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Ewan MacAllister ist nicht wenig überrascht, als plötzlich die verführerische rothaarige Lady Nora vor seiner Tür steht. Sie behauptet, die Nichte der englischen Königin zu sein, und bittet ihn um Hilfe bei ihrer Flucht vor ihrem Vater und ihrem abscheulichen Verlobten. Da es schließlich nicht so schwer sein kann, eine Dame über die schottische Grenze nach England zu geleiEwan MacAllister ist nicht wenig überrascht, als plötzlich die verführerische rothaarige Lady Nora vor seiner Tür steht. Sie behauptet, die Nichte der englischen Königin zu sein, und bittet ihn um Hilfe bei ihrer Flucht vor ihrem Vater und ihrem abscheulichen Verlobten. Da es schließlich nicht so schwer sein kann, eine Dame über die schottische Grenze nach England zu geleiten, willigt Ewan ein. Doch damit fängt das Chaos erst an …...

Title : Taming the Scotsman
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Taming the Scotsman Reviews

  • Viri
    2019-03-02 04:41

    ¡Pero que bonito libro!No soy dada a leer libros de escoceses HAHAHA aunque me fascinan sus historias nunca me han parecido tan buenas como las ambientadas en la regencia londinense pero este libro fue bonito. Sin más.Estuvo lleno de aventuras y diversión pero también con esa parte dura y emocional a la que nos tiene acostumbrados la autora. Quedé con la intriga sobre KM pero supongo que me tendré que leer los demás para despejar dudas jaja...

  • Dina
    2019-03-14 06:49

    I've learned to appreciate Ms. MacGregor's books for the fun they give me. I don't expect historical accuracy, just a light read and pure entertainment. This book was no exception.Ewan was a slightly tortured hero who, feeling guilty over his brother Kieran's suicide, had chosen to live in a cave apart from his family. Everything was fine and dandy with his surly and solitary life, until Nora barged into his life. I have to say, her reasons for running away from her family and seeking Ewan's help didn't make much sense, but I got along with it - probably because I really liked her. She was a little chatterbox and I doubt she could keep quiet to save her life, but she wasn't annoying and it was fun to see her trying to extract more than a grunt from the gruffy Ewan. In the end, it was easy to see how their different personalities fit each other. Their HEA was one I had no problem believing in.Not everything was solved by the end of the book and I have mixed feelings about the last-minute twist that Ms. MacGregor left hanging. I thought this was the last book in the MacAllister series and I expected to see everything "tied up". As it was, it looks like I'll have to move to the Brotherhood of the Sword series if I want to know the answers to the questions left unsolved. Do I want to? Yes, I do! :)

  • Natasha
    2019-03-22 00:41

    I love the MacAllisters!!! I took a littel break before reading this one, not on purpose really, I just kind of trailed off. Am I ever glad I got back into this series last night. I've been wanting to read Ewan's story since a few books back. Ewan has been living in pain since his brothers death. After fighting over a woman who they both lost because she truly didn't love either of them, but just wanted to use them to get to her real love, his brother and best friend killed himself and Ewan has been blaming himself ever since. Ewan lives in a cave. Alone and still grieving. Nora was something.. to say the least. She's a kind and gentle woman. She's also a talker, to say the least. Yes, the author did specify that..a lot, but I felt if you were around someone who chattered that much, no matter who you meet, they'd probably remark on that.. especially for a woman in those days. I've been told I can over talk myself, so I felt her pain. *laughs*I hated how mean the brothers were to Ewan growing up. I didn't want to think of my favorite set of brothers as such bullies and down right mean, but I guess hard things are said between brothers always. I just felt so bad for the lost love Ewan ensued because of misunderstandings and plain bullying. Although this story didn't have as much as a plot as some of her past instalments, I still really enjoyed this read. I read it in a few hours before bed and I was completely engrossed. I also loved the banter between Ewan and Nora. His grumpiness was actually quite charming. I'm a sucker for tough love that blossoms into something beautiful. I highly recommend this series to all historical romance and highlander romance lovers. I'm about to start 'A Dark Champion' and I know I'm in for a good read.

  • Janja
    2019-03-25 06:52

    3,5Nice historical story !

  • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    2019-03-21 05:30

    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.I was hoping for a fun read in Ewan's book and it is! Ewan is such an adorable giant of a man, I don't know where to start about him. I so love a man so surly, grumpy on the outside but sweet and intoxicating on the inside, Ewan is just that. And the quite ones are always da bomb in bed, Ewan is just that, too!I'm not sure about Nora. She's a fun read, her incessant prattling was funny but some of her actions/thoughts I can't agree with. Mostly her confusion over Ewan, now that they're lovers. She knows she loves him, what is she waiting for I don't know. I think I even like Catarina more than her because she is smarter and a very perceptive woman.So, the story started as Nora finds Ewan in his cave for a favor. I loved that first scene, it was hot and funny (what with Ewan being asleep and naked ...)! :p And, then when he woke up and saw Nora, that was so funny too. His thoughts on her 'assets' and how he can make use of them. Oh boy, I adored him on spot! Then of course, after knowing what Nora wanted from him, he came to his senses and the story began. We already know that Ewan's brother Kieran committed suicide over a girl who betrayed them both. Isobail was basically a slut who used the two brothers to get her way, which was to get to her lover in England and left a trail of distraction on her path; a dead and a living dead brother and a feud which cost many lives from both clans MacAllister and MacDouglas. Ewan ran away with her, thinking she loves him and then came back home with a heart break, only to find Kieran has taken his own life.If you read Claiming the Highlander, you'll know some of the history. Here, we find Ewan all wallowed up in guilt and shame and heartbreaking sadness over what happened. He and Kieran were the closest of brothers and Ewan can't help but feel he deserves no pleasure in life for what he's done. So, he lives in a cave (which was later furnished by his concerned mother, against his will), without human contact (he avoids it as much as possible) and he's celibate. I think that he's only been intimate with Isobail (after reading many clues) and no one else after the debacle. Until, of course, Nora came along. She came up with this request, almost as same as Isobail but not quite and Ewan can't help but think is this some kind of joke?! Then, the story is taking place as they're on their way to Lochlan's and not London. Ewan, knowing a bit about Nora and of course, his past, decided not to take her to London.Nora is betrothed to a man she despises and ran away to save herself. Her maid gave her the idea of meeting Ewan MacAllister and ask him to help her. Nora didn't know much about Ewan's past, only that MacAllisters are powerful and maybe, her father and fiance won't look for her if she can manage to get to her aunt Eleanor aka the Queen of England (a fact Ewan scoffs at, still doesn't believe it) with Ewan's help. Nora talks a lot, annoys Ewan but she's beautiful and charming, which Ewan can't help but find adorable. And, the more Nora get to know about Ewan and his past, the more she can't help but falling. Think I have to agree here. There are things about his past, not the Isobail incident but other things like how his father thought he's not manly enough because he's quiet in nature, his brothers always having their way and he always is sort of left behind. Women always choosing his brothers over him (oh, poor the babe! ). He's always been dubbed as the one who doesn't have much to offer in looks (too tall and gangly), charms (too surly) or brains (too impulsive) ... (me? absolute bulls*it!). These vulnerabilities, the blow all these did to his self-esteem is tremendous and I can so understand the poor darling. I felt so sad, his brothers were close to being cruel with him IMO. All these, inevitably lead to that incident; Isobail convincing him too easily that she 'loves' him and not Kieran, then Kieran in a fight over her telling him he's not good enough for Isobail and so on. I absolutely disliked the way Kieran judged him. Good-natured bickering is fine between brothers but this was downright malicious! [note: Keiran has an illegitimate boy from a girl he was courting before Isobail. It was in CtH and I hated him after knowing about the heartbroken girl who never told him about it as she learned he's already seeing someone else!]So, obviously, not knowing much about Nora (and despite of the fact that he's becoming crazy about her as the story progresses), Ewan decides it's better to take her to Lochlan's, from where they can look for her family. Nora, being afraid of her father and her upcoming, unwanted marriage, decided not to give him much details on her family. Then, on the way, they were almost kidnapped by a group of gypsies but the kidnappers turned out to be nice people. Still not sure who paid them for kidnapping Ewan. The girl in the group, Catarina, befriends Nora soon and I've already mentioned I really like her. Also, another character, Pagan. He's very intriguing. I'd love to see his story. It's seen that Pagan has some kind of 'something' for Catarina but I know (from the blurbs) that these two won't be together since Lochlan would be her match.I liked the way Catarina knew that Ewan and Nora belongs to each-other and is trying to help them. Nora is a bit thick headed when it comes to her feelings, she's trying everything to deny this. And Ewan knows better than this, to be rash in his actions since he doesn't know where they stand at the moment. I loved the love scenes; the last one I've read was really good, only I thought the eastern dancing-thingy (belly dancing?) was totally unnecessary. This has something to do with Catarina's mysterious past since she teaches Nora the dance. But, could Nora master it so well in one evening that she danced like some 'Saracen courtesan', as Ewan's musing tell us? I couldn't believe it. Anyway, they're both determined at this level to part since they both know they can't be together!Me? I'm getting a bit exasperated at their pessimistic view on what could be a really sweet thing for both of them. At least I know if I had a man like Ewan, I won't be as confused as Nora! Even Catarina agrees with me. :/**************Oh dang! I'm so jealous of that Nora, why can't I get my own bear? *sniff sniff* ... Every time she'd call Ewan her big bear, gentle bear etc, I felt so ... argh!Read please, just couldn't help it!...He reminded her of some great, hulking bear, what with his massive form, snarling tones and gruffness....Nora was stunned by his demand. The bear who lived in a cave was lecturing her on manners?...Nora gaped at his expertise. Who knew the big, giant bear would be so talented? (he plays the lute like an angel)...Nora watched in awe of Ewan's skill. For a bear, he was quite nimble. He moved like fluid. Graceful....She could even hear him tromping through the woods like some big, lumbering bear. (an angry Ewan)...Her bear lay with his lips slightly parted, her braid laced between his large fingers. She hadn't even realized he'd touched her hair....But it was the quiet bear who called out to her....Her unrefined bear was so much more than what she wanted. He was what she needed....Nay, her bear was ever tender....How she loved her big bear. She could almost believe him when he said that. "Aye."...Nora pushed herself to her feet and moved away from the wall before her strong bear pulled it down on top of her...."There are times when being a bear is a benefit." (this is from Ewan, the said 'bear'! :p)...She would give anything to hear one of his bearish growls. (when he was injured and unconscious)...He pulled back a moment later to answer her question. "What we have here, my lady, is a bear who wants to be tamed. Know you someone with a stout enough heart to lead him home and suffer his dismal ways?" (again, the said bear himself :D)..."Well, 'tis early yet, but I missed my flow. I think my bear may have a cub coming to follow in his father's footsteps." (Arrrghh! Can you hear me growling with frustration?! :/)... So, I want Ewan, is that so bad? He's worth having. *sigh*Moving on. It was a seriously sweet book. I can't deny it, mainly because I adored Ewan and Nora's all lovey-dovey scenes (when they weren't being pessimistic about their relationship of course). Even in the love scenes, not only their communication together but Nora's unabashed curiosity was some read for sure! I did laugh quite a lot at her words and enjoyed them. The story was good and there were more mysteries in the end but overall, a big 4 stars from me.On their way to Lochlan's castle, Nora sees her fiance, one lout called Ryan. It was later known he's the one who ordered the kidnapping. Then, Nora was kidnapped again, this time by Isobail's brothers, who also appeared before. Then the rescue scene, with Ewan was so hot! Ermm, what with he breaking down chains from walls ... his muscles rippling and so on ... Ahemmm! Poor babe was hurt by the villains and kinda angry at Nora when the supposed dead Ryan (he was injured saving Nora from Isobails brother and Nora thought him dead) comes back and Nora goes fussing on him. Oh bother! He starts ignoring her and wouldn't let her tend to his injury. Then with Catarina and teams help they reach to Lochlan's place, only to find Nora's parents and all the others are already there. Ewan falls sick with fever and infection. Nora tends to him, day and night. Gotta mention here, Catarina, whose past is still a mystery, knew more about the kidnapping (the 1st one) and some valuable information on Nora's father Alexandar. He actually wanted Nora to marry one of the MacAllisters for an alliance with them, so he planned it all in a way which would make Nora to run to Ewan for help to save herself from Ryan ... Ermm, this part was a bit hazy for me. If so, then why go through all these troubles? Then again, after knowing Ryan paid for the kidnapping and after that lout lied about loving Nora, Ewan felt guilty thinking he's repeated the history again. And then, there's no reasoning with that mule! He won't hear that Nora loves him, he won't listen to her pleadings. When he wakes up and in a very bad timing, heard Ryan saying something about Nora being his (oh you gotta read this!), the mule aka Ewan refused Nora when she went to him telling him if he'd have her, Ryan would release her from the engagement. A heartsick Nora goes back home to marry Ryan. I felt like kicking Ewan's butt myself. I mean, you know this is what even her parents wanted from the beginning, why say 'no'? She said she loves you ... YOU! Didn't she? I was so irritated. grr! Then, it's his mother, Aisleen, who did the reasoning with Ewan and some of his childhood hurts were soothed by her words. Catarina, who'd been bickering with Lochlan before leaving with Nora, tells her with confidence that Ewan will come for her. And, of course, he does. Ewan saves Nora from that marriage and marries her himself in the alter ... The end! :pNothing much was seen about Pagan, about whom I'm really interested. And, just before the ending ... egads! Keiran's plaid comes back with one of Alexandar's man's (who was with Catarina's team) severed hands (eek!). Lochlan learns from Alexandar that the guy, Lysander, had this when he hired him in Paris. Lysander never wanted to part with the piece of clothing ... Lochlan is shocked to think Kieran might be alive ... Hell, I was left confused about the whole thing myself. Never mind that, I'm just glad that Ewan the grumpy bear had his happy ending. :D

