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As a surgeon, Dr. Rennie Newton is the consummate professional. When she's summoned to jury duty, she brings to the courtroom the same level of competence and composure that she displays in the operating room. It is this commitment to precision that compels her to deliver a not guilty verdict in the murder case against notorious contract killer Ricky Lozada. It will be theAs a surgeon, Dr. Rennie Newton is the consummate professional. When she's summoned to jury duty, she brings to the courtroom the same level of competence and composure that she displays in the operating room. It is this commitment to precision that compels her to deliver a not guilty verdict in the murder case against notorious contract killer Ricky Lozada. It will be the most regrettable decision of her life... because Rennie's trial with Lozada doesn't end with his acquittal. Her carefully structured life begins to crumble when a rival colleague is brutally slain. Lozada's menacing shadow looms over the murder, but it's Rennie the investigators focus on as the prime suspect. The privacy she has cultivated and protected at all costs is violated by the police as well as Lozada. And when he begins an earnest courtship, insinuating himself into every aspect of her life, it becomes terrifyingly clear that he is obsessed with having her. Wick Threadgill is a detective on indefinite leave from the Fort Worth PD, who has his own personal agenda for the contract killer. Temperamental, bitter, and driven by loyalty and love, Wick is determined to destroy determined as Lozada is to possess Rennie Newton. In order to defeat Lozada-and save their lives-Rennie and Wick form an uneasy alliance. Mistrustful of each other, they know only one thing with absolute certainty-like one of Lozada's prize scorpions, when this killer strikes, they won't see it coming. The Crush will take you on a tortuous path through a twisted sociopath's eerie obsession, a haunted man's fragile hopes for redemption, and a woman's heart as she struggles to face her greatest fear-to open herself to love....

Title : The Crush
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ISBN : 9780340827680
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 480 Pages
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The Crush Reviews

  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆
    2019-06-19 15:38

    3 STARSI don’t know why I didn’t enjoy this one more because at first sight, it all looks good: a grumpy ex-cop, a strong heroine, a unique and interesting storyline, great writing...I can’t really pinpoint what bothered me. Lack of excitement, lack of tension, I guess. The main characters seemed apathetic somehow.I don't know. It just didn’t reach me. This doesn’t mean this book is bad. It just wasn’t my favorite.

  • Mo
    2019-06-10 11:18

    Between 3 and 4 stars and as it is SB will up it to 4!! This one was lacking the usual intensity of a Sandra Brown book. Ok there was one moment where I literally jumped in my seat. But for some reason, the 2 characters did not endear themselves to me as much as some of her other characters did. Contract killer Ricky Lozada is on trial and Dr. Rennie Newton is on his jury. Bringing the same dedication she displays as a surgeon to this job, she delivers a verdict of not guilty--and discovers she has a new admirer.Maybe it did not make the mark for me is because I KNEW who the bad guy was. In her other books you're kept guessing until practically the end of the book. Well, at least I am! She had meant trouble for him from the start, and she would mean trouble to him from here on She hadn't wanted to like Wick Threadgill, but she didAs with Ms Brown's books, sex scenes are few and far between but they are HOT when they happen. In spite of her reserve, he could imagine her flushed with arousal He asked her if she liked hairy chests and she showed him how much she liked his He hadn't had to coax a response from her, either. Two strokes of his thumb and her nipple was hard, ready to be drawn into his mouthOverall an enjoyable read.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-27 09:36

    The Crush is a standalone romantic suspense/thriller novel written by Sandra Brown. It features an incredibly engaging beginning: most obsessive/stalker thrillers are right up my ally and I loved where this one was going...especially when said stalker gifts our mysterious heroine with a gift she can't return and one that lands her in the spotlight of a murder investigation. Unfortunately, I found the middle-ish parts quite long and dull in my opinion. I wish I had skimmed them to be honest. I could have gotten away with it I think. The ending picked up speed again with a focus on police intervention in capturing this story's villain. Lots of suspicion in this one with a late-blooming romance and a satisfying ending. Overall, I liked it. If you're a fan of Sandra Brown, check it out!My favorite quote:"I just don't get it." "What don't you get?" "Why you keep saying no." "I have the option of saying no."

