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The saga continues…Heartbroken and soul searching, the vampire Cain believes he has finally found his purpose. He is mentoring Allie, who is grudgingly coming to terms with the fact that she is unique among vampires... The United One. Together with Allie's husband Mattie, they are working to discover her powers, when the vampiress Sindy returns with some new tricks of herThe saga continues…Heartbroken and soul searching, the vampire Cain believes he has finally found his purpose. He is mentoring Allie, who is grudgingly coming to terms with the fact that she is unique among vampires... The United One. Together with Allie's husband Mattie, they are working to discover her powers, when the vampiress Sindy returns with some new tricks of her own.Ben and Felicity have tried to leave their past involvements with vampires behind them, settling into human life together, despite having to deal with Ben's vampire hunting father - but is mundane love strong enough to supersede the supernatural?The vampire Elric has sabotaged his master's plans to control The United One more times than for which he can expect to safely escape the consequences. Coven Master Arif knows what he wants, and the guiding forces behind his plan know how to help him get it... If Elric rebels, he could lose his love, but thwart disaster for the human race. Is staying true to the coven in order to save his love, worth the price the world will pay?When you are descended from darkness, is it still possible to reach for the light? In times of peace, prepare for war....

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Descendant of Darkness Reviews

  • Ann
    2019-06-13 15:03

    Sindy….put lipstick on a pig, still a pig.About 34% (Kindle) in and I just can't finish. The vamp story with Allie is intriguing, however, it appears MN "may" be taking the romance of our beloved Cain and attempting to turn his affections from Felicity to Sindy along the way. No, no, hell no! After 3 bks of Cain and Felicity being totally in love and the 4th bk Cain pining away for Felicity. The 5th bk starts out with Cain poring his heart out writing love letters to Felicity he never intends to deliver. Cain wants Felicity to live a human life rather than selfishly making her a vamp. Felicity has made an appearance in this bk thus far, yep, they're still very much in love but she's trying to move on with a marriage to judgmental vamp hater Ben (with his large appendage...think Richie in the movie Magic Mike). Sorry, just never got the warm and fuzzies for Ben. Feel like he's always one click away from going off the deep end and turning into a vamp killer. Sindy...dress that pig up all you want, still just a pig. I despise vamp Sindy's character more than any I've read in a while. MN waltzes her around Cain throughout these bks while she's doing her evil, selfish, manipulative, corrupt deeds trying to temp Cain to the dark side, while trying to interject feelings of pity from the reader that Sindy's just a victim. No thanks! With hints that possibly Cain should move on with Sindy instead of the potential hope for a life with Felicity in the future and 7 bks left of this 12 bk series, I'm just not gonna go there. That just ruins this series for me and I'd just as soon sit out and wait to see if somewhere along the way MN brings the Cain/Felicity romance back front and center.If indeed MN is going to turn the romance in a new direction for our H/h, brings to mind Meg Cabbot's bks Insatiable and Overbite where after 1 ¾ bks she flips the H and concludes the 2nd bk with the h having her HEA with a guy who was described as an idiot throughout these 2 bks. Think that didn't cause me to go into rant mode!?! Yes, yes, I know I'm supposed to enjoy the journey as MN says, but if that's the journey I'd just as soon end it now and will resume this trip if it ever gets back on the right track. After waiting 2 years for this bk and if indeed this romance does go off the rails I feel cheated out of an HEA and the cost for 5 bks I never would have read if I'd known ahead of time.

