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He is larger than life. A born leader. Bound by duty, seduced by danger—and driven to distraction by the one woman who is too powerful to resist…A Hero Among MenMeet Captain Jordan Malone. For years he has been a silent warrior and guardian, operating independent of government protocol or oversight, leading his team of Elite Ops agents to fight against terror at all costs.He is larger than life. A born leader. Bound by duty, seduced by danger—and driven to distraction by the one woman who is too powerful to resist…A Hero Among MenMeet Captain Jordan Malone. For years he has been a silent warrior and guardian, operating independent of government protocol or oversight, leading his team of Elite Ops agents to fight against terror at all costs. A legend in the field, Jordan’s true identity has remained a mystery even to his own men…until now.A Magnet for One WomanTehya Talamosi, codename Enigma, is a force to be reckoned with. A woman this striking spells nothing but trouble for Jordan. Armed with killer secrets—and body to die for—she’ll bring Jordan to his knees as they both take on the most deadly mission they have ever faced. Because this time, it’s personal…...

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Live Wire Reviews

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-05-26 19:22

    3 Thank God it's over stars***Spoilers***I am so glad I am finished with this series. This was one of those times I really, really hated my OCD. I would have loved to stop reading this series after the hott mess that was Heat Seeker, but no my OCD had me powering on and I have made it to the other side. Live wire was also a big let down. No surprise there really after the last few books I wasn't expecting much. No it was not the train wreck that was Heat Seeker or as bad as Renegade, but totally disappointing. I am not going to do a normal review on this book as I had to force myself to read it and I don't wanna talk a ton about it. I just want to move on and never speak of it from this day forward. So I will just tell you what worked for me and what didn't. What I liked:1. Tehya, I liked her. She was loyal and she was sassy.2. I liked the plot of Tehya's past coming for her.3. I liked seeing the other members of the team and their families4. I loved Grandpop Malone What didn't work or I hated:1. I felt Jordan was a huge coward . " I don't believe in love! It isn't real" bla bla bla2. Jordan was a dick after they had sex most of the time3. Jordan doesn't stop hurting Tehya with his selfish, I can't stay with you ,I don't believe in love crap into the very end of the book. 4. Jordan slept with other women after meeting Teyha while she waited for him5. it took almost 9 years for them to get together. 9 damn years!!!!!!!6. Way too much damn sex in this book. It was almost all sex and no story.7. OMG the editing. Really I don't think there was any. This whole series had the worst editing I have ever read in my life. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8. Repetitious as hell 9. Boring10. Tehya was bred to have no Pubic hair? What is she part sphynx cat? WTF?????11. Tehya had a very hard life and instead of being a hero and making her feel loved, special, safe, cherished and wanted. Jordan just pretty much used her for sex while telling her he was gonna leave her as soon as she was safe , so i guess most of what didn't work for me in this book was that Jordan was a dickhead!!!!!!!I am so glad this is over . This was the first time reading Lora leigh, and I don't know if I will ever read Lora Leigh again. I have her Breed series on my TBR list, but after this I just don't know if I can handle it!http://jessicasoverthetopbookobsessio...

  • Mitzi
    2019-05-25 02:42

    I guess I’m just a slut……because I really liked this book. It’s one of the best LL books that I’ve read in quite some time and although the plot is a bit weak….the sex is hot, the dialogue is witty and the sex is hot…..Oh, did I already say that??? This is the final book in LL’s Elite Op Series. Jordan is overseeing the dismantling of his Ops center. He meets Tehya who is the last to leave her underground home…Sparks Fly…..and the sex is hot…..but then they go their separate ways. Several months go by…..she buys home & started new bizz and tries to put past behind her…..While he is trying to decide if he wants to stay in Ops or retire. He gets word she’s in danger…shows up at her new home with the whole team to help…gets her to safety……they have lots of hot sex while team is trying to protect them…(loved seeing all the previous characters too)…..Jordan/team discover who the bad guys are, why they want her dead and then Jordan/team save the day.Epilogue is nice…..All the team/wives/babies and an HEA. I thought I’d be sad to see this series come to an end….but then I realized that it’s not the series I’m sad to see ending….it’s that LL no longer is an auto buy for me. She was one of the best in her field and because of her captivating sensual books; I became an erotic romance fan; however, she no longer writes the great romantic erotic novels I’ve come to cherish. I miss her