  • Preacox
    2019-03-25 02:51

    Ewan MacAllister is not the oldest, but the tallest of the handsome MacAllister brothers. He is a giant of a man, gruff and always deep in his cups. Once, when he was younger, he did something unforgivable. He fell in love with Isobail, the girlfriend of his brother Kieran. Isobail returned his love and asked him to elope with her to England. But when they arrived there, she dropped him like a hot potato in favor of another man. Heartbroken, feeling used and manipulated, he returned home only to find his brother Kieran had killed himself over the loss of Isobail. Ewan has been guilt-ridden ever since. He is a hermit who lives in a cave on a mountain where he can oversee the loch his brother drowned himself in. One day, Nora, niece of Eleanor of Aquitane, disturbs the solitude of his cave. She is desperate of getting away from a marriage she doesn't want. Knowing that both her father and her undesirable betrothed fear Ewan MacAllister, she asks him to bring her to her aunt in England. At first Ewan isn't amused by her request. He has a raging headache, thanks to the ale he consumed. And it's that day, the day of his brother's death, of all things. Besides, there is the fact that Nora is as blonde as Isobail and her request reminds him a bit too much of what Isobail has asked of him. It just isn't his day. But something about that little chatterbox appeals to him, and before he knows it he agrees to help her. This reads like a roadtrip. I like that theme. There is just something about riding all day through the landscape, camping, singing at the campfire and sleeping under the stars. I loved both Ewan and Nora and the way they were slowly falling in love. The side characters were also great, especially Cat. I noticed she will be Lochlan's love interest in the last book of the series. Can't wait for their book because Cat's nettling was so funny."Taming the Scotsman" was a lovely, sweet and funny read. I still love Draven's story more, but this one is my second favorite of the series so far.

  • Zoe
    2019-03-05 00:58

    I wanted to rate this book 3 stars because I liked it better than the first book which got a 2 star rating from me. But honestly I also wasn't crazy about this book, a 2.5 star rating to be precise. Then I remember my "when in doubt, round it down" personal rule, so round it down I did. I think it's safe to say that I am not a fan of Ms MacGregor's writing. Her style reads choppy to me and the characters act and talk childishly sometimes. I winced when I read some of the cheesy parts. When written well, romance stories could have such depth. Alas, I have yet it see it in this author's books.So what we have here is a classic tortured highlander who had a tragic past in love with a fair maiden in distress. Erection, hot kisses, pretense of denied passion, the right ingredients are all in there but rather superficially, which turned a story with potential into something rather childish. Thankfully Ewan and Nora are rather endearing characters so I was able to finish the book because I was at least interested in them. Standard plots written on a rather silly tone, questionable pacing and plot development. I read Sin's story when I was young and I liked it back then. Now I am afraid to re-read it. It would be rather sad if I realized if my likeness of Sin's story was the result of youthful infatuation.

  • Sha Mslvoe
    2019-03-10 04:59

    The saying "opposites attract" is definitely true in some sense. She talked too much...He's the quiet man...Their differences make them seem like they would be a great couple. Yes, I would definitely say that opposites make better couples.I found the story very entertaining and enjoyable to read. However, the ending make me confused. Did Kieran still alive or dead? Who's Pagan? The mystery left me unsatisfied

  • Serena Miles
    2019-03-23 05:31

    Pues este es el ultimo libro de la saga MacAllister, el libro de Ewan. Pues me ha gustado mucho, y el final esta genialLa unica pega, que Nora (la prota) me ha sacado de quicio en muchas ocasiones7.5/10