  • Barbara
    2019-05-22 09:22

    Dr. Rennie Newton, a skilled surgeon, is the foreman of the jury that acquits psychotic professional assassin Ricky Lozada of murder because of reasonable doubt. Unfortunately for Rennie, Lozada becomes infatuated with the pretty doctor during the trial and convinces himself that she returns his affections. So after his acquital Lozada decides to pursue a relationship with Rennie. He sends her flowers, stalks her, and goes so far as "to do her the favor" of murdering a rival doctor. Rennie becomes a suspect in the murder and Detective Oren Wesley - instead of doing any investigation whatsoever - starts a campaign of surveillance and harassment to convict Rennie. For assistance Oren calls in his suspended former partner, Detective Wick Threadgill. Here the book becomes a cliche romance novel. Wick (of course) is overwhelmingly attracted to Rennie who (of course) is a cold fish because of a difficult past. Lozada becomes enraged with Wick's attentions to Rennie and decides to take action. Though Brown is a skilled writer this is a completely predictable book with no surprises. In addition, the characters are not particularly likable. Wick is an an arrogant dude whose major goal is to have sex with Rennie; Oren is a lazy police officer who makes no attempt to find the real killer; and Rennie - though a little more sympathetic than the guys - is two-dimensional and hard to care about.If you're a hard core romance fan you might like this book. Otherwise, skip it.You can follow my reviews at

  • -y.a
    2019-06-18 10:31

    There aren't much tension in The Crush that keeps me in suspense throughout the story. The psychotic killer tries very hard to be creepy, but fails to scare me. The heroine is a drop-dead gorgeous surgeon with an impressive resume. Unfortunately, at certain crucial moments, she loses her common sense and I can't help roll my eyes. Not SB’s best:/

  • Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries)
    2019-06-18 15:38

    See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten!Whaaaaaaat? A YA reviewer like me reading and reviewing a romantic suspense novel? Yup. See, I was hiding from my niece in a cupboard of a room after she started throwing rocks and became too much for me to handle. Mom found me and handed me this book. “Give it a try,” she said. “You’ll like it,” she said. WRONG, MAMA LLAMA. Quoting my exact words to her, The Crush made me pop a lady-boner of rage. The last time I read any of her bodice rippers and romantic suspense novels, I was fifteen and couldn’t finish a single one because they all bored me. Five years after I thought I learned my lesson, I actually did learn my lesson and finished this book solely because I had to see how its premise would play out. Such wasted potential! It all started so well and then fell into cliche territory.I’ve got a lot of open secrets and one of them is that I looooooooove reading books where stalkers are romantically obsessed with their unfortunate target. It’s such a horrible thing, but that dark side of humanity and how crushes/love can be twisted around in these terrible ways fascinates me. The one thing Brown does right in this novel is put us in the head of the un-convictable hit man Lozada and make us shiver because his head is a horrible place to be. His backstory is mostly that he’s been fascinated with/good at killing since he was young, but that teensy bit was enough character development for me and it works well.At first, it’s all compulsively readable. Thanks to Lozada’s fascination with her during his trial and the fact the man who got the work position she wanted suddenly turns up dead, poor Rennie is a suspect in the good doctor’s murder at the same time the REAL killer is trying to woo her in his own disturbing way. While trying to find evidence against her, the police (illegally) take our male lead Wick and put him on the job of watching her while she’s at home. It’s almost hilarious how both the antagonist and hero are being her stalkers; the only difference is that the former stalkers her out of “love” and the other stalks her for JUSTICE.Still stalkers, though. I got more problems with Wick than that, but we’ll get to that bull soon.For a good chunk of the novel, Rennie is a pretty cool woman. Renowned surgeon completely dedicated to her work and uninterested in a romantic relationship? Sweet! Sure, we see this woman all the time in movies and she always ends up discovering she DOES need a man and has one by the end, but Rennie seems different at first. Despite what our culture tells us, it is possible to be a woman, have a gratifying job, and not want a man. Even though I knew she wasn’t asexual like I am, I identified with her because of her disinterest in love.Then this passage happened along. “She had denied common yearnings so effectively and for so long that she had convinced herself those yearnings no longer existed for her. What was natural for most women didn’t apply to her. She didn’t need love and romance. She didn’t need anyone or anything her in life except her work. Work was what she desired, so work was what satisfied her. That had been her mantra, her anthem. It had begun to ring hollow. Her resolve to never marry and have a family had seemed courageous in her twenties. Now she wondered. Her she spited only herself when she made that decision? Over the years the line between independence and loneliness had become so fine that there was now little distinction between the two.” (p. 176)NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO. It turns out she “convinced” herself she didn’t need love because she was a wild, promiscuous teen and something TERRIBLE happened because of her ways. Because women suffering for their sexuality is so novel.With that, my idol went out the window and my critical analysis brain turned on. First, “what was natural for most women.” I suppose men don’t feel the same need to find a girl to spend his life with? Romantic hopes are only for women? This kind of box is bad for men and women alike. That box is why people greet me with “how’s your boyfriend?” when they don’t have any idea how I identify sexually and why my brother couldn’t openly talk about how much he wanted to find a woman he could settle down with. People of all genders can need love/romance and people of all genders can also not need love/romance.Second, “her resolve to never marry and have a family had seemed courageous in her twenties.” Courage? I got two words for you: FUCK OFF. Yeah, it’s annoying to deal with people who think you’re weird or broken because you don’t want marriage and children, but it’s NOT courageous to feel that way. Courageous is doing something significant when it can put you in danger, like putting your life in danger to save a child from being hit by a car. Using a word that denotes a great action to describe a mere lifestyle choice is disgusting. I don’t want my personal choice of no husband/wife or children described as courageous!But whatever, that’s how she feels and this is romantic suspense. It happens to some women. Something else that bothers me is that her sentiment grew from her being a wild, promiscuous child and something terrible happening “because” of it (the word is in quotes because she blames herself and not the man who tried to assault her). A woman being punished for her sexuality! How novel!Considering what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri still, I can believe in the police being as dickish to Rennie as they are, but Jesus Christ, these people are awful! Setting up borderline-illegal sting operations, condoning actual illegal things in their efforts to prove Rennie had something to do with the murder Lozada committed, and all sorts of other things that make me make faces even as I remember them. Just so much no happening.The cherry on top for this gross police force comes when Lozada breaks into Rennie’s house and the police arrive to find him there. They’ve spent years looking for charges that will stick and get him locked up, but when the chance comes along here, they don’t bother with it. I can’t coherently phrase this any better than I did in my notes while reading: “If they’re looking for reasons to lock Lozada up, why don’t they, I don’t know, DO SO BY CHARGING HIM FOR BREAKING INTO HER HOUSE AND SHIT?” The idea comes up in the text, but then they’re like “nah nah, we gotta let him go.”OH YEAH, LET THE PROFESSIONAL HIT MAN GO SO HE CAN CONTINUE TERRORIZING THIS WOMAN WHILE YOU TRY TO GATHER EVIDENCE FOR A MURDER CHARGE.AND THE ROMANCE. This book would have gotten maybe a single lonely star otherwise, but thanks to the romance, it gets nothing. NO STARS FOR YOU. It all starts out bland enough. Instant attraction, one saying yes while the other says no, lots of sexual tension relieved by the occasional kiss, etc. Pretty standard. What broke it for me was Wick fondling Rennie’s breast while she slept because he’s just SO ATTRACTED TO HER but she won’t give in because her Deep Dark Secret is making her have Issues. That’s creepy as fuck and counts as sexual abuse because she is not awake to consent nor has she given him consent to do anything to her while she sleeps. Romantic? ABSOLUTELY NOT.Another open secret: my brother’s best friend molested me when I was 12 and he was 15. I’d had a bit of a crush on him at the time, but when I woke up in the middle of the night to him fondling my breasts, my crush went up in flames and because the white-hot fires of hate I keep burning today. As Wick let out some of his repressed sexual attraction and messed with her breast until the nipple hardened, I had flashbacks to waking up to that boy’s hands all over my chest. I’m sure you can imagine how much fun that was to go through. Wick and Rennie’s “romance” literally could not have killed itself any quicker if it had tried.Despite the compulsive readability and aside from the offensive stuff that made me do all the Caps Lock Rage, The Crush is really just another bland romantic suspense novel that wants to take away 480 pages of your life when you could probably create a better story for yourself just by reading the jacket copy. My mental fan fiction for this novel was 100 times better than what it actually was and I wish I’d left it at that. Though I’m not a religious reader of romantic suspense, I do know the tropes and this one hit pretty much every major trope without putting a twist on any of them. Boooring.In short, fuck this shitty book. I’m not reading anymore of my mom’s recs.