  • Grammy 1
    2019-06-19 12:11

    How happy fans will be, to have Book 5 of the Almost Human series, Descendant of Darkness released this week. What a wonderful dark turn the second trilogy is taking! Melanie Nowak began writing this series in 2004, and published the first trilogy in 2008, thrilling us with Cain, Felicity, Ben Allie and Sindy for 4 years now. I still cannot get enough.We have reviewed here the first trilogy, Fatal Infatuation, Lost Reflections and Evolving Ecstasy, and then Born to Blood, the first book of the second trilogy. Now we have Descendant of Darkness. Ms. Nowak gives us these books broken down by the POV of each character. I do not think many authors have reached this height of ability, and I can claim what a wonder it is to her readers. All of Ms. Nowak’s books have a beginning a middle and an end, and yet all through the stories, she is weaving your thoughts for the next, without leaving you bereft of closure. As in all of these books, time is moving on, especially in the human world. We have seen Ben and Felicity through college, graduate, Felicity teaching, and Ben in law school. Felicity and Ben have become a couple, and Alyson has left with Mattie and become a vampire. I still cannot forget the scene of her turning in Born to Blood. As I type this, goose bumps come over me. Spell binding scene Ms. Nowak.We, as the voyeurs into these lives, have seen Cain’s anguish and heartbreak in scenes mourning his loss of Felicity, but through solid resolve, he knows in his heart he has done the right thing. Sindy, who I love to hate, is in and out of their lives, and Mattie and Allie have been living with Cain on his estate. After learning the shocking news about Alyson being the United One, Cain has been trying to mentor her, and the couple, on what this might entail. We have met Arif the coven master, and Elric, his second, throughout the series, and again in this book. We need to be very wary of the danger, and what this will mean to our friends in the future.So, here we begin with Cain, writing to his beloved Felicity, letters he never mails. For those who are team Cain or not, your heart so has to go out to this 340 year old vampire who is in such pain. You almost wish he can find someone, anyone, who he can heal with.We view Arif’s coven in N.Y. and I must admit, I love Elric. He is so humanized to me, like Cain, not wanting all “the stuff”, just a happy life with his love. I worry for him. Sindy, oh Sindy, ever in trouble brought upon by her own actions, is found on Cain’s property, ripped in half and bleeding. Sindy, as always, has no parameters and has gotten into trouble. Cain Cain brings Sindy back to his estate for her to heal. We still do not know what Sindy’s agenda is. An interesting part of Descendant of Darkness, is that we are still learning more about the vampire’s different breeds and eye colors, and now we have found that each eye color gives a vampire different traits and strengths. We already know from Born to Blood that the red eyes were shifters, but now Mattie and Cain find out what their strengths are through their colors, and are quite excited about it. Cain realizes Arif must have known about his blood and lied about it at their last meeting, and now hopefully will be wary of Arif...Sindy and Allie grow into an unlikely friendship, and enjoying “girls night out”, and then finally in typical Sindy fashion "girls gone bad”. Sindy has always been the little girl in the teenage vampire body, never wanting to be that plain girl in school. She was turned at such a young age, and Cain always had hopes she would be more than the slutty vampire she became. Living on the estate, Cain saw Sindy was different, slowly changing in his eyes. Cain fans will be happy to see he begins to slowly move on. So I can say, when the dice was tossed, and the chips were down, I actually felt sorry for Sindy for the decision she had to make. I felt sorry for Sindy...Wow!This book is over 400 wonderful pages, and I do not want to spoil a minute of it for you, the reader. Join me in coming to the Graduation, the and celebrations and milestones of human life. We wonder about Ben’s father, Bernard,the vampire hunter. We worry about Allie and what this all means, and find out what Mattie’s strength is. Come visit with our family and catch up!This story again lets the curtain drop, scene 5 is over. The need to return to see scene 6 will be present, but we can let the lights go down, and let the players rest, and we can go home and think of all that is to come. Almost Human - The Second Trilogy, beginning with Born to Blood, and moving on to Descendant of Darkness, can stand on its own, if you haven't read The First Trilogy, but I'd recommend reading them all, if only because knowing the characters so well enhances the overall enjoyment of the series. 5 Stars Melanie...Review byGloria LakritzSr Reviewer and Review Chairperson of the Paranormal Romance Guild

  • BookFairy
    2019-06-08 14:26

    Don't waste your time or money. This book ends horribly. The readers are led on for four books and then in this book there still is no HEA.After 4 books of a romance between Cain and Felicity, Cain moves on with someone else. Felicity moves on with someone else. And there is no point in reading any further.