  • PepperP0t
    2019-03-06 08:36

    Ewan MacAllister still feels guilt over his part in his brother's death years ago. This year's wallow is interrupted when Nora Ingen Alexander of Canmore barges into his life like the north wind. Nora is unfortunately promised to a man that she does not love and she is sure does not love her, family obligations won't let her out of the unwanted marriage. Nora has plotted with her maid and manservant to help her take advantage of Ewan's reputation of helping ladies in need, she is hopeful Ewan will safely escort her to her aunt in London, to sanctuary. Since Nora's request and circumstances are too close for comfort, Ewan grudgingly decides to take her to his brother Laird Lochlan and someone else can resolve the issue. However their travelling adventure to the family keep takes a detour and changes them both forever. As related in previous installments Ewan felt responsible for his brother's death because they each loved the same faithless woman. This has taken a toll on Ewan's view of women in general and makes him believe that there can be no happiness for him. Ewan gets huge points for broodiest Alpha male in the series so far. Nora on the other hand is happy to be going to an aunt she has fond memories of and sees their sense of adventure and daring as parallel. Nora, afraid that her father will force the marriage to a man she does not love, refuses to tell Ewan the breadth of her father's power and holdings though others seem to be aware of it. On the way to Lochlyn's Ewan and Nora stop to help a family of gypsies which takes them farther afield as there are kidnappers, cutpurses and murders on the road.Nora's ever sunny disposition is offset by Ewan's ever gloomy disposition against a backdrop of deception, misconceptions and the ending (I hope) to the Isobail storyline. Ewan and Nora have plenty of time and opportunity to fall for each other as Ewan discovers an elaborate scheme that could be disastrous for Nora and himself, if they aren't careful. The plotting, storyline, characters or pacing were all things I enjoyed but for the most part I wasn't happy with this read as I flew through the pages. I actually thought this was not the story I wanted but by the time I got to the end of the read and in hindsight my mind had changed completely and I thought it was brilliant. This was absolutely the right story for the right character and vice versa, it was a perfect match. The installments to date have been stand-alone reads and easily interchangeable in reading order but the teasers at the end of this tale installments distinctly links it to the next installment. Original Read: February 5, 2014Rating: 4.5 Stars ActuallyMore reviews can be found at:

  • Quinn
    2019-03-11 08:39

    3.5 starsEvery time I start one of these MacAllister books, I feel like it's just going to be too light and 'simple' for my taste. There's something that somehow feels almost unsophisticated about the initial writing.But without fail, I end up being completely sucked into the story and the writing style ceases to be relevant because I'm just being entertained. Pure and simple.These books may not be steeped in detail or history, but that's just fine with me. I've never been a reader to complain about 'wallpaper' historicals, but if that's something that bothers you, you may not be satisfied with the historical aspect of these.That said, the sense of place and time is not completely non-existent, and if you're prepared to go into it with a view to simply being entertained rather than immersed in the history, then I think your expectations will be met.I've quite enjoyed these highlander romances with their tortured heroes and feisty heroines, but I'm not intending to continue on with the Brotherhood of the Sword series. To the great shock of my OCD, I'm intending to just straight to The Warrior, because I can't possibly let the cliffhanger at the end of this one go unanswered.Oh, and then there's Lochlan.....

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2019-02-22 00:38

    Kinkey Macgregor is a master....storyteller her craftsmanship is pure delight. This book was totally engaging...A highly charged romance with memorable characters and a wild adventure. I read this book in one day.

  • Tracy
    2019-03-21 08:31

    3.75 for me. So I hated the start of this book and it was almost a DNF for me. It started out feeling so fake and unauthentic that I was rolling my eyes. After a break I decided to try again, remembering that I had loved the other in this series that I had read. The story definitely got better and I became more entrenched. I liked Ewan and Nora together and his weakness which she loved. I look forward to reading about Kieran - the big mystery. Ended on a high note for sure.

  • Elaine
    2019-03-17 00:45

    3.5 starsThis is a sweet story. There's nothing that particularly stands out as extraordinary though in positive or negative way, but with the likeable characters, it makes for a cute and quick read. Fun but predictable (and I always have a hard time with heroes thst spend YEARS being one way, then a mere day or two after being with the heroine they're totally different).

  • Nina Ivanova
    2019-03-04 03:30

    Full review/Цялото ревю - click clickСледпрочитно:"Да опитомиш планинец" не започна така силно както "Роден в грях". Докато началото на книгата на Син ме заплени от раз, то при сцената, в която Нора точи лиги по Юън още от първите страници, по-скоро въздъхнах. Но след това историята започна да се развива шеметно и се оказа много по-разчупен от този на предишните книги. Може би ако тръгна да броя сюжетните линии и героите, няма да е така, но субективно чувството бе точно такова - "Да опитомиш планинец" ми се стори много по-пъстра и по-динамична от предшествениците си. Тук също както в "Покоряването на шотландеца" присъстваше мотивът за пътуването, но сега тази карта бе изиграна много по-добре. Не просто самите събития бяха по-интересни и по-добре представени, но и ако погледнем на това метафорично - ако изобщо върви да говорим за метафори в любовни романи от този тип - по своя път Нора и Юън научиха и осъзнаха много повече неща, отколкото Маги и Брейдън. В това отношение най-голямата победа за мен бе промяната у Юън в отношението му към починалия му брат и към него самия. Киърън бе избрал лесния път, оставяйки цялото си семейство, и най-вече Юън, да носи огромна тежест на плещите си. Когато най-накрая Юън се отърси от нея, наистина бе друг човек. По отношение на семейната история на МакАлистър, ще спомена само, че книгата завършва с едно наистина грандиозно разкритие, и нямам търпение да видя как ще се развие то.Пъстротата на книгата се дължеше и на многобройните други герои, които се намесваха. Някои от тях, за мое голямо съжаление, определено няма да видим в другите книги, но затова пък някои със сигурност ще видим :D Напрежението между Локлан и Катарина определено ще трябва да намери отдушник, а Пейгън бе мрачен и изключителни интригуващ герой, за когото поне аз копнея да узная повече.Все пак, Юън не успя да детронира Син от първото място в тази поредица. По-малкият брат несъмнено бе интересен персонаж и особено в някои моменти нямаше как да не го обичаш. Но много ме издразни отношението му към уредения брак на Нора - "Щом така са казали, значи ще се омъжиш за него". "Щом той те обича, значи трябва да се омъжиш за него" - без изобщо да взима предвид какво и кого иска Нора. Някой може да изтъкне, че това е очаквано за епохата на романа. Но, две неща - първо, ако ще настояваме за историческа акуратност, първо трябва да махнем от тук полупрозрачните материи и стрийптийз-танците. И второ - докато четем един роман, имаме възможност да се разходим из главата на героите. Не съм и очаквала действията на Юън да го отразят, но все се надявах да срещна едно заблудено "Хм, но Нора май не иска това. Може би трябва..." да се мотае из мислите му.Затова и "Да опитомиш планинец" не бе приравнен с "Роден в грях", където супер много се кефех на Син и отношението му към Кали. И така, четвъртата книга от Братството получава четири звезди от мен. Нямам търпение да разбера как продължава историята, но ах, защо ли имам чувство, че отговорите на въпросите ми ще са чак в последната?~~~After-read thoughts:For me the beginning of Taming the Scotsman wasn't as good as that of Born in sin. Actually, the scenes in the first pages, where Nora was eyeing naked Ewan, more of made me sigh. But, as the story went on, it was becoming more and more dinamic and richer than the previous books. Maybe if I started counting the characters or the subplots in the books, it won't turn so - but in a subjective kind of way Taming the Scotsman was more colourful and fast-paced.The travel theme was present here just as in Claiming the highlander. However, not only in this novel the adventures of the characters were more interesting to read but if we take the road as a metaphor (yeah, I know it is rather weird talking of metaphors in a book like this. Deal with it) - then Nora and Ewan grew up much more on their way than Maggie and Braden.The greatest battle won in my opinion is that Ewan changed the way he thought of his brother and of himself. He realised Kieran took the easy way, leaving a heavy burden onto all of his brothers and Ewan was actually strong and worthy of happiness. This realisation changed him and it was great to observe. Talking about the MacAllister family history, the book ends with a HUUGE cliffhanger, and I'm dying to read on.The supporting characters in the book were a really nice addiction. While obviously we won't see some of them again (sad) there are others whose return I'll be awaiting. And I'm hoping not only for Lochlan and Catarina :DHowever, Ewan couldn't outdo his big brother and Sin is keeping first place. It really annoyed me how Ewan was all about returning Nora, because she was told to, and because that guy "loved" her - not apaying any heed to Nora's feelings. I know what you might say - this the spirit of the age and so on. But, two things. First - if we insist in being accurate (in this case, I don't) we should start by excluding the exotic dancing moves. And second - when reading a novel, we have a chance to take a stide in the hero's mind. I wasn't expecting Ewan to go straight away against all customs - but I really needed him to think more of Nora, her feelings and rights.

