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The heat is on in Palm Beach-and Rick and Samantha are sizzling.Samantha Jellicoe is no ordinary thief. At least, not anymore. She promised her significant other, British billionaire Rick Addison, that she'd retire from her life of crime. So no more midnight break-ins . . . no more scaling estate walls . . . no more dangling from the ceiling. From here on in, it's intimateThe heat is on in Palm Beach-and Rick and Samantha are sizzling.Samantha Jellicoe is no ordinary thief. At least, not anymore. She promised her significant other, British billionaire Rick Addison, that she'd retire from her life of crime. So no more midnight break-ins . . . no more scaling estate walls . . . no more dangling from the ceiling. From here on in, it's intimate dinners with Rick in posh Palm Beach followed by rock-your-world sex.Who'd have thought that doing the right thing would turn out to be more deadly than her former life of crime? When the first client of her new security business is murdered, Sam is determined to find the killer. Now if only she can manage to stay out of jail, resist her former "associate's" lucrative job offers, and keep Rick from sticking his nose into her business, she might just manage to stay alive. Because trouble isn't just walking—it's running—to catch up with her....

Title : Don't Look Down
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ISBN : 9780060593643
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Don't Look Down Reviews

  • Felicia
    2019-05-31 07:58

    I can't deny staying up SUPER late reading this and the previous book, it was really addictively page-turning brain candy, although I'm a bit mad at myself for it, haha. I got a bit annoyed that WAY too many times the main character was enjoying riding around in a Bentley, because I get annoyed at glamorizing rich people and their stuff. I did thing the emotional depth was way better in this installment from the first, and I liked where the relationship was going (but can we drop the whole romance trope of an unearthly amazing guy basically dropping everything in his life INCLUDING HIS BILLIONAIRE BUSINESS to chase after a lady? Oh, and then she wants her "freedom" and he struggles with it but ends up giving her everything she wants and then some, including amazing sex all the time and sinewy muscles. Oh and Bentleys. UGH.) I will pick up the next one prolly down the line, because the chemistry between the characters is really good.The mystery was well put together, and I liked the bitchy rich wife, and I'm definitely thinking people might really like these books if you like the lighter chick-lit-y mystery/urban fantasy-type stuff. It's just not normally my thing. In fact, I'm going to read a hard Sci-Fi book where people get blown up and don't drive Bentleys.

  • Tammy Walton Grant
    2019-06-02 10:41

    Way more fun than Eve and Roarke (and a Hero just as hot), these books are an absolute blast.This one picks up three months after Flirting With Danger left off, and Sam and Rick are still striking sparks off each other and setting their sheets on fire. Sam is trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow and Rick is attempting to run his conglomerate while Sam is sleeping, it seems. I absolutely love these two -- their banter is delicious:"You're a good guy, Rick."He smiled. "I keep telling you that."Her smile joined his, her thoughtful green eyes studying his face. "Do you know what I want to do right now?"Rick placed his cloth napkin across his lap. He should have asked for a less conspicuous table. "Tell me."Samantha picked up a bread stick, examined it for a moment, then slowly licked the length of it. "Mm, salty goodness," she murmured."Christ. Cease and desist before I split my zipper.""Oh, then I would have to sit on your lap in my short dress to protect your modesty. " She leaned forward, gazing at him serenely. "Comfortable?"Have I said yet how much I love these books? The characters seemed like old friends by the time I was done the first book, and now re-visiting them in the second is like travelling home for Christmas. So much fun!Because they are so engaging and the writing is so good I can overlook a couple of things about this book that chimed aloud as I read: the relationship between Rick and his ex and Sam at times defied belief, and sometimes Sam is just TOO stubborn about letting Rick know what she's up to.Still, this series is fast becoming one of my all-time faves and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a light, funny, sexy romp.And because I really love Rick, I'm going to leave you with this:"What's your horse's name?" she asked, tentatively patting the near shoulder or wither or whatever it was called."Middlebrook-on-Thames," he replied."What?""Tim, for short. He has a nasty long pedigree.""Hence the stupid name."Rick raised an eyebrow. "I have a nasty long pedigree.""I know that, Richard William Addison, Viscount Halford, Marquis of Rawley."He kissed her again. "You got it straight, Samantha Elizabeth Jellicoe of Palm Beach."Sigh.4 enthusiastic stars.