  • Oana
    2019-05-26 15:22

    4.5 stars

  • Misti
    2019-06-13 16:28

    Dr Rennie a jaded doctor meets Wick Threadgill a jaded cop...both have issues they are working thru, her with her past and father and him with his dead brother (or actually issues they should be working on but are avoiding) and the evil Lozada haunts them both, separately and together. There were a couple of twists that I was not expecting: Lozada killing her horses and the 'cop scuffle/shooting' that was all staged at the end! I like all of Sandra Brown's books...I know they are predictable (we always know the ending) but the twists in the middle are what I like and a sex scene and love story thrown in the middle of the mystery keeps me entertained. When I pick up one of her books I know exactly what I am going to get..and sometimes in life that's just what i need! I actually thoroughly enjoy her writing style...just enough details to let me form the picture but not too many pages wasted on minute details that let me put none of my own picture together! Her and Nora Roberts are my fave!

  • Emma
    2019-06-15 14:24

    Big fan of Sandra Brown here but this book was a huge disappointment. The heroine is a huge fail. She is one of the most annoying heroines I've ever come across, one who did not deserve either the reader's or the hero's attention (even less his love). The writer tells us that this woman is a trauma surgeon (who worked all over the world), a former wild child turned Mother Teresa, but what we actually see on page is a flat piece of cardboard whose only memorable characteristic is that of a spoiled bitch. Sandra Brown simply pins a repertoire of qualities on her ((brilliant surgeon, volunteered around the world, was great with patients and their families, and, naturally, supermodel looks) and none of them becomes part of the heroine we get on page. Not once does her well guarded, sanitised and non-existent private life stirs any interest about this woman. Not once does she make you wonder why she is the person she is and how she suffers under the weight of such rigid defence mechanisms. There is no thematisation of all these, only a quick revelation of some ridiculous story from way back when that is supposed to tidy everything up. But even that final hackneyed explanation, fails to arouse sympathy for this non-character with the killer legs. And there lies the problem, if the heroine fails to excite the reader then one does not understand why the hero, a handsome, charming, sociable man, and one who's had spectacular success in the dating department suddenly will put so much effort, work so hard and relentlessly chase after the heroine's love. A heroine who rebuffs him at every turn. It's not like he can't find another pair of killer legs in this world. With his charm and wit and good looks it would not be that difficult. Yet, he goes after the cardboard cut-out as if she is the last of the species.The only reason I kept reading was the hero, Wick. He and his friendship with his superior, Oren, made for the most interesting part of the book. Lozada, the villain, was not in the least convincing. But the worst fail of the book was the handling of police procedure. Sandra Brown is an experienced romantic suspense writer, so it is very surprising she got everything so messed up. How come the police set up round the clock surveillance of the heroine, photograph her in every possible situation and yet neglect to tap her phone? One would think tapping the phone would be the first step. How come they made a hash of things at every turn? For example, how could they have bangled the tailing of the notorious killer they had their sights on for eons? Would those watching his building fail to check a van leaving his building in the early hours of the morning ? Even I know that villains, especially the rich ones, don't have only one vehicle at their disposal. It is not like the villain was unknown to the police. They had set up a whole operation over many months to catch him, yet they failed to monitor him closely (hard to believe that the police, who are good at framing people, failed to monitor him). But that is what happens when you don't know how to set up a scene and resort to situations that defy logic (making these trained officers look like nincompoops). The denouement was particularly silly and made me roar with laughter (not the dramatic showdown the book aimed for). Overall, since the main couple is never convincing as a couple (there is not even a whiff of passion, no deep or moving connection between hero and heroine, not even some hint of great lust -a couple of boring sex scenes crammed into the final chapters of the book emphasise the lack of chemistry rather than convince us of their great love). As a result, anything concerning their declarations and the future the writer hastily throws at them ring absolutely false. Not once did I believe that what they had was anything more than a prolonged one night stand. I must also add that because I found the heroine annoying and tiresome (and could not go past her TSTL moment in the final showdown), I very much wanted the hero to walk out, give her the two finger salute even, and find someone else to lust after. As it is, this gorgeous, amiable hunk is forced by his writer to chase after a zero-dimensional, unengaging b*tch, who wants nothing to do with him for about 85% of the book. Yet, within the last three pages we are asked to believe that such a woman is suddenly dying to share the rest of her life with Wick. The important question is why would Wick want to spend another second, after the obligatory shagging, with her. The more I write this review the more I revisit the unpleasantness I felt while reading this book, so I will stop here. Readers new to Sandra Brown, don't start with this one.