  • Jane
    2019-03-09 07:58

    My review was first posted HERE.I wonder if I'll end up really liking the fifth book in the series since the trend so far shows that I've really liked the first and the third story and liked both the second and the fourth one.. So I should really like the fifth one, right?!But as to why I only liked this one.If you've read the second and third book in the series, then you're already familiar with the ever broody and burnt in love Ewan MacAllister. For me, he seemed a lot more interesting in the previous books than in this one. I'm not saying that he was boring, per se, but he wasn't the male lead I was expecting either.Our heroine this time round is a very, very chatty young woman who refuses to marry the man her father has chosen for her. Therefore she decides to run away and ask for Ewan's help with escaping to England... The whole escaping to England concept is still kind of foreign to me since most historical novels I read are set in the regency era where most couples are thinking of running away to Gretna Green in Scotland...Oh, I forgot myself. The heroine. She's very chatty and while I'm supposed to be rather chatty myself, I didn't feel that there were any other attributes to her that I could relate to. Therefore, I did not end up really liking her. But on the plus side, I didn't hate her either since there were a couple of sensible bones in her in the end.But this book's ending really threw me out of the loop since I really did not see that coming. Since I don't like to spoil the story to others, I will not divulge in the secret, but I do hope that this secret will be solved in the next book. Or in the one after that, but I hope to see the solution rather sooner than later. Now on to the next one! :)My first book's review, my second book's review and third book's review have also been posted on my book blog. Care to read them? Click on the links. :)

  • Becca
    2019-02-28 00:47

    This is the story of Ewan McAllister, the third brother to wed (all that remains is Lochlan).I enjoyed the first half of this story but then it started to drag on forever and I found myself skimming just to finish it. Ewan has been living a life of self punishment as he blames himself for the death of his brother Kieran. When Ewan was younger, he had believed the words of a faithless woman which had caused a rift with his brother. When his brother commits suicide,Ewan blames himself. This experience colors every action and reaction Ewan has throughout the story. Even when evidence clearly suggests otherwise, Ewan is unable to move on. He doesn't come around until the 95% mark! This would have been okay, but despite his belief Nora (our heroine) isn't his, Ewan is willing to sleep with her on numerous occasions, which does not line up with the rest of his characterization. This lust without commitment plot thread was a huge reason for my lack of enjoyment.Nora is the daughter of a powerful man. When she is forced into a betrothal that will make her miserable, she goes to Ewan for escort to her equally powerful aunt. Nora is a chatterbox, but she has a heart of gold and is always up front with Ewan about her feelings. I enjoyed the chatterbox element of her; Macgregor did a nice job of demonstrating Nora's capacity to talk without making her annoying.Like many other Macgregor books in this series, this is a travel romance. Nora and Ewan are on the road together for a large portion of the book. Several characters are encountered along the way that changes things up, but even with this, things started to drag and became repetitive. The third sex scene had to be the most boring scene I've read in a while. The author jumped between each of the characters' heads to show their insecurities and I almost put the book down then and there. It never really improved after that point.As this is a romance, all things are resolved between Ewan and Nora at the end, but Ewan is a fool and almost loses Nora for it. There are some villains in this story (that plot thread isn't resolved) as well as clues about Kieran (also not resolved). At this point, I just didn't care enough to wade through another book to find out.I'm done with this series. This started out fun, but fizzled at the end.

