:58

    Though I tended to agree with the ideology behind this book, and there are some gems of quotes in there as well, I couldn't bring myself to even finish it.It reads more like insult comedy, than a quality political text. It tends to insult and deride progressives more than establishing why the author believes their political opinions are errant. Nor does it satisfactorily explain why conservatism and/or libertarianism is a better option. After 3 chapters, this got boring and I just put the book down.Again, there are some good quotes and anecdotes about the cronieism and the true values behind the Obama campaign and subsequent administration, but there are other, better written books that do the same.(Though it was encouraging to see some peers agree that government is not the answer to our nation's ills).

  • Sarah Buchanan
    2019-02-28 17:00

    I couldn't finish this book, because it was awful and embarrassing. (Embarrassing for the author, not for me.)Lest you believe it's because I'm a huge Obama fan and just didn't agree with the guy, that's not it at all. I voted for Obama the first time he ran and then didn't make that mistake a second time. I really did wonder how a Senator came out of relative obscurity and transformed the better part of a nation, specifically the younger crowd, into loving him like some kind of rock star.What I wanted was a rational look at maybe how the media played a part in the fawning, or maybe how the campaign was run and how it made Obama into the icon he ultimately became.Unfortunately, this book was none of that. It was written, it seems, by a bitter, childish guy who didn't let good writing and journalism get in the way of a good story. Except it wasn't a good story.

  • Joe
    2019-03-01 13:04

    Written by 20-somthing investigative journalist Jason Matera, this book shows exaclty how Barack Obama was able to come out of virtually nowhere to become President of the United States.Matera's book is not flattering to Obama and not flattering to the 21-35 age demographic, whom Matera claims drank the Obama Koolaide, without first finding out who the man really was. Captivating read.

  • L.W.
    2019-03-11 19:01

    I was fascinated with what he had to say as it was reported from a different perspective than the main stream media. He makes some very valid points and it was a good read.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-25 12:37

    If you're anti Obama this is the book to read, and if you know someone who is far too obsessed with Obama then hand this book off to them.

  • John
    2019-03-14 19:06

    Way too snarky for my taste, and not nearly intelligent or well-written enough to earn the degree of condescension that oozes from every page. Author Jason Mattera makes some good points, especially when it comes to how Obama marketed himself to young voters, but most of this material has been handled much better by other writers. (For example, Mattera's opening chapter reads like second-rate summary of Bernard Goldberg's A SLOBBERING LOVE AFFAIR.) OBAMA ZOMBIES evidences Mattera's promising future as a conservative pundit, but this debut effort is a swing and a miss.

  • Gabby
    2019-03-12 16:57

    As one who was NOT taken in by all the slobbering hype over BO either from the liberal media or the Hollywood mentally challenged who really have no idea what they're talking about, I enjoyed this book for the straightforward way in which the hype balloon was burst. I happen to believe if the media and Hollywood wealthy who have more money than brains and represent everything BO says he's against attack another political candidate and belittle his brave service to his country, they ought to at least seriously question their own candidate who hangs out with flaming racist preachers and domestic terrorists. But that's just me. I happen to be offended by racists no matter what color they come in, and I don't make allowances for terrorists whether they be foreign or domestic. If that's what separates me from people like BO and those who support him, and if it's what makes me enjoy reading books like this well written one, then I believe I'm on the right path.

  • Garrett
    2019-03-08 18:37

    For those interested in the 2008 Presidential Campaign, this is a great book to read. Mattera does an excellent job of parsing through why Obama's campaign was so successful--and why McCain's was so awful. Further than that, he goes on to explain why his generation (Gen Y, Millenials, etc) was hoodwinked by Obama's pie-in-the-sky promises. Mattera closes with 6 concrete steps that conservatives can--and must--make to win the hearts and minds of the younger generations. In a battle of style vs. substance, I think conservatives can do quite well. One only needs to consider Mattera's clarion call to his contemporaries: "Ours must be a generation that stands athwart history yelling, 'Hey, jackass! Get your government off my freedom!'" I think we have a pretty good shot at winning that argument.

  • James Malone
    2019-03-12 10:51

    This book seems like it was written more to piss off "libs" than it was to actually make a valid point. My original purpose for reading it was to get a point of view that was different than mine. I mostly just found myself feeling attacked, and really tried to give Mattera the benefit of the doubt despite that, but I knew it was hopeless when the author started citing Ann Coulter as an expert. Sheesh.

  • Eric
    2019-02-24 11:38

    Good book, but only the begining and end really dealt specifically with Obama's campaign. The remainder revolved around liberalism in general, which was written well, but not really what I was expecting. Still, overall it was a well written book that tells a lot about how liberal ideas are being marketed to the youth of America.

  • James
    2019-03-19 16:03

    Highly recommended

  • Jimmy
    2019-03-09 12:52

    I'm just such a fan of President Obama that it hurt to read this nonsense. He is the best president of my lifetime. We should be proud to have elected him in this great country.