  • Kjen
    2019-05-24 08:03

    Don't Look Down...but look for 5 stars:) Re-reading this series and loving it! It's awesome that a lighter read can have so much character depth and emotion. I love seeing how Sam and Rick grow in their relationship despite their pasts and the current pitfalls that they face. I love the personalities of both characters and enjoy the banter so much. On to the next:)

  • Susanne
    2019-05-19 07:05

    4 Charming Stars!

  • TJ
    2019-06-02 13:05

    4.5/5.0As the second in the Samantha Jellicoe series, this one is just as fast paced and fun as the first and I actually enjoyed the romance aspect even more. It was fun to have an already established relationship that is busy working out the "new couple" rough spots. That's a nice change and Enoch keeps it quick, hot and unpredictable. Sam does get a little annoying with her hard-nosed stubbornness but it is understandable considering the sheer strength of personality that comes with a driven billionaire for a boyfriend. One has to love Richard Addison, though, he is every woman's dream man! The way he gives Sam 100% of his unconditional love and support is what makes this series so wonderfully addictive.For anyone who loves a great who-done-it mystery with lightening fast repartee, and lots of romance and excitement, this series can't be beat!"The steam factor is still high, although toned down a little from the first book*

  • Beanbag Love
    2019-05-28 07:49

    I'm enjoying these contemporary mysteries by Enoch. Usually I'm pretty good at figuring out the culprit early on, but she's stumped me in the first two books. I'm not sure if that's because of superior mystery-writing skills or if I don't care enough about the mystery to put any brain power into it. I like the relationship between the leads and that seems to be enough.I am skipping ahead to A Touch of Minx, because I read the blurb on Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and it didn't appeal. These books seem to be able to be read out of order. I guess I'll find out for certain.I like Enoch's humor. She's talented with her characters, making them likable and engaging. I'm not prude, but I could use a little less cursing. It makes them sound stupid. But that's a pretty small complaint.All in all, I give it four stars because it's engaging and unchallenging. Exactly what I need right now. :D

  • Angela
    2019-05-18 08:41

    I didn't get into Book 2 of the Samantha Jellicoe series as much as I did the first--but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it, because I did. This book's set three months after the first, and changes have come into our cat burglar heroine's life; she's not only got a real, blossoming relationship with billionaire Rick Addison now, she's even trying to go straight. Instead of robbing people blind, she's now trying to advise them on their security.It's a great plan on paper, but it just goes to figure that one of Sam's very first clients is murdered shortly after hiring her. Nor does it help matters much that Rick's ex-wife arrives on the scene, ostensibly to integrate herself into Florida society--but as far as Sam's concerned, clearly trying to integrate herself right back into Rick's life, and Sam just can't have that, now can she? Toss in complications with Sam's former fence being a suspect in the murder of her client, and all in all, it's a tasty little mystery.The main reason it didn't work quite as well for me as the first one, I think, lies with how there's a bit more emphasis on the whole OHNOEZ EX-WIFE plot than I would have liked, vs. the OHNOEZ Sam is Trying to Go Straight But Her Past is Complicating Things plot, which was quite a bit more interesting. However, I've got to give Enoch credit for avoiding getting too cliched with the ex-wife, and for keeping Sam and Rick's developing relationship lively. I'll be proceeding on to book 3! Three stars.