  • Renee
    2019-06-12 11:19

    This suspense novel reads more like a Harlequin Romance gone worse (I didn't say "bad" because they are already bad). Laced with only-to-be heard in smaltzy movie one liners, the book is so predictable from the first chapter that you may actually think there is a twist at the end (there isn't). Crush is about a relationship between the broken cop and a troubled trauma surgeon and their banning together to fight an evil killer. It's kind of like a Bugs Bunny episode without the humor and animation.

  • Marcie
    2019-06-12 13:30


  • Jewels ♥ My Devastating Reads
    2019-05-31 17:17

    I heard some buzz about this Sandra Brown and since my library had it checked in, I grabbed it. Such a good book! I soo love Sandra Brown novels. They are meaty, well told told and I love how the plot is dense. You need a dense plot I think for a novel to really stand out, and Sandra Brown novels certainly do.This novel is a little different from other others by the author in that there was no plot twist or great reveal. Which is fine by me, the story stood on it's own and didn't need it. It's just that I'm used to the unexpected with Sandra Brown and this time, it was pretty straightforward. I did love how they got the baddie at the end, I didn't see that coming until the last second when it all going down. Actually, by then it was obvious, so it's fair to say, I didn't see it coming!I loved the plot and characters, Rennie was so cool and controlled and yet you knew all throughout the novel that she was more than meets than the eye. I loved her strength. I loved her kindness. It wasn't apparent or gushing, but quiet kindness is still kindness. It made her very human, as did the events she endured in this story. I also loved the hero, who has been dealing with the death of his brother, and the fact that he's a police officer on an undetermined leave and yet, still involved in his work thanks to his partner. He's hotheaded but he had excellent instincts and I admired him for sticking up for Rennie throughout this book.The villain in his novel is sickening and I'm glad that the novel was resolved in the way that it was because I just couldn't stand him. He made my skin crawl. Sandra Brown has a knack for writing truly nasty villains. This novel was so good it was very hard to put down, and if you want an entertaining crime novel splashed with sizzle, I'd say you can't go wrong with this particular novel.

  • Tetty Marlinda
    2019-05-21 17:29

    #32 for 2017 RCGenre : Suspense

  • Celia R Moon
    2019-06-13 13:25

    If you have never read a book by this author, then it is a good read. But, I feel like I have read this same character's story a few dozen times. Even the ending felt familiar. It was still a good read. Lots of action, and I happen to like these characters, so I did not mind.I don't care for the sexist tones in this book. I'm all for an alpha male, but I prefer one who doesn't violate his partner's boundaries. Rennie tells Wick several times that she is not interested, but he continues pursuing her, even following her to her ranch. She seems to find this flattering and charming. What is it is a consent violation. The book seemed far less romantic to me after that.Even though I knew how the ending would go, I still enjoyed it. The action was fast-paced, which I enjoyed.

  • Robin
    2019-05-30 12:21

    Dr. Rennie Newton's life turns upside down after serving as foreman on a jury during a murder trial. Evidence against the defendant, Ricky Lozada, is circumstantial and he is soon found not guilty. As Rennie gets back into her usual routine, she finds Lozada is sending her flowers and calling her at home. When a co-worker is murdered at the hospital, evidence points at Lozada. Wick Threadgill tried to get the goods on Lozada a couple of years ago when his brother was murdered. On leave from the Fort Worth Police Department, Wick is asked to keep an eye on Rennie who the police believe may be Lozada's girlfriend. Wick disagrees and thinks Rennie might be the next victim.I've been working my way through Sandra Brown's backlist with mixed results. Many times I have a hard time liking the heroines in her books. I'm happy to say I liked this heroine. Rennie is living the quiet life, working as a surgeon and saving lives. She hasn't had a relationship in a long time and has her reasons for it. Rennie is terrified when she starts receiving messages from Lozada saying "I have a crush on you". The police have questioned her in her co-workers murder and seem to be looking at her as a possible suspect. She doesn't know who she can trust. Wick has his reasons for going after Lozada. He wants to protect Rennie but she wants nothing to do with him. I liked him and enjoyed the romance between him and Rennie. This book has a good balance of romance and suspense. The villain is truly creepy. I had a hard time guessing what he was going to do next. My rating: 4 Stars.