  • Christina
    2019-06-21 14:24

    Wow, this book is a mess. I don't even know where to begin. The writing in these books has always been simplistic and predictable. It also suffers from a lack of editing. Some scenes just drag on and on. This book just took all that and put it in the forefront. The funny thing is I could ignore some of it in the previous books because I enjoyed the characters (all except the heroine, Felicity - more on her later) and the lore. The biggest problem in this book was the pacing of the story. The time elapse killed it. We leave the story while Felicity is a freshman in college, of course even though it was a college setting you'd swear they were in high school. The first 4 books take place basically over 6 months or so. Fast-forward 3 years and this is the beginning of Descendant of Darkness. I don't mind the fact that time passed but when you think you're reading a totally different book, then something is wrong. We have Cain brooding over Felicity, not much changed on that front. That's one thing that didn't drag, like it did in the previous books. The biggest problem was Ben and Felicity. I have no idea what happened to them. They were completely out of character. Granted years have passed but I felt nothing from these two characters. Of course they're going to grow up and mature but I felt like an outsider watching some soap opera where Felicity either can't make up her mind what she wants or she's some alien trapped in a young adult's body making all the "proper" decisions out of life. In order to explain, I have to give spoilers. So here we go.(view spoiler)[ Felicity decides she wants to live a human life so she gets married and has a baby with Ben. This is all fine a dandy except why give her a love story with Cain for the first 4 books of the series? Ok, maybe Cain will eventually be with Felicity and the baby, still why does Felicity have to get married? Why does she have to be completely in love with Ben and make Cain her past love? If she's going to stay with Ben, why give her a love story with Cain at all? Plus, she can't make up her damn mind. If Felicity wants to keep Cain in her heart, then do in a way that's obvious, enough with the back and forth. First, Felicity visits Cain and they kiss, twice. She realizes how much she still loves him, oh but then she marries Ben! She actually says that she loves Ben but he's not Cain! What the hell is that? Then, at her wedding she has to have part of Cain with her so she's wears the hair comb he gave her. We think it's because maybe she needs Cain there with her because she still loves him but NO, " Cain could not share this day with her. She was moving on, and her love for Ben was true, but she couldn't help but feel that Cain deserved this acknowledgement."So once again we're given something beautiful and then it's downgraded to a thank you note. Finally, the last straw was naming her baby after Cain. It seems so fitting and beautiful. It's perfect but then it becomes a "tribute". So we get a little then it's taken back. This all seems to me like a big tease, nothing more.(hide spoiler)]Now another big problem is the nice neat package of Felicity's life that the author presents us. I cannot see any young adult making the choices Felicity made, especially considering her personality just 3 short years prior. She was an insecure girl that met the love of her life, her first love and has never completely let him go. (view spoiler)[ The first "perfectly mature decision" Felicity makes is while she's dating Ben. She admits she loves Ben but she wants to make sure her love for Ben is strong so she decides that they should see other people. What 21-22 year old supposedly in love would do that? That is something a parent would tell their 22 year old to do or a girl playing the field that doesn't want to settle down, which is not Felicity. I guess this fits into the nice, neat image of the mature woman. Not believable at all. Next, most of the dialogue that involves either Felicity or Ben are so out of character. They act like adults that have experienced all the trials and tribulations of life rather than young adults just beginning their lives. Yes, they've been through a lot in a young age but this was just not them. Again, this was because of the timing. We missed all the "in-between" years of Ben and Felicity dating, etc. I liked her and Ben in the other books, even when they hooked up. Next, we see Felicity visiting Cain and she has doubts about her feelings for Ben, and Cain for that matter. She admits that she thought her feelings for Cain had faded but she says her feelings are just as strong as when he left her. So she loves Cain but then goes back to Ben. Who would do that? We're suppose to believe that she's mature enough after 3 years that her emotions are not conflicted enough to affect her relationship with Ben? Nope, don't believe it. She goes on to be the mature woman of 22 and marries Ben and has a baby. Nice and neat!(hide spoiler)]Enough of boring Felicity. Now onto Cain and Sindy and the draggy moments in the book. There were so many but I'll just pick a few that bugged me. I am not a Sindy hater at all. I dislike how she acts and I believe she doesn't deserve to end up with Cain but hey she does what she thinks she has to. I get she's insecure but do we really have to read pages and pages of (view spoiler)[ her wanting bigger boobs? Then, her enhancements? Then, what Cain thinks of these enhancements? OMG all this felt was like page fillers!(hide spoiler)] All I kept picturing was Cain rolling his eyes. It is not even plausible that Cain would move forward after such a short time. What is 3-4 years to a vampire who is over 300 years old who finally found the love of his life? Seems like a drop in the bucket to me. I just didn't believe him moving on at this time. Also, there was too much of Elric. I get he may be a big part in the coming books but do we have to see all the background of him and Latisha? Also the entire part with Anthony and Marguerite. I saw no point to any of it. Lastly, I did like Allie training but even that got to be too much. The funny thing is that this book is described as Paranormal Fantasy but the first three books and this one were ALL romance. I'm ok with that and I enjoyed the romance but then I do expect the romance feel to continue. I felt nothing with Ben and Felicity compared to the last book, nothing between Cain and Sindy and Felicity was just beyond fickle. It's not just the doubts or subtle nuisances. That I could accept. What I can't accept is the annoying back and forth that is Felicity in this book. I loved the action but there was just too little of it. So was there anything I did like in this book? Yes! I liked Kieran, Mattie finally standing up to Allie, Allie training. That's about it.I don't think I can continue with this series.