  • Thenia
    2019-05-26 08:57

    Samantha and Rick's story continues and the two are struggling to find some balance in their relationship and make their very different backgrounds and lives work together.Samantha is a bit childish and I found myself annoyed with her at times, as well as with the relationship drama that she causes, but Rick makes up for her and doesn't let her get away with it.A robbery and murder investigation, an ex back in town causing trouble and the relationship drama all make this book an interesting one, but I'm hoping that Sam will be finally past some of her issues in the next book, Billionaires Prefer Blondes.Previous book reviews:✦ Flirting With Danger (Samantha Jellicoe, #1)

  • Sababa
    2019-05-20 06:53

    Honestly I don't know how she does it! I have always connected Suzanne Enoch with historical romances, but she completely threw my presumption out of the window with this contemporary romance series! Believe me when I say this, she can write!!Wow! I love Samantha. Her sense of freedom, her high spirited nature, her loyalty all of it is so intriguing. I can't get over it! As for Rick he is great. But honestly most of the time I am so involved in enjoying Sam's personality that I can't find enough time to appreciate Rick. This book was specially great because I felt the last one left a very gaping ending. This book sought out to fill those gaps. Sam's change, her relationship with Rick was developed very nicely. And by throwing in some action and adventure, I felt like it was another Dan Brown book!! Murders and Mysteries and all that...Love this series!!Fingers crossed for the next one.

  • Carolyn Crane
    2019-05-20 06:53

    [this is a series review, identical to my review of the first book.]Okay, these Samantha Jellicoe books are my new cozy fun yummy reads that I RAVISH. I've read the first two, and I'm saving the rest for when I really really need something wonderful and reliable. I think there are only FOUR! SOB. Samatha is a cat burgler, she meets her hero robbing his art collection, and just, wow, this series is insanely delightful.This has the same wonderfulness factor of those early Evanovich/Stephanie Plum books for me, but a step up in maturity and relationship. This might sound morbid, but I have half a mind to save the last two for my deathbed. It would be something to look forward to. But then, what if I die in a car accident?

  • Catsalive
    2019-05-25 11:09

    I wish I knew why strong heroines have to be portrayed as arrogant, selfish & generally unlikeable - particularly by American romance writers. It isn't necessary for a strong woman to be "sassy" or "feisty" or a smartarse or however you'd like to describe "unmannerly". I made allowances with the first book but I really didn't like Sam much at all in this one. She comes across as pert, snippy & mulish, with no manners at all. This book was just OK, not as good as Flirting with Danger which was much more amusing. I will try the 3rd book Billionaires Prefer Blondes.

  • Steve
    2019-05-24 12:03

    I quite enjoyed this book, and found it difficult to put down. It picked up right where the first book left off, which I worked out once I had recalled where that was. The story picked up quickly after a literal bang, building up to a delicious climax. I am still reminded slightly of Eve and Roarke where reading this, but the relationship between the main characters is extremely different. There wasn't much of a resolution, just enough to sort out the major storyline. I can't wait to read the next book.

  • Virginia
    2019-05-29 06:05

    Another great one.I really love that Enoch kinda sets the traditional romance conventions on their ear(s). Without actually doing so.She's fabulous. And very very funny.

  • Ira
    2019-05-29 04:59

    3.5 stars!Boo! She plays detective!!I want to read her experience and all those fabulous stuff as a Thief, gosh!:(

  • Dija
    2019-06-08 11:53

    3.5/5 starsthis series is fun so far but i feel the characters lack true depth and i don't feel invested in them. the fast-paced, engaging plot almost makes up for it, though.

  • Tanisha
    2019-05-29 11:42

    Man this was boring!! After reading the first one, I wasn’t expecting something of this poor quality. It had so much stupid stiff that i just starting skipping stuff. This book felt like a forced written one after first was famous.It was full of bullshit. An extremely likeable characters were reduced to ashes here. An example, heroine is car chased, hits her head twice on steering, gets banged up by the chaser, and is saved by the hero. Has blood on face but instead of seeing a doc, is dropped to office by the hero as demanded, who claims he love her. As I said, Bullshit.I would strong suggest to skip it. Only curiosity made me read the whole thing. Though i skimmed it by the end.