  • Sammy
    2019-03-14 01:37

    3 Loved Scottish romance Stars AFter Julie Garwood & Maya Banks , if I enjoyed any author's highlander romance, its Kinley MacGregor.This book had all the elements I always try to find it... The leads were polar opposite , Hero is sullen and very beastly in nature ... while heroine is very naive & chatterbox, loves to talk & pleasantly very optimistic. AND I loved them both...I loved their sweet scenes ...Lifting her hand to his lips, he kissed it gently In that moment, she was beautiful to him. Not just in her looks, but in her being.She was the beauty he wished he had The beauty he would love to spend the rest of his life staring at and holding close to his heart.Ewan pulled her closer to him so that she could lay her head on his shoulder. Nora's heart pounded as he cuddled her to his side. She'd never had a man hold her like this. Her head was pillowed on his shoulder while his arm was wrapped about her waist with his hand resting on her stomach.I love all the gypsy drama , and I was shocked how Hero was bullied by his brothers, I thought they were not that thickheaded... but I guess thats how stupid brothers are... and in the end they did brought him to her...And so lived happy ever after.... Beauty found her way to Beast s heart ... and m gonna read the remaining books of the series

  • C Joy
    2019-02-26 06:38

    This isn't the first time I've read a historical from Kinley MacGregor (Sherrilyn Kenyon), but this is the first one I liked a lot. I later learned this is the fourth book in The Macallisters, and it made me want to get my hands on the other books in the series.The simplicity of the story was very likable. Early on is a sneak peek at Ewan's history, the setting slowly unfurled when Nora entered the picture and sought Ewan to evade an arranged marriage. The initial attraction was there but I liked how cranky Ewan is, it wasn't really lust at first site, he was quite irritated with Nora and her endless prattle.So began the road trip where they met some gypsies and things got interesting. The progress of the story was smooth, with little helpful flashbacks, another small piece of a puzzle solved and makes the reader more curious as to what the whole picture looks like. Everything would be unraveled in due time.The conflict couldn't come at a good time when Ewan thought he's being played at again, but the twist was unexpected that who would've thought...Nora and Ewan's relationship developed gradually, but both of them just can't tell each other everything, the author really played the conflict really well, though we can expect a good ending, one would have to guess what happens next. The only predictable thing was the stopping the wedding thing and a happily ever after between the hero and heroine.The love scenes were few and far between but they burn with an intensity and makes up for the scarcity. They were romantic and emotional, the author focused on the love story angle, and this is a good love story. I'm interested in her other historicals so I'll read the first book in the series next.

  • Océano de libros
    2019-02-28 06:58

    No llega a las cinco estrellas pero se lleva cuatro porque mejora con respecto a los anteriores libros.La historia es bastante entretenida con un personaje masculino tormentoso, con un pasado doloroso como le gustan a la autora, jeje. Nora Ingen Alexander quiere salir de Escocia para evitar casarse con un hombre al que no soporta para ello utilize a Ewan MacAllister. Ewan no puede creer que todo esto le esté sucediendo y de nuevo vuelva a vivir la misma situación, lo que ocurrió con Isobail, la mujer por la que Kieran se suicidó.Ewan es un hombre huraño que se recluye en su cueva, que vive con su pasado a cuestas, no es capaz de perdonarse por la muerte de su hermano, se siente responsable. El suicidio de Kieran le persigue a donde quiera que va.Este libro de la saga está mucho más completo y es más llevadero. Los personajes principales son muy particulares, tenemos a una Nora muy capaz pero también inquieta, vivaracha que es capaz de desquiciar al más tranquilo. La verdad es que me gustó al igual que Ewan que es su opuesto, un hombre de pocas palabras y bastante tosco hasta que su relación lo hace cambiar y plantearse las cosas desde otro punto de vista.Tenemos un punto de intriga tanto con la familia de Nora y también con todo el tema que tiene que ver con Kieran. Además introduce personajes que aparecerán en próximos libros con lo cual la cosa se presenta más animada; por ejemplo tenemos a la gitana Cat, a Pagan, Lysander y los incondicionales hermanos MacAllister.En conclusión el libro Nacido en pecado y éste son los mejores, el resto flojtos.

  • Splage
    2019-03-12 01:46

    Very simple, feel good love story. The moral of the story was basically opposites attract or beauty is found in the eye of the beholder. The heroine Nora although beautiful drives everyone insane because she never shuts up, I found it funny. She is so inquisitive about everything, she doesn't want to be married to who her father promised her to so she runs to the feared and tormented hero, Ewan MacAllister. Ewan was a fierce bear with a heart of a teddy once it is touched by Nora. He lives in a cave in silence and wants nothing to do with the outside world, he feels he is responsible for his favorite brother's death. Nora is on a mission to get away from her betrothed and she wants Ewan to take her to her aunt, the queen, for help. Ewan thinks she is nuts with her constant chatter and silly mission, yet she grows on him as he opens his heart to her. There wasn't anything shocking or new to this story, but I loved it because the H/h were the perfect match for each other and no one else would have had them. I related a lot to this book because I do feel people are puzzles and sometimes they only fit one way to form the picture. There was a line in the book that was touching and I am going to list it in my favorite sayings. "A jovial person can be happy with anyone, when a sad one laughs he treasures the one who brings him sunshine." I have read a few books from Kinley MacGregor and I will read more when I need that light, easy going read.

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-02-26 08:56

    Kinley Macgregor returns with another MacAllister novel, featuring Ewan, as always still tormenting over causing his brother Kieran's death years ago. He has such guilt and angst over it because he stole his brother's love... of course this is the third story of this series so I recommend reading the other two books before this so you know why Ewan is the way he is. For those who are fans of Macgregor, you know what to expect... this series can be cheesy at times and the language and situations are too modern and not historically accurate, but if the reader lets that go, then they are in for an enjoyable ride. Nora, comes to Ewan basically because she doesn't want to marry her hideous fiance' and feels Ewan is the only man for the job because he is scary and no one would mess with a MacAllister.Nora and Ewan embark on quite an adventure with kidnapping gypsies, enemies galore and a passion Ewan can't deny for Nora. Nora is spunky, talks way too much and gets under Ewan's skin. Ewan is way too tormented over his brother's death to the point of annoyance. The romance is steamy and overall the story is very hard to believe. Some will want to throw the book against the wall, others will laugh out loud through Nora and Ewan's antics. Also a mystery that has plagued the MacAllister family maybe solved. If you like cheese, fluff and of course those steamy love scenes, check this one out.