  • Ivy H
    2019-05-12 20:13

    OK so most romance readers love their Italian, Greek, and Spanish etc heroes but ( for VERY personal reasons ) my fav type of hunky hotties will always be the Irish H ( well, at least guys of Irish descent ). Lol. Anyway, I don't often get to read about my preferred Irish hotties since they're not that many of them in romancelandia, unfortunately. I was supposed to read this novel a very long time ago, after I had really enjoyed and loved Wild Card, but the subsequent books in the series weren't that great and I kept postponing this one. The H in this is a sexy Irish-American called Jordan Malone and he's the uncle ( though they're only a couple years apart in age ) of Nathan/Noah, the H I loved from Wild Card. Jordan disappointed me a lot in this novel. He was a strong alpha male H, who is the Commander of the team of Elite Ops and yet spends the entire novel running away from his feelings for the heroine Tehya. He doesn't run away from having sex with her though ( Men ! ).Anyway, I loved Tehya. She is a petite, beautiful, red haired Israeli who also worked for Jordan's elite ops team for 6 years. Tehya's also a badass with a lot of personal tragedy. She's been in love with him for all that time but he had always kept things at a purely professional level, even though he wants her more than anything in his life. The MC's have sex for the first time at the start of the novel when the Elite Ops team is disbanding and they're going their separate ways. What frustrated me beyond reason is the fact that Jordan would have let Tehya go and start a new life had she not gotten in trouble and needed his help. This maddened me actually. This is the woman he wants above all others ( and he doesn't even deny it to himself ) yet he thinks he needs to safeguard his heart from that "kind" of love. There's a lot of action, suspense and a major story line that revolves around Tehya's criminal relatives who had been involved in white slavery ( especially the selling of white women ). Jordan brings the Elite Ops team back together for one last ( and unofficial ) mission: to protect and save Tehya. The sex is HOT in this novel. Sometimes there was just a little too much of the sex and not enough time spent trying to really communicate with each other and work things out. But I did love Jordan's hot, possessive and protective nature towards Tehya.I won't go into the story line details because in a novel like this, one needs to read it oneself in order to enjoy all the suspense and the catching of the bad guys. I was thrilled to see Lora Leigh provide some beautiful scenes with lovable and kind old Grandpop Malone. I loved him in Wild Card and I still love that sweet old man. I admired how much he still loved his late wife Erin. He was so faithful to her even after her death. He would visit her grave and talk to her about their kids and grandkids. My husband had better turn out like Grandpop Riordan should I die before he does. Lol. It might be weird to other readers but my fav scene in this book is not one with the MC's but one where Grandpop Riordan goes to visit Erin's grave at the end:"Alpine, Texas. Riordan Malone, father, grandfather, Irish stock, and a man who longed to join the woman who held his soul, sat at her graveside and stared into the night.He could feel it. His Erin had always laughed at him when he looked at her and told her when he felt his sons and his grandsons. He blinked back his tears and reached out a gnarled hand to touch his wife’s headstone, feeling the warmth of the marble as he fought to imagine it was the warmth of his beloved Erin. She’d made him swear that if she went before him, he’d stay long enough to see her babies wed and happy.There would be another wedding soon, he thought, then he’d just have to wait on his namesake, young Rory, to find his future. Damn, that boy could be slow, though. He’d never been one to move fast on anything, and he didn’t seem to be in a hurry to settle down anytime soon. “What are we gonna do with him, my Erin?” he sighed into the night. “He’s too slow, and I’m tired of waiting. I’m ready to come home.” Home. Back to his wife’s loving arms. And God he missed the warmth those arms held. The gentleness, the acceptance. He missed his Erin. Bending his head he kissed the top of the stone, touched his forehead to it for a moment, then rose from the bench he’d placed there. He was getting too damned old to kneel the way he used to. But he couldn’t miss saying good night to his laughing lass. To the woman who had completed him. “Good night, my love,” he whispered.Lora Leigh. Live Wire (Kindle Locations 6552-6558). St. Martin's Press. "In the epilogue, the author presents a cameo appearance of my fav Irish H Nathan/Noah with his wife Sabella and 2 kids. We're also told that Jordan and Tehya have a baby girl whose name is Erin, after her late grandmother. I would have given this novel 4 stars if Jordan had taken his head out of his ass a whole lot earlier and stop fighting his love for Tehya.

  • Anne OK
    2019-04-29 22:16

    Disaster - so many errors you can't keep up with them. Totally taken out of the story. I can't understand why Lora Leigh doesn't get this problem under control.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-05-12 18:28

    Jordan Malone has spent what has felt like a lifetime in the Elite Ops. He has worked closely with his team, in particular Tehya Talamosi for the past six years. Tehya joined the Elite Ops due to her specialized communications skills. Ironically, her father, a white slaver is the enemy, having killed a good friend of Jordan’s and who tortured and killed Theya’s mother. She has worked as Jordan’s personal assistant among other things. Jordan’s SEALs training has taught him never make friends with those you could lose – so he has hardened himself to push everyone away. He has convinced himself that love will never be possible. The last few years though, watching and lusting after Tehya has been pure agony. He has tried to ignore her, tried to make his feelings go away. But he has many enemies – enemies that would pursue and hurt Tehya if he ever acknowledged more with her.Now, it is the last night before Tehya leaves for good – she is heading back into civilization to start her life over after her death was staged so enemies would not pursue her. Jordan has to make the decision to follow suit or lead a new team in a few months. This last night together, where they are the only ones left the air is thick with tension. They give into a night of passion – but at the end there is only heartbreak. They both know nothing can come of this – and with much sadness they part ways.Nine months later, Jordan intercepts a communication of someone who has located Tehya’s new existence. Tehya is now living in Hagerstown, MD, owning a small landscaping company, trying to live an anonymous existence. Jordan assembles a team and rushes to keep her safe, but Tehya is not ready to be on the run again.Live Wire is book six in Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops book. The first that I have read, but it read very nice as a stand alone. I do believe many of the supporting characters appear in the previous books, but I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the storyline. This is actually the first full-length book by Lora Leigh I have read. I read it in almost one sitting, so it definitely kept my attention. It has a very, very alpha male in Jordan. Tehya and Jordan’s relationship – or their on and off relationship takes center stage. They have one night of hot lovin’ before Tehya runs for the hills. It takes nine months and Tehya’s life threatened for Jordan to come back into her life. The big conflict revolves around Jordan feeling like he can’t commit himself to anyone, since experiencing devastating loss in the past. Actually, I sometimes felt like this fear he has is a little unfounded. Because we are told Tehya is in love with him, waiting for him to come around. But once Jordan is there – Tehya is the one that is always running. So I’m not sure if I fully believed in Jordan’s resistance.As I said, this is the first Lora Leigh book I have read and the sex scenes definitely lived up to the hype I have read about. They are very edgy, dirty, and oh so smexy. There is enough erections, tight balls, and fluids to last me for a good while. I enjoyed them – definitely not the run of the mill sex scene. Maybe not the most romantic scenes in a romance book – but they are intense and memorable. However, the continuation of them having this hot, emotional sex followed by both of them pushing away from the other got a little old after awhile.My biggest complaint with this one is Tehya. She has worked for years in Elite Ops yet still when runs into trouble, refuses to seek refuge. Several people come out to risk their lives, and she acts immature and whiney. I just didn’t see her as an Elite Operative. She has been on the run for most of her life, and is sick of it. But, she knows her father was truly an evil man and most likely the people after her will torture or do worse to her if caught. So why walk around so nonchalant? She knows the life she is in – she may not have chosen in, but it is her life. Her attitude wore on my nerves through a lot of the book.I don’t know if I’ve ever said this in a review, but I have to note the editing in this book surprised me. Numerous times I found misspelled words or a duplicate or missing word. I read the finished version as well, not an arc. It definitely detracted from reading.So I’m no longer a Lora Leigh virgin! I’m not sure if I will pursue more from this series, but I definitely am interested in checking out her other work.Rating: C