  • Mojca
    2019-06-18 11:28

    She was the forewoman of the jury who acquitted a dangerous killer due to lack of evidence, now he's returning the favor by developing a twisted crush on her...This is the first book by Ms. Brown I've read so far and I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. These "first reads" are hit and miss and this one was definitely a hit.Nicely developed plot, well-executed and well-paced, despite a few slow moments here and there. Though the "romance" between Rennie and Wick lacked a few sparks, I absolutely loved the suspense (sub)plot. Lozada was a perfectly twisted, ego-maniacal, slightly delusional stalker/killer and his reasoning seemed perfectly justified. Go figure.The biggest problem for me was Rennie's warped logic at the beginning of the book, but once we got over that little hurdle, the story flowed (almost) without a hitch.Nicely done.

  • Annie Myers
    2019-06-03 15:24

    I finished this book since writing the below... that is to say, I finished *with* this book. It is one of the rare books I really couldn't finish reading...toward the end, I realized I just really didn't care what happened so I moved on.I'm not quite finished with this book, but so far it reads like just about every cop show I've ever seen on television - only worse. I'm not feeling much sympathy for the main character, Rennie. I like the renegade ex-cop, Wick, and his former partner, Oren, and the "bad guy", Lozada, is sufficiently creepy - maybe more than sufficiently creepy - but too much of the "story" seems to hinge on the sexual attraction of Wick to Rennie, which seems superficial and without anything to give substance to their "relationship".

  • Giovanni
    2019-06-09 09:19

    Never did this. But I want to try writing a review (more like rant) bit by bit while I'm reading.(view spoiler)[ PAGE 196/480 So smarty Doctor Rennie got mad as hell and couldn't report the polices fast enough for watching over her, yet completely forgot the fact that she only knew about them from Lozada. The polices indeed went over the line, although understandable since she's a suspect. What did she expect? That the polices rang her door bell and announced, "Oh hey, we will keep an eye on you. You know, in case you as our strong suspect of a murder are indeed guilty." I'm not a police but I don't think that's how it works to catch a criminal, even more so, a killer. But hey what do I know.That woman's priority seriously would get her killed in real life. Psh. Oh, and guess what, even after she told herself that she should report Lozada forobsessing over her in a creepy and scary way , she actually let it go for days. I guess a scary stalker who actually could kill you wasn't even worth your time and energy to go out of your comfort zone and interact with other people (aka. polices)."I should report Lozada, oh wait, Lozada told me the polices were watching over me like he did, I should report the polices first!" Kay, whatever you think, girl. PAGE 240/480 Of course she had had to wait until someone almost died before finally reported the killer to the police. And at this point I'm not even sure either that Wick was a capable police. He's too impulsive, not observing much, and certainly didn't have a good instinct as a skilled police. He's like an unstable teenager who runs around with his eyes closed. Disaster. It's almost too easy to kill him, even in a public space by an amateur. Should I continue reading or not? But it's Sandra Brown! Of course I will, I'm a masochist like that. PAGE 460/480 So. I've been skipping a lot of pages to get here. And can someone roll their eyes too hard? Because I think I just did. Lots. Wick and Rennie seemed like a match made in heaven. They're both kind of...stupid and it's really disappointing. He shouldn't work in the case professionally. He shouldn't even be a police in the first place if he hated rules (oh yes he said that countless times...who's in the right mind become a police if he hates rules so much? Did he bribe someone to be one?).Oh well, this is a book. But it's still disappointing! I only have 20 pages left so let's see if the ending can make up for Wick and Rennie. I almost hope Lozada would be free, just because Wick didn't deserve to catch him. He practically didn't do anything except going crazily stupid, sleeping with a suspect (from one side of view) and, did I say stupidly crazy? I lost count on how many BIG mistakes he did.The only character I love is Grace, Oren's wife. She's such a sweet yet smart one, unlike all the other characters. Psh. And I also almost adore Lozada for his capability. He's certainly good at his job. Wick's definitely not. The only thing similar between them is they both were crazy and too obsessed with a woman. Healthy much.THE ENDOkay, Wick's clever plan to trap Lozada almost made up for his mistakes previously. Almost. Since I still think he shouldn't be a police. A cowboy would be a better job for him and I'm not even being sarcastic. There's one thing bothering me tho. The whole book's dedicated to tell us a story about how they wanted to catch Lozada according to the right rules. But at the end, they just killed Lozada happily. Just like that. Why not just kill him in the first place then? It's not like Lozada's identity or whereabouts was a mystery as we could see Wick said his greeting to Lozada here and there. It's like 480 pages going to waste.(hide spoiler)]Anyway. All in all, I only read it because it's Sandra Brown and her writing is always awesome. A pity I can't love the main characters.