  • Gigi777
    2019-06-21 15:23

    It can be said that it’s extremely rare to find an author who possesses the unique gift of writing engaging plot lines, captivating settings, and powerful, life-like characters that live deep in a reader’s heart long after the story is over. Melanie Nowak possesses such a gift. And I’m thankful that her story isn’t over!In Descendant of Darkness, the second book of the second Almost Human trilogy, Ms. Nowak continues the paranormal journey with our beloved friends, in addition to some new immortal powers; heartfelt relationships; and dark deadly secrets.This thrilling novel depicts a number of intriguing external and internal conflicts. Within the prologue, Cain’s letter serves as one example of an internal struggle. This deeply felt piece gives the reader a glimpse into the past few years, along with Cain’s undying love for Felicity. Also, the writing reveals Cain’s continuing work of mentoring others, including Allie. Cain’s letter was bittersweet. His thoughts brought tears to my eyes and made my heart ache. The letter was so beautifully written with such old world charm and eloquence. Although Cain’s letter gives him a sense of solace, he simultaneously struggles with thoughts of letting go.As the journey continues, the author provides the reader with a fresh new insight into Coven Master Arif’s compound, and his devious plan to conquer. The second in command Elric, has a plan too, but is it time to act? I have to commend Ms. Nowak for her attention to detail in this chapter. I appreciate how quickly the vivid descriptions establish the overall situations and mood of her characters. In one particular scene, I felt as though I was sitting beside Elric as the car made its way through Arif’s magnificent compound.Meanwhile, Ben and Felicity settle into their happy roles as husband and wife. Later, Felicity encounters an accidental meeting with someone special. She quickly realizes that her love for this person remains. Is it right to love your husband and still have love for another? At the same time, I was so thrilled to read about the psychic connection that continues between two of the characters. Further on, Felicity and Ben face a life threatening challenge, and Ben gets to flex his biceps as he rushes to the rescue. Like father, like son? One of Elton John’s most famous songs describes the following character. But I’ll just sing, “Sindy’s Back.” Although I have to admit I have a soft spot for temptress Sindy. In Descendant of Darkness, Sindy demonstrates a surprising new level of compassion and maturity. At first, Cain, Allie and Mattie are unclear about where Sindy’s loyalty lies. But later on, they seem to welcome her as a trusted ally. Sindy befriends Allie, and together they hunt and practice their similar powers. I love how well Allie and Sindy play off each other.Yet, Sindy has a hidden agenda that becomes more complicated as the story progresses. One evening, a fatal crisis occurs, and Sindy is forced to choose between her own agenda or a friend in need. Which path did Sindy choose? The answer will amaze you!In book 2, the author reveals how Allie grows stronger in her special powers and abilities. I adore Allie’s “ah-ha,” moments as she learns about the various vampire breeds and their unique powers. As the United One, she possesses those same powers and abilities. In one scene, Allie succeeds in stopping Sindy from using her powers to shift. I admire how Ms. Nowak describes her scenes so clearly. It is simply fascinating! In addition, I love how Mattie uncovers his tremendous power and strength. In Descendant of Darkness, the reader gets the benefit from the character’s POV. I appreciate this style; and like photography, I was able to see inside the character’s world through his/her lenses. I also found an immediate connection with my beloved friends as I experienced all the raw emotions that they did: depression, laughter, anger, betrayal, grief, fright, heart ache, cheer, etc.The plot was most engaging and flowed extremely smooth. There were many unexpected turns and twists! Ms. Nowak brings the novel full circle, and ties up the situations perfectly. Yet, she leaves enough interpretation open for the next installment. For example, in Cain’s chapter 19: “Each day, we must make every effort to do what is right, and pray that we have the strength to do it again tomorrow. He had done what he could to set things right, and each night he would continue to do so, trusting his destiny to unwind as it should” (Nowak 393). Superb! I cannot wait to see what Ms. Nowak has in store for us next. Descendant of Darkness knocks the ball right out of the ball park! Another brilliant addition to the Almost Human world!Review by Gigi LupoGuest Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