  • Cindi
    2019-05-11 18:26

    I just didn't know how to rate this book. And its getting to be that way with each LL book I read.I enjoyed the story. Jordan Malone was the leader of the recently disbanded Elite Ops group one, and let me tell you he's been a sonofabitch in the previous EO books. So it was with relish I encountered his love story, after he's been so anti-settling down with his men. Luckily that didn't stop them, because he needed each one of them and their wives to solve the situation Tehya, his woman, and he find themselves in.Leigh writes the sexiest and steamiest love scenes ever. But I admit they've gotten just a wee bit repetitive and so I find myself skipping thru/over the steam in this and recent books. She also has a real gift for creating memorable characters, especially Navy SEALS and spec ops sorts. And she knows how to bring out the tension and suspense in a story as very few authors do. Live Wire (Jordan's handle) is no exception. Great read and all that.So why did I only rate it 3 stars? Because I have never, EVER read a book with such horrible editing and proofreading in my life!!! I mean, does she even have help with that? I don't think so. The misspelled words are distracting, the terrible punctuation annoying and the repetitive sentence portions just inexcusable! I found myself getting madder and madder as I read thru the book, thinking each successive LL book just gets worse in this regard. I understand an author does not have total control over the publication process, but this is ridiculous! If St. Martin's won't hire an editor and proofreader prior to printing, then Ms. Leigh needs to do it herself.In closing, thank you for listening to me snarl. I apologise. And do note that I have NEVER read such a heart-rending and beautiful book dedication as Ms. Leigh included in the beginning of Live Wire. There is no doubt in my mind of her ability to write and her ability to draw my emotions.

  • Grammy 1
    2019-05-01 20:15

    This was the book we waited for for Leigh to write for Jonas in the Breeds series..... The culmination of watching tough Jordan and Teyha flirt with each other through a series of books comes to an explosion of Love, lust, and power....What an incredible read....I was breathless through the sensual and powerful story, and the sexual sparks flew all threw this book....10 stars

  • Niki
    2019-05-18 22:39

    I wish LL would get a better proofreader already. Maybe she should call up Nalini Singh since Nalini's world is much more complicated and yet she never gets any of the details wrong...

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-12 22:34

    really enjoyed this one, think this might be my favorite. Jordan was a true alpha and the sex was hot, hot, hot.

  • jenjn79
    2019-05-08 01:21

    This was such a hit & miss book. Which is not surprising for a Lora Leigh story. Her books hit a lot of extremes on the good/bad scale. I had fairly moderate hopes for this story going in, and that's about all I got.Series Note:Sixth book in the "Elite Ops" series, which is a spin-off of the "Tempting SEALs" series. Not sure if you can read this as a stand-alone. It's hard to say, but it would definitely make more sense if you read the whole series.Summary:Ever since Jordan Malone came into contact with Teyha Talamosi, he's wanted her. But Jordan doesn't believe in love and happily ever after. Plus, he's got a mission, an important job. So he keeps as far from Teyha as he can get. Only now that his job with the government is done is he realizing maybe he's not quite ready to let go of Teyha, but he does anyway.Then word comes that Teyha may be in danger. He rushes to her, determined to protect her at any cost. As the two try to figure out what demons from Teyha's past are after her, they are forced to confront the long-building feelings that exist between them.Review:Part of me was anxious to read this book because we've been reading about Jordan for so long, and getting little teases about the chemistry between him and Teyha. But another part of me dreaded reading the book because I know how badly Lora Leigh can butcher a good story. The curiosity to know what happens between Jordan and Teyha's gets the better of you, though, and makes you want to read the story. I'm not sure that's a good thing because the more I read of Lora Leigh, the more I'm frustrated by her writing.This book easily gets on your nerves fairly quickly. These two characters have a lot of emotional hang-ups. Jordan is one of those macho, Alpha guys who saw a relationship or two go bad and decides love is a crock and all an illusion. And Teyha had a really lousy childhood, complete with a conscienceless, murdering creep of a father, and believes that she doesn't really belong anywhere, that no one really cares about her. So for a large majority of this book, you hear over and over again from these two characters how love is an illusion (from Jordan) and how nobody wants her (from Teyha). It was just like, all right already, I get it! Oh woe is me! You can only hear about something so many times before you want to start bashing your head into a wall. Or sticking some duct tape over the characters internal monologues. The self-pity really needed to be cut down a lot.And I guess because of all the self-pity it made something about the connection between these two characters off for me. Which I felt the most during the sex scenes. I can't explain it exactly other than to say that the sex scenes just didn't hit the right chord for me. I wasn't really feeling them. A couple other negatives: Jordan's age didn't work for me. As you read this series, you feel like he's got to be at least in his 40's. So to read this book and find out he's in his 30's is really weird. I find it hard to believe the military and government would make a guy who, at the time, would have been about 30 head of a super secret government agency total B.S.And of course, as with any LL book, you have a plethora of editing issues. Typos, wrong verb tenses, sentences that don't quite make sense, missing words and all that. And don't forget the ever popular character whose name changes mid-story. Gotta love that one. I really don't understand who these editing issues happen book after book with LL. It's bizarre. If the average reader can pick them up on one reading, an editor should surely be able to catch themThere were some good parts to the book. I loved that we got to catch up with a lot of past characters from all throughout the series (both series). It's nice to see what these guys are up to, babies born and all that. It's gives some nice closure to the series.The suspense part of the story was pretty good as well. It was actually what kept me reading. Whenever the book focused on the development of the plot, I was hooked in. It was interesting, engaging and worked for the story. Unfortunately, the plot-dedicated scenes were few and far between. I kept wanting to get back to that part of the story, but instead you always got dumped back to Jordan believing love was an illusion and Teyha's pity party about how no one wanted her. Ugh.All this made the book fairly average. There wasn't really anything that made it totally suck and there wasn't anything that made it really great. It fell dead in between. At least for me and that was about what I expected it to be. LL fans won't really find any surprises here. I found it to be a very typical LL book.WARNING, this book contains: explicit sex and language. I can't remember if there was an anal scene...probably was...but there wasn't anything too out there.