  • Karen
    2019-06-02 06:50

    A fun read

  • Purple
    2019-05-20 06:01

    Mad entertaining!!!

  • Sabrina (Soter) Sally
    2019-05-26 06:07

    " La sua migliore amica, la sua ladra internazionale, la sua amante, la sua ossessione: ciò che era arrivata a significare per lui mutava a ogni battito del cuore."Rispetto al primo della serie ho trovato un notevole passo in avanti in questo volume, che mi è piaciuto molto di più! *ç* La parte suspance in realtà mi è sembrata un po' "debole" ma sopratutto lenta, il colpevole non era del tutto scontato ma neanche così difficile da intuire, in generale comunque l'autrice è riuscita a creare un caso lineare e facile da seguire cosa da non sottovalutare XD Il personaggio più odioso resta la ex moglie di Richard a cui avrei dato volentieri una testata in fronte (ma Sam trova il modo di "utilizzarla" per i suoi scopi...nice job! ;D) mentre ho adorato la new entry Aubrey che spero resti nei paraggi a lungo XD La parte romance l'ho apprezzata molto, i due si avvicinano sempre più nonostante ovviamente non manchino gli scontri di volontà essendo entrambi molto testardi e drogati di adrenalina (nel caso di Sam XD), ma la passione non manca e finalmente alla fine Sam si scioglie e mostra di fidarsi davvero del suo compagno regalandoci un bel momento romantico *ç* Il cambiamento dell'atteggiamento di Sam nel corso del libro (e anche dal primo libro al secondo) è notevole e dimostra come sia davvero maturata in campo sentimentale e non ;D Ora sono davvero curiosa di leggere il prossimo! *_*

  • Jenny
    2019-05-19 06:07

    Because of the influence of her world-famous boyfriend who happens to be a billionaire and a member of the British nobility, Samantha Jellicoe is trying to clean up her act. Go legit. Stop robbing people's homes of priceless antiquities. But it's a lot harder than she thinks. Her first client of her newly-established security company (hey, if she can get through almost every security system ever invented, she should be really good at creating them, right?) ends up dead, and though she's not held responsible, she feels she can't just let it go. So she decides, in her own special (read: probably not legal) way, to investigate and bring the murderer to justice. The book gains a bit of emotional complexity as Sam continually has to weigh her relationship with Rick with her sense of right and wrong. She knows that if she continues to involve herself in the investigation, and if she gets caught doing something less-than-legal, it's going to reflect very badly on Rick and could even end things between them. Overall, a very entertaining fluff read that is lent a bit of emotional depth by Sam's past and the conflict between doing what she believes is right (which could get her arrested and break up her relationship) or what is safe. I'll definitely be reading the next in the series.

  • Sabine
    2019-05-17 05:02

    Schau mir in die AugenNein, das war jetzt nicht wörtlich gemeint sondern das ist der deutsche Titel des Buches. Es handelt sich hier um den zweiten Band in der Reihe um die Diebin Samantha Jellicoe und ihren Freund, den Multimillionär Richard Addison. Band 2 spielt drei Monate später und - oh Wunder - Sam und Rick sind noch immer ein Paar. Samantha versucht sich jetzt mit einem legalen Job und ist dabei in Palm Springs ein Sicherheitsunternehmen zu gründen. Leider wird ihr erster Kunde einen Tag nachdem er mit Sam gesprochen hat ermordet. Da Sam den alten Mann sehr sympathisch fand und sie befürchtet, doch noch in die Sache reingezogen zu werden, beginnt sie auf eigene Faust zu recherchieren - nachdem sie mit Rick gewettet hat, den Fall schneller als die Polizei zu lösen. Damit hätte Sam eigentlich bereits genug um die Ohren aber ihr ehemaliger Hehler und jetziger Partner Walter versucht sie für ein krummes Ding in Venedig zu gewinnen. Und als wäre das nicht schon genug, taucht auch noch plötzlich Ricks Ex-Frau Patricia in Palm Springs auf und verkündet sich hier niederlassen zu wollen und dafür Ricks Hilfe zu benötigen.Auch Band 2 war wieder ein ganz besonderes Lesevergnügen und bin froh, dass Band 3 und 4 bereits zuhause im Regal stehen! Eine rasante Krimi-Liebeskomödie der anderen Art.