  • Fangirl Musings
    2019-03-23 06:55

    Wow!Indeed, another triumph! I loved this book for many reasons- one of which was the basic fact that while on the surface, the plot and story of Nora and Ewan looks to be excessively simplistic. So not the case. While the starting-plot seems such, what with Nora wanting to escape a forced marriage and runs to Ewan in hopes of him guiding her to England, the plot changes up at least twice before the climax of the book. While it seems like a fall-in-love-while-traveling story, that's not the case.Ewan's character is fascinating in itself for his guilt and own inner turmoil makes him a volatile but interesting character. Nora's independence and strength of will, plus her determination, make her very interesting. My final favorite aspect to the book lies in the subplot about Kieran's character. At the last chapter, his plaid is sent to the Macalister clan. While he is supposed to be dead, there in lies a possibility of his faked suicide. This is highly fascinating to me for while it looks like Taming the Scotsman is officially the last Macalister novel, the series pseudo-picks up with the Brotherhood of the Sword series. Such questions are supposed to be continued and answered later. Absolutely a GREAT story!

  • Jess
    2019-03-18 04:40

    Not as good as the last book but better than the second. Ewan was a gruff, mopey character that needed a good kick in the pants to push him on his way. I liked watching Nora push him around and convince him he shouldn't still feel guilty over his brother Kieran's death. While I liked the two of them, there was some stuff that made me a bit crazy. By the end of the book I was so sick of the references to Nora's "motor mouth". How many times can the author say that Nora talks a lot? That was so frustrating. Also, the plot line wasn't really that outstanding to me. It lagged a bit and the only thing that kept me going was Ewan's sexiness.And the whole mystery of: (don't read the spoiler unless you've finished the book!!) (view spoiler)[ Kieran's kilt being sent to Lochlan at the end. I have been feeling like Kieran wasn't dead since it was first mentioned that he died, so I'm glad it was finally brought to light. But that interested me more than the majority of the plot in this book. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, I'm not quite sure?(hide spoiler)]I'm interested to see who the next book will be about, I'm hoping Lochlan.

  • Linds
    2019-03-08 01:55

    Born in Sin seems to be everyone's favorite in this series but I enjoyed this one much more. It doesn't really make sense because I think Sin is a better hero but as a whole I think that this is a better book.Ewan is one of the MacAllister's brother. A long time ago he "stole" his brother's fiance and took her to elope in England. When they got there he found out she was just using him to get to England and left him. When Ewan gets back home in Scotland he finds out that his brother (and best friend) drowned himself over the situation.He's consumed with guilt and has been living a hermit's existence for a long time. He meets a women that wants to take him to England so she can run away from her intended fiance and they start to fall in love.I loved this book. I want to read the rest of the MacAllister series now. Ewan is what made the book for me. His guilt, his inferiority complex, his introvertedness made him a engaging character to spend time with.

  • NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews
    2019-03-06 03:48

    "A jovial man can be happy with anyone, but when a sad one laughs, he treasurers the one who brings him the sunshine."Ewan has been haunted by the death of his brother for years and has isolated himself from friends and family as penance. Nora is fleeing a marriage from a man she is repulsed by, and runs into the arms of Ewan in hopes he will take her to her aunt. Nora and Ewan are as opposite as two people can be, but together they make a perfect match. Their story will leave you with questions at the end, and make you want to devour the rest of this series! Highly recommend!

  • Lisa
    2019-03-16 06:44

    Not bad for smut. There was even a plot.

  • Linda
    2019-03-12 01:40

    Evan's story, good hearted , tortured by his brothers death and his belief he had a hand in it finally meets his match! Great book and wonderful story.

  • Nancy
    2019-03-09 00:29

    her books are funny. but I wish they were a little longer so that you can get a feel for the characters personality