  • Cynthia
    2019-05-18 21:14

    Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceUnequivocally sensual. The chemistry between Tehya and Jordan sizzles!I expected the utmost best from Ms. Leigh for this, her last novel in the Elite Ops Series. She delivered and more!Jordan Malone is the consummate alpha: possessive, protective, dominant. *i want one* We got our first glimpse of him in the Tempting Seals Series.All during the Elite Ops Series, there was an undercurrent of sexual heat/need/connection between Jordan and Tehya, but it was never acted upon. To be sure, they heat up the sheets, counter, chair, table - considerably in LIVE WIRE.He should be illegal. He should have to wear an ugly disguise when he was in public to weaken his effect on the female of the species. Because she wasn’t the only woman to grow immediately wet at the sight of him.Tehya Talamosi has been on the run, hiding, for most of her life. Running from the man who wanted to use her for his own nefarious purposes: her father, Sorrel. The only time she has felt the least bit safe was during her stint with the Elite Ops Team. While serving with the Elite Ops Team, Tehya was ensnared by Jordan. The problem being, Jordan doesn’t believe in love. He believes in lust, protection, safety. Now the team has disbanded - their contracts fulfilled - and Tehya must move on, alone, with a new identity.“I’ll see you in the morning,” he stated.And Tehya nodded. It was another lie. They wouldn’t talk in the morning, he wouldn’t see her in the morning, because she wouldn’t be here.She didn’t hear him move, she felt him move. She felt him coming closer to her and tensed, knowing that the connection to him would be severed forever once she walked out of the base.It was just over. There were no more chances to capture his heart.She had failed. The most important dream she had ever had, and she had failed.When buried threats return to seize Tehya, Jordan recalls the Team to protect her and ensure her safety. But Tehya had started to put down roots; start over, enjoy her new found freedom. This new menace destroys all she has worked so hard to achieve. She wants to run as she did before because, as in the past, whoever helped her ended up dead. Now, with Jordan back in her life, what she’s afraid of losing the most: Her heart, to the man who believes love is just an illusion.All of the team are back for LIVE WIRE: Noah, Nik, Travis, John, Micah - they protect their own. And even though they don’t report to Jordan as their Commander, he nevertheless leads them into a maelstrom of action and emotion. Even they can see what Jordan won’t admit. And as each man stared back at him he knew they understood, and they agreed.Nothing mattered more to them than the protection of their wives, just as nothing mattered more to him than the protection of his …. He gave himself a mental shake. Nothing mattered more than protecting Tehya, and returning her to the life she had chosen for herself.Because any life she chose would be far better than that of a life with a man who had learned long, long ago the perils of believing in love, and in happily ever-afters.Nothing lasted forever.I hate to see this series end, but it went out with FLYING COLORS! The action, the characters, the storyline - all come together to form a superior volume. And the passion between Tehya and Jordan is explosive and scorches the pages! LIVE WIRE earns the Top Bite Award and Scorcher Award for April. The entire Tempting Seals and Elite Ops Series are on my “Keeper Shelf”. I know it won’t be long and I’ll be revisiting the guys and their fiery leading ladies.

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-05-07 18:33

    The sixth and, I think this is the last, of the Elite Ops romantic suspense series, although Leigh does seem to be setting us up for a story between Beauregard and Journey.My TakeOh, the dialog was believable enough and the sex was good. And, as much as I'd hate to believe that such evil exists in the world, I do believe it. What bugged me was Jordan's absolute refusal to believe in love. Okay, yeah, he's a guy, but he has so much evidence of the power of love all around him. And just what does he think this emotion is that has him so wound up about Tehya??Then there's Tehya. She whines on and on about how Jordan doesn't love her when the physical and verbal (I don't mean the protruding physical!) acts of caring are such a constant. Then there's the whining about how everyone around her gets killed. How many of those protectors were untrained or alone? She has 25 years of running experience to draw upon…hullo, use that experience to analyze this one too!Then there's the puzzle as to why her father's organization is still after her…and not with the intent of killing her, but taking her alive. The good guys keep wondering why they want her alive so badly. In the meantime, Tehya's got this little secret she somehow doesn't think is relevant???!!?Then there's the lack of proof that a proofreader was ever employed. On page 228, there is a reference to the "flesh bandage" Jordan had somehow managed to find. So it's either "flesh" or "flash". I'm also curious as to how Tehya is already wearing this bandage when it isn't until three pages later that Travis gives them to Jordan for her. One of the bad guys is Arthur. Well, it might be Arthurs. Or maybe there was more than one Arthur? Both names were used interchangeably throughout the story. Then there's the missing articles and prepositions, the contractions without their apostrophes, the inattention to tense, the "as holes"…lordy…The StoryElite Ops has been disbanded, and Tehya has put down roots. She bought a house and a business, and she's trying to settle into the small community. Except for that prickling at her neck. She should run. If she wants to live. But, damn it, she's fed up with running. She's going to stay right here and face it. Until she's attacked in her bedroom one night, an attack that quickly escalates into loving.Short-lived loving as Jordan hasn't come back for a relationship; he's come back to spirit her away to a safe house. That prickling she's felt was…is hostile eyes on her. It seems that her father's organization is still after her. Eight years after she finally killed him.The CharactersA member of a very wealthy French family, Tehya Fitzhugh, codename "Enigma", has been on the run with her mother from her scum bag father since she was five years old. Constantly on the move as her father's men located her…and killed the people protecting them.Captain Jordan Malone, commander of the Elite Ops team, has been fighting his attraction to Tehya for eight years ever since he found her over the body of her newly deceased father, a man of interest to his team.In spite of Tehya's doubts as to her value to the team, both the primary and back-up teams, with their wives, have shown up to help protect Tehya from what threatens her now. Friends. Friends she is terrified to acknowledge as it would provide targets for the men after her.The CoverGorgeous, hunky guy on the cover, although since this story is about Jordan and Tehya, I would expect that the guy is supposed to represent the 38-year-old Jordan… I guess it's not just the 20-somethings that are ripped.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-05-10 23:18