  • =^☺^=mskitty
    2019-05-29 07:11

    My oh's been a long wait, but it was worth it. I was afraid I wouldn't remember the storyline but little snippets of the past here and there brought it all back.First off I have to say my heart is breaking for Cain, as much as I care for Ben, to me Cain and Felicity are soul mates and I just can't see her living happily ever after without him. Maybe she won't be...but now there is a baby...I really enjoyed the journey Allie is on getting all of her new powers and the fact that Sindy was trying to be "good", although those two out on the town are nothing but trouble.I really didn't understand Felicity's reluctance for Allie to talk to Ben, it would have saved the heartbreak that came later on.So many different agendas going on, I really can't wait to see where all of this is going.Now a CLIFFHANGER?????? Melanie!!!!! girl you better have this one already in your head ready to put on paper!This was a wonderful story and a great addition to this series. I recommend this to everyone.....but you have to start at the beginning of the series, this is not a stand alone book. OK I went back and re read the first trilogy, like I should have done before reading this one.I forgot how Cain has always been drawn to Sindy and really the only one who sees past her hard shell. I think maybe in the long run he could be happy with her.Felicity really didn't want to be a vampire, even though she was willing, and with Ben she can have her "normal" life.LOL! I'm sure this puts the author's mind at ease now that I can agree with where she's taking us!STILL!!!! 2 cliffhangers!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKKK!

  • Hrtnsoul28
    2019-06-26 07:24

    This is hard to write a review for. I have never been so afraid of a story before this book. The story is interesting but I am not sure I like where it may be heading. I do not want Felicity and Cain together. I like Felicity and Cain but not as a couple. I love Ben and Felicity. I do not like how Felicity is being so wishy washy. She claims to love Ben and her life with Ben but I don't know. I was so upset at one point of the book I quit reading for a whole day not sure if I was going to finish. Before this book I was so excited for the series. It was at first supposed to come out in March 2012. When it did not I was on pins and needles waiting. I loved that Mattie and Allie were together and she was becoming a vampire. I also LOVED that Cain left Felicity and she was with Ben. But with this book it was like seeing bits and pieces of things. There was so much skipping ahead in time and between so many people I was feeling like I was missing things, like maybe I skipped pages in the book. There was not enough of Felicity and Ben, but way too much of Cain and his misery. Now with the waiting until the next book I feel that it may not be worth waiting. I fear that it is just going to be Felicity kidnapped and Cain to the rescue. I fear something will happen to Ben and then Felicity will be with Cain. Do I even want to read it? How could I be telling all my friends and family to read this series and now be so disappointed. I guess if I read the next book I will find out but at this point I am not holding my breath for it.

  • Marianne
    2019-06-08 09:03

    I've read the entire Almost Human series to date, and Descendant of Darkness is another 5 star for me! With seven more books in the series arc yet to be written, Ms. Nowak is really keeping her readers on their toes. This can go anywhere folks... Team Cain, Team Ben....or perhaps there's a dark horse somewhere in the race yet to come... Things that make you go, "hmmmm."