  • Kaugummiqueen
    2019-03-16 03:36

    INHALTAls die junge Schottin Nora keinen Ausweg mehr sieht, der ungewollten Hochzeit mit dem ihr ungeliebten Verlobten zu entkommen, flüchtet sie Hals über Kopf zu dem zweitjüngsten Bruder der MacAllisters. Ewan, der ein Leben als Einsiedler führt, leidet stark unter seiner Vergangenheit. Nachdem er und sein älterer Bruder Kieran sich einst um die bildhübsche Isobail ingen Kaid stritten, floh Ewan kurzerhand mit ihr nach England, wo sie ihn für einen reichen Engländer sitzen ließ. Seit er daraufhin gedemütigt zurückkehrte und er erfahren musste, dass sich Kieran wegen des Verrats seines Bruders und der Trauer um die verlorene Liebe das Leben nahm, ist Ewan nicht mehr der selbe und haust in einer Höhle, fernab von seiner Familie. Und genau an eben jenem Todestag von Kieran taucht diese verrückte Nora bei ihm auf und will von ihm nach England gebracht werden und die Geschichte um die heuchlerische Isobail ingen Kaid scheint sich zu wiederholen. Zwar weigert sich Ewan, Nora nach England zu begleiten, bietet ihr jedoch an, sie zu seinem Bruder Lochlan zu bringen. Auf der Reise erleben die beiden allerhand Abenteuer und kommen sich mit der Zeit auch näher, da sich beide zueinander hingezogen fühlen. Doch Ewan schwor nach dem Tod von Kieran, niemals wieder eine Frau zu lieben, die einem anderen Mann versprochen ist und von diesem geliebt wird - und eben genau das trifft auf Nora zu.MEINE MEINUNGDer vierte Band der MacAllister-Saga knüpft einige Monate nach seinem Vorgänger DIE SCHOTTISCHE BRAUT an, in dem Ewans älterer Halbbruder Sin sich verliebte und eine Frau fand. Ewan ist nun nach den ganzen Feierlichkeiten in seine einsame Höhle zurückgekehrt, die an dem Loch (schottisch für See) liegt, in dem sich Kieran einst das Leben nahm. Unbeobachtet von den anderen Familienmitgliedern kann er hier seiner Alkoholsucht frönen und den ganzen Tag in Selbsthass und Selbstmitleid zerfließen. Jeden Tag leidet er unter Kierans Tod und gibt sich die Schuld am gesamten Unglück, dass vor einigen Jahren um Isobail ingen Kaid Gestalt annahm. Er selber hat sich strenge und neue Grundsätze auferlegt und sich und seinem toten Bruder geschworen, niemals mehr etwas in seinem Leben zu genießen.Als die hübsche Nora jedoch bei ihm Auftaucht, wird sein Entschluss auf eine harte Probe gestellt. Sie überrumpelt ihn im Schlaf und somit sind schon die ersten Seiten des Buches mehr als amüsant und man hat wirklich viel Spaß und Freude an der Zusammenkunft der beiden Protagonisten. Ewan und Nora könnten unterschiedlicher nicht sein: Er ist riesig, der größte der MacAllisters und wird gerne mal mit einem Bären verglichen. Er redet nicht viel und auch nicht gerne, hat am liebsten seine Ruhe und fast immer schlechte Laune. Sie quasselt wie ein Wasserfall ohne Punkt und Komma, will alles Wissen und muss alles hinterfragen, sieht nur die Sonnenseiten im Leben und hat allgemein eine sehr positive Sichtweise. Dass das anfangs zu Reibereien zwischen den beiden führt ist ja klar und Ewan kann einem fast schon leid tun, so viel wie Nora redet. Mit diesen Szenen beweist die Autorin mal wieder ihr ungetrübtes Geschick für lustige Situationen und ich musste in diesem Band wieder sehr viel lachen. Man kann sich einfach bildlich vorstellen, wie beide nebeneinander herreiten, Ewan mit grimmiger Miene auf seinem Pferd sitzt und Nora über Gott und die Welt schwafelt.Doch natürlich verläuft die Reise nicht ganz ohne Zwischenfälle und beide werden von Zigeunern entführt, mit denen sie sich aber schon bald verbünden, denn Ewan ist kein angenehmer Feind. Es wird ganz schnell deutlich, dass die Zigeuner nicht einfach nur Zigeuner sind und dass hinter dieser Bande weitaus mehr steckt. Nach und nach kommen auch immer mehr Geheimnisse von ihnen ans Tageslicht. Ebenso trifft man auf die Brüder von Isobail ingen Kaid, die in Ewan ihren Todfeind sehen und schwören, sich an ihm zu rächen für das, was er ihrer Schwester angetan haben soll. Dass es Isobail war, die das Unglück aller herbei geführt hat und sie aus purer Berechnung handelte, ignorieren ihre Brüder gekonnt. So sorgen sie für allerhand Ärger und setzen Ewan schwer zu, indem sie unter Anderem Nora bedrohen.Im Gegensatz zu seinen Brüdern Braden und Sin oder zu Draven of Ravenswood aus In den Armen des Highlanders muss Ewan nicht ganz so lange leiden, bis es zwischen ihm und Nora zu Intimitäten und schließlich auch zum Geschlechtsakt kommt. Für beide ist dies etwas ganz Besonderes, da Ewan seit Isobail nicht mehr mit einer Frau zusammen war, und Nora noch Jungfrau und eigentlich einem anderen Mann versprochen ist. Da sie diesen aber nicht liebt und die Vorstellung schrecklich findet, ihr erstes Mal mit diesem Mann zu verbringen, erlebt sie dies lieber mit Ewan, zu dem sie sich hingezogen fühlt und der sie respektiert. Besonders eindrücklich fand ich, dass Nora sich immer wieder der Tatsache bewusst ist, dass Ewan eigentlich alles verkörpert, was sie an Männern nicht mag und abstoßend findet, es sie bei ihm aber in keinster Weise stört. Ewan währenddessen leidet unter der Tatsache, sich wieder in eine Frau verliebt zu haben, die einem anderen versprochen ist und befürchtet eine erneute Fehde, sollte dies jemals rauskommen. Denn wer HIGHLANDER MEINES HERZENS gelesen hat, der weiß, dass die Fehde zwischen dem MacAllister Clan und dem MacDouglas Clan nur deswegen herrschte, da Ewan mit Isobail fortlief, die die Verlobte von Robby MacDouglas war.Als Nora und Ewan später auch noch auf eben jenen Verlobten von Nora treffen, droht die Sache aus dem Ruder zu laufen und Ewan kommt mit der Situation gar nicht zurecht, auch wenn er sich nichts sehnlicher wünscht, als Nora zu heiraten. Denn auch wenn er sich und seinem Bruder Kieran einst geschworen hat, niemals Annehmlichkeiten in seinem Leben zuzulassen, beginnt er mit der Zeit und dank der Unterstützung von Nora einzusehen, dass es Kierans eigene Entscheidung war, sich das Leben zu nehmen und Ewan der Stärkere von beiden war.Kurz vor Schluss überschlagen sich nochmal die Ereignisse und Ewan liegt sogar im Sterben. Aufgrund seiner Eifersucht auf Noras Verlobten und wegen der Kränkung seiner Gefühle und seines Stolzes weist er Nora ab, was zu einem Spiel gegen die Zeit ausartet, denn Nora steht somit kurz davor, ihren Verlobten zu heiraten, was Ewan dann doch noch ganz gerne verhindern möchte. Natürlich endet auch dieser Band mit einem - wie könnte man was anderes erwarten? - Happy End und alles scheint perfekt zu sein. Doch im Gegensatz zu den vorherigen Bänden erfährt man als Leser und aus der Sicht von Ewans Bruder Lochlan noch ein unglaubliches Geheimnis, das einem mit einem riesigen Fragezeichen im Kopf zurück lässt und man sich sicher sein kann, dass dieses Geheimnis die folgenden Bände stark beeinflussen wird. FAZITAuch dieser Band der MacAllister-Saga hat mir sehr gut gefallen, wobei er gleichzeitig auch in die Brotherhood of Sword-Reihe dazu gezählt wird. Beide Reihen verflechten sich nämlich miteinander. Ewan als Hauptcharakter hat mir gut gefallen, da er in den anderen Bänden bisher ein wenig untergegangen ist und auch sonst so ganz anders ist als seine Brüder, was schön rüber kommt. Nora als Quasseltante war ebenfalls mehr als sympathisch und dazu auch noch höchst amüsant, so wie die ganze Geschichte, die natürlich auch ihren ernsten Unterton hatte. Besonders das Ende lässt einen ziemlich verblüfft zurück und man fragt sich sofort, was das alles noch zu bedeuten hat. Ich vergebe dem Buch abschließend gute 4 Sterne!