    I had so many conflicting thoughts about this book. Did I love it? Not as much as I wanted to. Jordan Malone has always been an interesting character since I first met him in Wild Card and I was looking forward to finally getting his and Tehya story. After all Jordan has been “hovering” and fantasizing about her for a very long time…so finally we get a peek into their lives.And what happens??? We have this super alpha male, leader of the “pack”, strong and focused in his job but when it becomes personal and emotional turns into a not so likeable guy…..He can’t have Tehya because he cares too much for her and doesn’t want to hurt her because she wants love and he doesn’t believe in love, it’s all an illusion to him…and why does he feel this way.??? Because some girl hurt him when he was a younger and he was the cause of one of his operative’s death….pleezzzzz!!!!! Irrational…more like unbelievable. And then decides to screw Tehya the night before she’s leaving the group and never tries to contact her for nine months……okay, so she left before he knew..but nine months. What an absolute twit!!!!! And eventually when he’s forced to see her again, behaves in such a “cave-man” way that if I was Tehya, I would kick and not kiss his ass.And Tehya….i understood her distrust of people, the pain she experienced as a child on the run with her mother who was betrayed by family and died to save her daughter’s life..the strength shown to live the life she always dreamed of….but the way she handled herself with Jordan……okay, she’s in love with him…but that’s no excuse to accept the way he treats her. And the cold and dismissive attitude shown towards her colleagues, who want to help and protect her from the many attempts on her life, is really not that good.The so many..and I mean many…sex scenes between the two became totally boring after the third or fourth time…repeat after repeat…were they just page fillers I wondered!!! I began skimming over these scenes for the remainder of the story. Repetition ruled here….how many times does Jordan have to say…..I’m gonna f..@## your sweet ass”, “so good”, …too many to write about….I felt absolutely no romance and love between them. It was like more of a sex fest than a love one. The only romantic part in this book is that of Riordan Malone in the cemetery, sitting next to his dead wife’s headstone and talking to her about his love for her and their children and how much he misses her and waiting for the time he will finally be with her again. So lovely, so beautiful.The plot resolution was a bit of a let-down when we finally discover the truth about Tehya’s mother’s murder but the one thing that is still puzzling me………did I miss the part where we are told why Tehya is born with no pubic hair? Someone please tell me if I did.If you have read the previous books in this series, then I recommend this one where we get to know more about the uber alpha-males from the secret OPS group.

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-05-02 00:34

    Jordan Malone.... What else do I have to say? LOL I've waited so long to read his story!!!!He is the hard-ass, pain in the ass, commander of the Elite Ops. He's always prided himself of not falling in love, not letting a woman become more important to him than a mission. But we've all seen that throughout the years, he's always had a soft spot for Tehya, fiery redhead, maybe a few years too young for him, but someone who has already been through too much in life, and is now only looking for love.This book had just the right amount of suspense and action, there was always something happening and I was pleasantly surprised to see a setup for the next series and a new group of Elite Ops being incorporated into this book.Now... about Jordan and Tehya.... these 2 did not disappoint! They were hot and sweaty *wink* in the living room, in the bedroom, on a chair, on the kitchen counter, on top of a conference table, in the back of a limo, just ..... WOW!Jordan was a bit too much of an ass alpha male, but nothing as close as what I was expecting, so I found him actually endearing :) Tehya did show a side I wasn't expecting, she was very vulnerable, maybe after too many years of rejection, and she didn't give him the spark she's showed throughout the series. I was missing that.I was happy to also see a conclusion with updates on the families of all previous members of the Elite Ops and from the previous series as well.

  • Jess
    2019-05-24 22:23

    2.5/5 - Damn, I really wanted to love this book. It might be the curse of anticipating a character's book so much that it could never live up to those expectations. That's what Jordan's book was for me. I've wanted it for ages, and it was a letdown. The plot read odd to me, not sure if it's because it just wasn't written clearly, or if I just wasn't engaged enough, probably a combination of both. Half the time I was trying to figure out how certain people fit into the plot, and sometimes I was trying to figure out where people came from when they showed up on page. Very confusing. I love my hot, dirty scenes, but um wow. Jordan and Tehya don't disappoint there, however the number of scenes was over the top. For me, the plot suffered from it. It got to the point where the sex scenes were so repetitive I was skimming through them. And that NEVER happens.I'm interested about the potential of a Beau and Journey story. She gave us just enough set up that I'd love to read their book.My favorite part of the book was seeing all the characters come back and most having an active role in the book in some small way. Loved catching up with them and it was nice to see Noah play a big supporting character in his Uncle's book. Love him!Decent book, but still disappointing.

  • Fanny
    2019-05-05 19:30

    Live Wire es el sexto y ultimo libro de la serie Elite Ops de Lora Leigh y tiene como protagonistas a Jordan y Tehya.Empece a leer este libro hace un mes y hasta ahora no habia conseguido terminarlo, la razon principal? sentia que la trama avanzaba a pasos de tortuga y por si fuera poco la trama me parecio la mas aburrida de toda la serie, no podia leer mas de un par de capitulos sin que me diera sueño, aunque quizas eso tambien se deba a que la historia de Jordan no me interesaba nada.Aun asi me " obligue " a terminar de leerlo porque odio dejar series a medias, gracias que era el ultimo libro porque no creo que hubiera leido un libro mas de esta saga.2 Estrellas!