  • Loves To Dive
    2019-06-05 13:10

    4.5 starsDescendant of Darkness reunites the reader with the cast of characters from the previous book, Born to Blood, in which Allie learned that she didn’t become just an ordinary vampire; she is the stuff of legends – The United One. As the United One, Allie has the blood of all the different breeds of vampire in her, thus having the powers of all the breeds as well. She and Mattie have parked their RV on Cain’s estate in upper state New York and joined into a coven of three with Cain. Cain has also opened his home to Sindy, the vamp everyone loves to hate, and gives the freedom of the estate’s woods to a coven of vampires who choose to live in isolation. Ben and Felicity continue to grow their relationship, and after both graduate take it to the next level after Ben proposes to Felicity. Felicity accepts, she recognizes that there will always be a place in her heart for Cain as her first love, but she loves Ben and he is who she wants to build her life with. Years will pass and they will live the life that the both dreamed of living. Ben and Felicity will realize that the problem with dreams is eventually you have to wake up and when you do, can you hold on to your dreams or do they just float away? As if the strange little dysfunctional family that Cain has built can’t get any more complicated, Arif re enters, leader of his own very large, very functional coven who offers to help Allie learn how to deal with her new found powers. There is a very old saying, beware of strangers bearing gifts; Cain hasn’t survived as long as he has without knowing this. Cain asks himself why is this powerful creature so intent on helping another, since I refuse to give away spoilers I won’t answer the question but Ms. Nowak does. Ms. Nowak once again skillfully takes the reader into her world, she isn’t writing a story, she’s weaving a spell, albeit at times a frustrating spell, but a spell none the less. Now that she has us under her spell, she forces us to feel emotions for these characters that we didn’t want to feel when we started on this journey, and when we are done there will be no doubt that she well and truly has us firmly where she wants us, begging for more. There are few authors that can write from multiple POV’s and pull it off, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ms. Nowak is the master of this. There is no other author I know that can switch between not just one or two character’s POV’s but three or four and still hold your attention and not leave you confused, she can and does. It’s an injustice to say we are reading about characters, we are not; we are invested in the lives of these people. They are not always nice people, they can be mean, they can be frustrating, they can cause you to laugh but in the end you know you have met people that will stay with you for a long time to come. We fell in love with Cain in the very first book; I like to think of him as the one constant in all the other’s lives. They can rely on him to give them advice, to discipline them when they stray and even to walk away when he knows it’s for the best. He is busy this time around, Allie is discovering powers and not always being wise, Sindy is desperately trying to get him to love her or at least like her, Mattie is not only dealing with Allie but he may have a trick or two up his sleeve and through it all Felicity is always there in his mind. There were parts of scenes that I felt were a bit iffy and I continue to struggle with Cain’s inner dialogues. There are also scenes that are absolutely so breathtaking that any small complaint I may have previously had was completely forgotten when I read them. I can close my eyes and see the beauty of Sindy dissolving into a mist and reforming into a wolf so beautiful that even Cain is left in awe. I smile I think of the solution Allie comes up to feed her hunger when away from home and in the city. Rats anyone??? I defy anyone to read the part when Sindy’s discovers the side benefits of being a shape shifter and not at least giggle. Victoria Secrets much? I cheered when Mattie discovered he is no push over and figures out the benefits of what he can do. I loved when Allie asked..."Does lightening come thru windows?" I hissed every time I came in contact with Arif and fell madly in love with his second in command Elric. This part of the series is darker and edgier then the first trilogy so readers beware. Small issues aside, this book gave more than it took and was a wonderful bridge to lead us into the next chapter of our friend’s lives.Reviewed as a Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Dual Review Team

  • Annemarien Faraminan
    2019-06-09 07:23

    Again, the series has outdone its self. The second trilogy is amazing and gives you the story and everyone’s point of view. The only down side was that it went to quick. The other books went for a time lapse of one year or less, but these book was a couple of years all in one.

  • Tmp Wynn
    2019-06-05 06:59

    Can't wait until this book is released.