  • Rhode
    2019-05-26 04:44

    Only ok. It's fluff. Plus the male lead, who annoyed me with his improbable perfection in the first book, is now even more improbably perfect. I kept on thinking of the lovely old Hart to Hart TV series with Stephanie Powers, though, and it charmed me just enough to keep reading.However, horrible jarring time zone mistake at the very start nearly derailed the whole thing. The male lead contacts his New York office first thing in the UK business day. Because they are open at 2am??? Anyone who has ever lived outside North American time zones groaned at that mistake. The author still continues to get billionaire workaholic life details wrong. She loads him up with fancy cars, but doesn't realize no billionaire would work so hard on a paltry $12 million dollar company acquisition (that's pocket lint in acquisition-land), and workaholics in general don't have so much free time to socialize, play polo, have friends over to dinner, etc. As a former workaholic I can tell you I never took entire weekends off, and getting home in time for dinner was something only retired people do.On the good side, the heroine continues to be kick ass and independent in a way that's truly unusual in fiction. And that's worth the price of admission.

  • Sabrina
    2019-06-04 09:44

    This series definitely is a page turner. I like the characters and buy their relationship, even though the speed would be a huge red flag in real life. To be honest I am not sure if this book deserves three or four stars but I liked it less than the other books in the series, maybe because the conflict felt a bit forced. However, Samantha still kicks ass and Rick is still borderline overbearing and they are equals, so I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who enjoyed the first one.

  • Theunicornisreal
    2019-06-08 06:52

    Loved this second installment in the series! Except for one thing. Okay, one big thing that probably shouldnt have taken up 1/3 of the book and the plot. Patricia, the ex wife. She and Rick have been divorced for 3 years! Everyone acts like it was a week ago! Jesus! I get that being cheated on will always hurt. I get it. I really do. I also get that there's alimony and yada yada legal stuff. But the hurt from the cheating wasn't really even the focus of her appearances, not really. She was such a huge, unjustified part of this book! I hated that every damn character just took whatever she dished out. It wouldnt have been so bad if the characters actually put her in her place. Even in the end, she got her way. Ugh.And the author placates her tantrums. Sam and Rick actually give in to pretty much every request this woman has! (view spoiler)[1. Rick buys her a house. Or cosigns, whatever. Same deal.2. Sam, even though gets blackmail material against Patricia, helps her out of her ring snaffu.3. Sam let that biatch pull her damn hair!4. Rick and Sam let Patricia openly insult Sam whether by phone, or in public.5. .... (hide spoiler)]Obviously, I could go on....

  • Andrea
    2019-06-12 08:57

    First of all, I have to say that I'm not so much into contemporary romance; I prefer historical romance. But I have to praise Suzanne Enoch on her amazing writing skills. She came up with an exciting plot - (view spoiler)[ I couldn't guess how the whole murder issue would be resolved, and that's a plus; I was so anxious I read the whole book in a few hours(hide spoiler)] - and Rick and Sam's relationship had a few improvements. I totally hated that Stoney was constantly trying to make Sam go back to her previous burglary and that Kate, Tom's wife, was such a nosy woman. All in all, I don't know if I want to read the rest of the series, but this was a good book. I'm getting bored of Sam and Rick not getting things straight, and Samantha, although she has a free spirit, annoys me sometimes with her stupid attitude and her thieving urges.I'm going to wait a few days and read other genres to see if later on it pleases me to read the next book.