  • New Adult e dintorni
    2019-04-26 20:15

    Aspettavo questo libro da tempo, precisamente da quando ho letto la prima volta il nome del protagonista, Jordan, sembrava così tenebroso, serio, oscuro, era impossibile che non attirasse l'attenzione del lettore, e la scrittrice ci ha fatto penare fino al sesto e ultimo libro della saga per farci conoscere le sue sorti.Ogni volta che, nei libri precedenti leggevo delle sue schermaglie semi amorose con Tehya ero felicissima e in trepidante attesa di poter sapere di più.Finalmente sono stata accontentata...La Leigh è una di quelle scrittrici che si fa decisamente amare per il suo modo di scrivere, per le situazioni ad alto tasso di erotismo, per lo stile narrativo inconfondibile, io semplicemente l'adoro e in quest'ultimo libro ha continuato a dimostrare la sua bravura.I protagonisti, ovviamente, sono Jordan e Tehya.Lui è sexy, focoso, duro come una roccia, bello come il peccato è convinto che l'amore sia solo una chimera, un'illusione da cui tenersi a distanza, fin quando non conosce lei, la rossa dei suoi sogni, colei che riesce a minare e a scardinare tutte le sue convinzioni, bella come una musa, affascinante, riesce a fargli tremare le gambe quando i loro occhi si agganciano la prima volta, sa che lei porterà solo guai... guai con la G maiuscola.Ma con un autocontrollo micidiale riesce a restare, per 6 lunghi anni, lontano da lei... una disciplina degna di un capitano, per l'appunto. Lei, la bellissima rossa che è riuscita a far tremare il corpo e il cuore del capitano, ha un passato oscuro e doloroso e un futuro incerto e ricco di enigmi.Enigma è il suo nome in codice, quello che le è rimasto addosso dopo aver trascorso ben 6 anni nella base operativa con Jordan, anni che sono passati cercando di dimenticare la sua vita prima dell'elite, anni in cui ha cercato di mantenere un profilo basso, zero rapporti umani, zero incontri sentimentali.Per il mondo lei non esisteva, o meglio, non esisteva la persona che era prima di diventare Tehya, era dovuta morire per continuare a vivere.E il passato ovviamente ha forgiato il suo spirito, ha temprato il suo carattere, trasformandola in una donna dura, temeraria, sempre coi piedi per terra, una che sa cosa vuole e non esista a prenderselo, soprattutto quando, allo scioglimento dell'elite, stanca dei continui tentativi di fuga di Jordan , decide di metterlo con le spalle al muro, (ehmm, anche lei finirà con le spalle al muro per solidarietà dovete leggere per sapere XD) "Per sei anni hai fatto lo stoccafisso. Passavi dall’ignorarmi al dare agli altri agenti degli ordini inutili al solo scopo di tenerli lontani da me. A volte mi sarei strappata i capelli per la frustrazione, altre ti avrei cacciato una pallottola nel cranio. Almeno adesso dimostrati un uomo. Fai quello che devi o levati dai piedi, sono stata chiara? "Come non amare una donna simile?E Jordan che è duro ma non stupido deve cedere e iniziare a mollare la presa sul suo ferreo autocontrollo.Lei è l'unica che avvolge i suoi sensi, che gli fa provare un desiderio incontrollabile, peccaminoso, l'unica che lo ha tenuto sul filo del rasoio per sei lunghi anni, anni dove ha dovuto stringere i denti per tenere a bada un desiderio frustante, e adesso che non c'è più nulla che costringa Tehya a restare ancorato alla sua ex base si sveglia dal sogno e inizia a capire che per tenersi quella donna dovrà lottare.Non sarà facile per loro, continueranno a cercare di scappare, lei a km di distanza da lui, lui lontano ma non col cuore...PER CONTINUARE A LEGGERE LA RECENSIONE CLICCA QUI:

  • Rubysbooks
    2019-04-28 23:30

    Today I am sad. I'm always sad when a series ends, when I know there probably won't be another story to wait for, another glimpse to the characters I love with all my heart. And no matter how many times you reread that series, it's not the same as the first time, when you were waiting and counting days till the publishing date of the newest book or when you spent countless hours on the author's forum, trying to see if there are new details, new hints or even rumors about the upcoming books.I tried to avoid reading Live Wire as soon as I got it for these reasons. For six years Lora Leigh's fans have waited for this particular book, for big, bad Jordan Malone to finally find his match, his soul-mate. I have a feeling that maybe we were all hoping that the end would never come. And yet here it is.Jordan Malone, a.k.a. Live Wire, always seemed untouchable, detached, almost cold. He was always the logical one, the one with all the plans, the one who had an answer for everything and the one who didn't mind stepping on a few toes if that got the job done. He never believed that love could last a lifetime, considering that love was just another name for lust.If in the other books from the Elite Ops. series I thought he was a cynical bastard, his story confirmed it. But he also is a very good friend, one that would risk his own life to help the ones he cares about.Tehya Talamosi is the daughter of a terrorist. We first met her in Killer Secrets as the young girl trying to escape the fate that awaited her if her father ever found her alive. I liked her character very much and I always hoped that she would be the one who ended up with Jordan. I like way she evolved from the first time we met her. She's more confident, more daring than before.I like the fact that we get to see the other guys too. I was a tad disappointed at first because the scenes with the others were few and short, but I think the ending scene made up for that. I like seeing all the couples being brought together and I think it was a good ending, even though bittersweet.I also noticed that there were a few loose ends and that makes me hope for a new series tied to this one, but I'll just have to wait and see.I didn't like was the editing. I hope maybe St. Martins will do a better job at editing in the future, because there were times when it was seriously annoying. Though I'll probably reread the book again and again, no matter the editing errors, because I loved the story.I hope Lora Leigh will once again surprise us with a spin-off, a newer version of the Elite Ops. series and I hope it will happen soon. But if that never happens, I'm glad to have read this series. It was a very good one.

  • thuy
    2019-05-13 02:16

    Live Wire is part of the Elite Ops series and I believe it's the last book in the series. I have not read any of the other books in the series. I don't think you necessarily need to read the other books in order to enjoy this one but there was obviously a lot of history between all of these characters. Tehya's been on the run for most of her life until the day, 6 years ago, that Elite Ops helped her take down her father, an infamous and cruel criminal lord. Since then she's become a valuable member of team. Jordan Malone is the leader of Elite Ops, a man who has sworn never to feel or love again after losing one of his teammates in an op. He thinks that getting too close means getting sloppy and he doesn't want to make another mistake again. Of course, the two are insanely attracted to each other but Jordan insists on maintaining his distance.This book was just an OK read for me. There wasn't anything really wrong with it but it also had a hard time keeping my attention. It was a little too long and there were slow periods where not much happened. It was certainly steamy enough and the two main characters had a lot of physical chemistry and some intense love scenes. Those were fun to read but I also felt that some of the love scenes were a little long (I never thought I'd say that about a love scene) and, at a certain point, became repetitive.I wasn't the biggest fan of Jordan's. I get why he didn't want to fall in love but he treated Tehya pretty poorly. He warned his teammates and friends to stay away from her but he never made a move on her himself. He wants her to give him everything but holds himself at a distance. Tehya's a really interesting character. She had a really brutal childhood but managed to survive and do well for herself. But her past has definitely left a mark on her and she often feels lonely and unloved. She's a fighter though and I admired her. I liked that she called Jordan on his BS.The plot wasn't terribly interesting to me. I wanted to find out who was after Tehya but it felt like we were taking the long road to figuring it out. I wish it had been a little more fast paced as I think it would have kept my attention better. Fans who have read other books in the series will probably enjoy this one, having more invested in the characters. This book just failed to fully engage me and I found myself reading it just to finish it rather than because I was really interested in the outcome. Fans of romantic suspense might still want to check it out. It just wasn't for me.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-06 18:28