  • Juliette
    2019-06-12 12:26

    Got the teaser...the first 6 chapters and I can't wait for the rest!!!

  • Sandy Wolters
    2019-05-31 09:04

    COMBINED REVIEW:Book: Born To BloodSeries: Almost Human, Second Trilogy, Book 1Author: Melanie NowakGenre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance (Vampires)Length: Approximately 374 PagesAND:Book: Descendant Of DarknessSeries: Almost Human, Second Trilogy, Book 2Author: Melanie NowakGenre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance (Vampires)Length: Approximately 446 PagesI came across a poster the other day on Facebook that sums up my feelings regarding the ALMOST HUMAN Series by MELANIE NOWAK to a tee.It says, "If I put my book down, the characters might do something without me. So...I never put my book down."When I was a little girl, I would sit at my grandmother's kitchen table listening to her gossip about people I had never heard about. My mother would be shocked at what grandma was sharing and she'd ask her, "Who is this you are talking about?" My grandmother would glare at my mom, humph, and in all seriousness state, "From my story of course." My mother would grin and my grandmother would continue to tell her the events that happened to these people in her soap opera that became very real friends to her.Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible for me to get so wrapped up in a storyline and characters that I would come to think of them as "real" friends, but through Ms. Nowak's writing, that is certainly the case. I truly care about these characters. I can't tell you how many times I've screamed at my Kindle, "What are you thinking?" or "No. No. No." There are characters that I want to see killed off in the most horrific manner (namely Sindy because I can't stand the bitch), and there are characters that I just want to throw my arms around and say, "Everything will be alright."If you are looking to get lost in a series, forget your everyday worries and become personally involved with the characters of a really good book, then you simply must pick up the ALMOST HUMAN Series by MELANIE NOWAK. I must warn you, though, there is no fluff in the ALMOST HUMAN Series, it is dark and there are events that happen within the pages that never occur to the reader. It will keep you off balance. You will be sucked in, and will not be able to put this series down.I am waiting for the third book in the second trilogy to come out as we speak and I feel as though I'm going through withdrawals. I NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!

  • Clarice
    2019-06-16 13:20

    In book two of the second trilogy in the Almost Human Series by Melanie Nowak, we once again see much of Allie and Mattie's story, along with several other key players. Ben and Felicity have taken their relationship to the next level and are very happy together. Felicity will always love Cain, but she loves Ben too, and she has decided she can be happy with a life with him, regardless of the fact that Ben's father is some crazy vampire hunter bent on eliminating every vampire he can find. And dragging Felicity into all of his secrets and asking that she keep them from Ben. Cain is mentoring Allie now and she has many talents that keep popping up during the book. However, her thirst is a serious problem that she kind of keeps from Mattie and Cain. It reaches a point where Sindy coerces her into trying to drink from humans, just to try it. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only thing to satiate her thirst better and longer than animals do. She is forced to lie to Cain and Mattie about her whereabouts from time to time and things get very complicated. It is no secret that Arif is still after her to join his coven, if only temporarily. Arif seems to think that Allie will turn into some thirst-crazed evil vampire, and the worse her thirst gets, they can't help but wonder a moment here and there if he might be right. But Cain doesn't trust Arif and Allie received a warning about joining him from an unlikely source. Sindy is using her wiles as normal, but is still showing signs of improvement at becoming a better person. But with her, you never know what angle she's working. All in all, it's another exciting read from the author!

  • Traci
    2019-05-27 14:07

    I think its a little ridiculous the waiting in between these books, especially with as many as this author plans to spread this story out. Its a shame because when I first read the 1st 3 books, I was hooked, not so much anymore.Originally said last year on the third part but I still stand behind it. Especially now that I see she is reissuing all the original stories in novella size every few weeks which leads me to believe and assume that she has put her original plan on the back burner for monetary reasons.

  • Faydra
    2019-06-01 07:06

    Best book of them all. Can't wait to see how things are working out in the next book. Still holding out hope for Felicity and Cain. Not that I don't like Ben.... I do, but he just isn't Cain. I hate Sindy, so will be glad if and when she is gone.