  • Lita Bouquard
    2019-06-11 04:54

    Oh I just love Samantha and Rick as a couple. She is afraid to commit, say I love you but fearless about thievery. Rich is mega-rich, powerful but only fearful about losing Samantha. In this book. The couple is still combustible when together and both sacrificing. Rick has to deal with his lawyer Tom -who is so annoying- but a loyal nice guy, the innuendos about Sam and her thieving, and his ex wife- Patricia the Beeyatch. Sam has given up her ability to walk among people invisibly, blend in, do what ever she wants. Now she is followed by paparazzi, hated on Rick's fan site and fearful of losing her independence. As Samantha attempts to go straight with her own security business, her first client gets murdered. Cars,couture clothes, Godzilla, a great romance and fun with this odd couple in Don't Look Down.

  • Nicoletta
    2019-06-14 04:50

    coinvolgente ed appassionante, è riuscita anche con questo secondo libro, la Enoch, a tenermi incollata ad ogni pagina del libro.qui ci ritroviamo di fronte una Sam che cerca di filare liscio, cerca in tutti i modi di tenersi al di fuori dei guai, ma sembra che questi ultimi vadano a cercarla.Rich invece si vede catapultare in un nuovo emisfero dove il centro di tutto è la sua ragazza. tutto passa in secondo piano senza neanche farci caso, è innamorato e non riesce a staccarsi da lei anche se con raziocino tenta di tenerla fuori da loschi affari.mi è piaciuta anche la figura del commissario, in questo caso un uomo rispettoso della legge si fida ciecamente della sig.Sam tanto da affidarle un incarico che se andasse male, molto probabilmente perderebbe il posto.ed infine c'è la Ex, una grande stronza approfittatrice e tutto il resto.

  • Afia
    2019-06-14 05:40

    This book had more insight on Sam's emotional self and I loved it more than the first one a tad bit in that part. She was way too stubborn at some places and I really felt like banging my head on wall, but I somehow stopped. Richard Addison amazes me. I have read a lot of books where the guy would cross all limits for his girl but Rick never once doubted Sam enough to let her go. even for a minute.. He loved Sam and he somewhat believed in her. He had his weak moments though, when some thoughts crossed his mind but he never accused her. I really love that about him. He's patience but also ready to do anything and cross all lines if it means to keep her safe. and as for the mystery part.. I'm still not sure. I think I liked the first book's mystery more than this one but this was good too. Now off to the third book!

  • Yukino
    2019-05-30 04:52

    Sempre più bella questa serie della ladra Jellicoe, ci voleva proprio!Ora Sam sta cercando di lasciarsi alle spalle il suo passato e crearsi una nuova vita con il miliardario Rick e apre un'agenzia per la il suo primo cliente muore prima che possano accordarsi e da li parte l'indagine sia di lei che di lui.Mi sono molo piaciuti i due personaggi principali. Crescono insieme e sono molto forti..per cui ci battibecchi ma fanno subito pace.I personaggi che ruotano intorno mi fanno mori dal ridere..ovvero Patty la ex di Rick che si ripresenta e il socio di Sam..Per non parlare dell'avvocato e la moglie..e del poliziotto.insomma un bel miglioramento dal primo, trama ben congeniata..ovviamente c'è l'happy con un pò di brio che rende il libro fresco e frizzante.consigliato!

  • Barbara ★
    2019-06-05 04:56

    I loved this book as much, if not more, than the first one. Samantha Jellicoe is one determined gal. Thanks to Rick Addison, she's trying to go straight but it's tough and she insists on doing it herself without billionaire Rick's influence and contacts. When she gets caught up in a murder investigation, the temptation for B and E dramatically increases. I liked the snappy banter between love-sick Rick and reserved Samantha. They've only been together a few months but the attraction is huge and the lust is ever present. The romantic encounters are hot and reminiscent of necking (and more) in the backseat. I loved how she called him Brit and he called her Yank, so cute. I will definitely be picking up the next installment.