    hmmmmmm..... Jordan's elite ops team have served their terms, have found women to love, and have families to build. .. so a new team is moving into take over... and Jordan and Tehya are left the last night on base... and Jordan cannot keep away from her... and after keeping her at arms length while warning all other men away from her, he finally succumbs to seducing her... and she who has loved him for 8 years is helpless to stop him, knowing that this would be all he could offer - he doesn't believe in love. And she leaves him before he awakens...8 months later, she has bought a house, has bought a landscaping business, is tenatively putting down roots - and her previous life intrudes, as the remnant of those who stalked her for her life have a clue she is still alive, and have tracked her down... the disbanded team respond, all come running to protect her, and to help her regain her freedom once and for all...Tehya was the product of a rich, evil, corrupt man who had 'bought' her mother, confined and raped her for the child they could produce - a daughter genetically pleasing to be given to his son, her halfbrother... her mother makes a break for freedom when Tehya is 5 years old, and thus began a life on the run... and death for anyone who had sheltered her, until 8 years earlier, she killed her father and half brother, and then safety lived with the special ops team as communications & assistant to Jordan until they separated.Jordan doesn't believe in the illusion of love, but now that he is back in Tehya's daily life, bit by bit he is finally able to give the name of love to the feelings he has for Tehya... he works to confront and defeat those who want her ... making passionate, domineering, all-encompassing love to her at every ends up that her uncle and cousin were always in cahoots with her father's illegal activities (unknown to her grandfather and mother), and they want the access code to the security box with billions of dollars of gold and bonds... and after a short time of being in their control, Jordan & team rescue her... and two years later, the team, wives, and children gather for the christening of their daughter... ahhhhh

  • 2kasmom
    2019-05-25 20:14

    The long anticipated story for Tehya and Jordan is in a word... amazing! Those of you who have read the Elite Ops stories, know that this book was a long time coming. It is book # 6 in the Elite Ops series and more information can be found at Goodreads.The book gives you a back story so if you have never read the series, that is okay. This book can be read as a stand alone book if you choose. I loved the operators from this series so I have deliberately read them in order.At the start, the Elite Operators are disbanded, having given their contracted time and now allowed to go out on their own with the new identities given them. Some have families to go to, some have plans for new security businesses, and so forth. Tehya, has nothing and no one. Tehya finds a home and a business to buy - only to be interrupted by her past. Even with her father dead, his business associates want something from her and are evil in the way they are willing to get it. She is afraid for her friends and teammates. Now that she cares for them she is afraid she will bring them harm from someone in her past.Jordan shows up in her bedroom - and she has no idea what to think. At first, she kisses him and thinks he is there for her, until she realizes he is strapped with a weapon. He only wears one when he is on a mission - and too late she knows she is that mission.Tehya has been in love with him for a long time. Jordan does not believe in love, he thinks it is an illusion. Can she show him her heart means what it says forever? Can he believe in the feelings that cannot be denied?She wants to run to save her friends. She is so tired of running. Jordan has a plan and has put the team together again for her sake. Will it be enough? Can she and the others show him love is always enough?Such an incredibly action packed story with many surprises inside! The heat between the main characters may scorch you if you are not careful. The sparks are just flying all over the place! I think this one is a keeper and I give it 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

  • Jamie
    2019-05-22 01:37

    -Adult Content- ** 2 Stars ** I was really really really disappointed in this book. Maybe it's taken me 2 entire series of Lora Leigh to realize that all her books will be the same formula.I started to read this book and at 3 different times put it down and walked away. It didn't hold my interest one bit. I was hoping Jordon's story held much more emotion than it did. I wanted more. I craved more. I got nothing.Jordan and Tehya have been dancing around each other for years. We knew long ago that they would be a couple in a future book. As usual, the past comes back to haunt a member of the team, Tehya.During which Leigh uses her usual formula. They have sex and immediately our male gets to start using terms like "pretty ass" and "baby" in every other sentence. For some reason it bothers me that immediately after sex our hero always uses the endearment "baby" on whatever girl he's had sex with yet refuses to acknowledge her as a love interest yet... just sex. Then we come to Leigh's other favorite saying, along the lines of this: "I'm saving your pretty ass.".. something about pretty asses... its in EVERY story. honestly. no lie. i shit u not!On a good note, about 3 minutes into the book I actually shed tears. Not for Jordan or Tehya.. but for Riordan Malone. The way he goes and talked to his deceased wife's headstone moved me. So that was the only thing I found worth reading in this book.Normally I love sex in a book, but I found myself skimming over sex scenes because they happened so frequently. I was bored. The plot was secondary and not much of a thrill ride. I found everything very very predictable. I love Leigh's Breed series. I read her other series, but this book made me want to put my head through a wall out of sheer boredom.I feel like instead of writing something with emotional gusto, this book used sex as a fill in for falling in love. Although there is not one hero of Leigh's I'd turn down in bed. :) Happy porn reading folks. That is all this story has got.

  • Darcy
    2019-05-13 02:42

    The entire time I have read this series I have been waiting for this book. Jordon, the big boss of the super secret ops department, was so cynical that you just knew when he would fall, he would fight it all the way, but would fall hard. Tehya, was just the woman to take Jordon down. Having lived a nightmare of her own, she understood the special world that Jordon lived in and even lived in it herself. She knew that she was attracted to Jordon, but also knew he was fighting that same attraction. So when it came down to the last day she took advantage of their situation, too bad that Jordon was such an ass afterward.I really liked that in the aftermath Tehya moved on with her life and she did the one thing that she has yearned for all of her life, putting down roots. The choices she made very much fit her, both her past and her future. It is just too bad that the past nightmare comes back to haunt her. You would think that once you killed the monster that your life would be fine after that. But often times you don't realize that there are other monsters out there.I wasn't surprised at all with who the bad guy was. About 1/3 of the way in I figured just who was behind things. It is bad enough that there are bad people out there, but when those same bad guys have such a close tie is seems all the worse, especially when you consider that the root of the problem was only money. Tehya and Jordon's relationship was sure explosive. It seemed that if they were even in the same room sparks were flying. I loved that the whole team came to support Tehya, showing her that family isn't always blood.I also loved the end scene. Just the thought of all of them back together with all the kids made me laugh. You just know those same kids will be driving them nuts in a few years!

  • Natalie
    2019-05-03 00:13

    Finally! Big boss's story. I love the fact that the whole team of badasses comes together for this one woman they've embraced. Its not overly lovey dovey, these are tough men, dead-men (as the book contantly says), and having them be mushy is just wrong. However, the suble hints, looks, and their persistence to keep Tehya safe is the perfect level of emotion. The problem with this book is all the inconsistencies though out are so bad, its frustrating. I mean, it gets as bad as calling people the wrong name constantly. One second Jordan is talking about Tehya and then he says its Kira, they are protecting (just an example). And since when are Jordan, and the rest of the Malone's rich? I mean, in Wild Card, it was mentioned that Sabella was poor and having issues keeping the garage open. If Jordan and pop Malone had so much money, I know they would've helped her. Character ages are all wrong and timelines are off. Another reason for me to remove a star from this books rating is the sex. ITS EVERYWHERE! and its complicated. Why can't they just cut to the point and get it on the old fashioned way. Foreplay is way too long and the moment their done, you get like a paragraph and their doing it again! Geeze, a guy has to run out of juice right! But overall, it was the book I've been waiting for. and I hope she writes about Rory Malone on her next book.

  • J.A. Eckert
    2019-05-03 23:31

    Okay... Lora Leigh obviously has a sexually deprived audience. I know, I know, hate me people! I'm all for a good romance but not at the expense of the plot. And after writing sooo many books I think she's running out of good ideas. I really wanted to like this book, I mean, the man boobies on the front are likeable so... Alright. To me, the dialog felt stilted and fake. The male protag was a little too over the top for me as to not be believable. The female protag just needed meds to treat a bad case of bi-polar. She went in between being a strong kick ass fem fatale to being a simpering idiot. The plot felt like it was a bra with false padding. Leigh attempted to make a special ops, military book that sounded smart and high tech. It came across as fake and obvious. All the while, the two MC's were trying to screw like rabbits and sort out their unbalanced feelings for each other. It was like watching two left footed people dance and step all over each others feet. This is an aggravated attempt at providing conflict.I'm still trying to finish this book after several months. I can usually finish a book in a day or two. Nuff said. Update: This is one of the few books I have given up on.

  • Margaret Gaiottina
    2019-05-22 02:17

    Stavolta le stelle sono due. Eh si, mia cara Lora, perché tu sei brava con i personaggi ma ti devi allenare un po' di più con le trame. Andiamo con ordine: Tehya Talamosi fa parte di una squadra speciale agli ordini del capitano Jordan Malone. Tehya è figlia di un narcotrafficante che ha voltato le spalle al padre violento per passare dalla parte dei buoni. Quindi è una buona che si porta sulle spalle un fardello molto pesante. Jordan Malone è un uomo dal cuore di ghiaccio, della serie resisto a tutte le tentazioni e non riesco a capire come possano gli uomini della mia squadra andare in brodo di giuggiole per le donne, fino a quando non ci va lui. Per Tehya.Ecco, questo è quanto accade per un terzo circa del libro. Dopo di che ho abbandonato.Secondo me il problema sta nel fatto che questi personaggi così tridimensionali, pieni di passione ed erotismo quasi fantascientifico (pruriti inestinguibili ed ebollizioni di sangue) non si amalgamo affatto con la trama. Sono come acqua a olio. Due realtà che corrono parallele senza incontrarsi mai. E il risultato è che non c’è nessuna unione riuscita ma restano due strati distinti e separati che lasciano il lettore, con i miei gusti, insoddisfatto.

  • Tina
    2019-05-04 21:25

    Ok. So here's the deal. I read a couple of LL's early books. Liked them enough to read more and then, well, I noticed some repetitious stuff and generally got turned off her books in a major way.I am not a reader who likes to read a book that I know before hand I probably won't like. I actually only read this book b/c it was a reading group book that was sponsored by the book store. So I felt obligated even though I knew I probably wouldn't enjoy it.I've been reading this book for what felt like 1,000 years. I started it early last month and have been slogging through it ever since then. The discussion for it is this weekend so I had to hurry up and finish it. I won't review it here because, really I could enumerate every single reason why I didn't like it. But, I will say that when you read a book where the main female character was specifically bred to have no pubic hair, then honestly, where else can you go from there?So I am simply giving this a rating because I do need to meet my 200 books goal this year and moving on with my life. I will be very interested in what my reading group has to say about it, though.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-22 19:40

    Joradan Malone is a hard bastard and prides himself on that. He also prides himself on having no weaknesses. And to him love is just an illusion. Give into the illusion and love a woman means having a weakness. When he meets Tehya he knows if he allows himself she will be the greatest of weakness. So for the six years she worked for him he never lets his desire for her get the better of him. But he also makes certain that no other man lays a hand on her.Tehya is 30 years old and has been in love with Captain Jordan Malone for the last eight years. And for the last six she has worked for him. On there last night on base before their team disbands they share a night incomparable pleasure. Nine months later Tehya’s life is in danger from the terrorists who used to work for her father. When Jordan finds her he is surprised at the life she has created for herself. Being in such close quarters with her forces him to reexamine his so called illusions.

  • Lori
    2019-05-09 22:21

    I'm about 1/2 way through the story. Already I've noticed many editing errors. Missing/duplicate words is the most frequent distractor. I hope this is only in the ebook version. I'd hate to think it was forever in printI am really enjoying catching up with the whole team. It seems like all the characters will be making an appearance, yay!!Not the best book I've read by Lora Leigh. I really enjoy the Seal/Ops stories but this book felt rushed. Other than what I said above it just felt like I kept reading the same love scene over and over again. BUT, the great interaction between the characters more than made up for it. I particularly enjoyed the way the team treated Jordan. Would I recommend the book/series? Heck ya, and I just did yesterday...

  • Lisa
    2019-05-03 23:35

    Lora Leigh has obviously lost intrest in this series because the last two books were truly awful and the few before that not so good either. Wildcard and Killer Secrets were wonderful and I was so excited for the rest of the series and it has been a big disappointment. It was basically the same story over and over. Bringing all the other characters back in could have made for an awesome book, instead it all felt jilted and with bits and pieces just randomly thrown in. Plus the ending when she brought them all together was truly awful. I like the version I wrote in my head way better :)