  • Kavita Kumar-Karthik
    2019-06-05 16:18

    Ah well, the beginning was pretty interesting. And the rest of the plot had spikes of interesting and annoying as it progressed. I would have given it a 2 stars, but I am just feeling generous because of the final coup they staged. Dr.Rennie Newton's image was alluring with all the secrets in past. I didn't like Wick's (what a stupid name) character. He was too sleazy for a cop. I mean, I understand spying on a possible suspect, but to keep sighing and catching breaths when she is changing her clothes ?? You perv, you !!!This guy follows no rule. And if you are a cop, you need to be wired in a cop way, you know. I didn't like that Oren had to almost baby sit him. I didn't like that Lozada was right under his nose each time, and this guy had no clue. Lozada knew all about the cop hideouts, their spy houses, the undercover cops.. and these guys didn't even have his hair !!! All these cops did was infighting.. Swear words, sleazy comments about each other sex lives.. real classy !!This was not a typical criminal investigation book, it was just a plot with cops, an assassin and a lady caught in the middle of it all. I really wanted to like this one, because the synopsis seemed so powerful.. But, it was just so MEH !

  • Cheri
    2019-05-31 16:44

    Absolutely loved this book! SB never ceases to amaze me. She surprised me with all the things that were uncovered toward the end of the story. Things that made me go "O Crap", "Are you serious", and just "Wow". Very good mystery!

  • Carolyn
    2019-06-20 10:45

    Riveting for sure. Sandra Brown is such a great author and her books are always so fun to read. Great twists and turns in this one.

  • Luli
    2019-06-02 17:38

    Muy floja, inverosímil y a ratos aburrida.Esperaba más de esta historia.Me ha resultado inconsistente. Es una de esas historias en las que la autora trata de describir unos personajes que después no cumplen con esa descripción. ¿Para que perder el tiempo diciéndonos lo inteligente que es la protagonista cuando durante todo el libro no hace nada más que tonterías? Si hubiese reaccionado como una persona real, no hubiese habido historia, el malo no hubiese tenido ni una sola oportunidad, pero la autora disfraza la estupidez de valentía y así consigue más páginas.Me ha resultado inverosímil. El pasado de la protagonista no hay quien se lo crea. Ha sido como poco melodramático. Yo no he conseguido ni creérmelo ni ha despertado mi simpatía por ella… (view spoiler)[ A los 12 años descubre a su padre con su profesora de piano y desde esa edad (o al menos eso es lo que nos deja entrever la autora) y hasta los 16 se convierte en el polvo fácil del pueblo…y después no vuelve a tener relaciones hasta que se encuentra con el protagonista…ahhh!! Esperaba algo más realista y elaborado. (hide spoiler)]Y me ha resultado aburrida. Si tienes que resumir la historia apenas pasa nada…el malo campa a sus anchas, los protas lo dejan campar a sus anchas, una por hacer tonterías y los otros porque han decidido que están por encima de la ley…(view spoiler)[ me parece una tomadura de pelo que el malo acose a la protagonista y el policía decida que no tiene importancia…aunque la protagonista le dice que ha allanado su casa y que la estaba acosando no le da credibilidad, y por eso, la prota no lo denuncia ni nada…y el malo puede seguir adelante…y después de allanar su casa tres veces dos personas diferentes no se plantea ni poner un sistema de alarmas, ni cambiar de casa, ni nada de nada…eso no pasa en la vida real… (hide spoiler)]Y el romance otro caso de insta lust…Y el final es de ciencia ficción. La policía en la vida real jamás hubiese hecho eso, ni lo hubiese permitido.Una pérdida de tiempo.A loose, implausible and sometimes boring story.I expected more from this story.I have found it inconsistent. It is one of those stories in which the author comes to describe characters who then do not meet their description. Why waste time telling us that the h is intelligent when during the entire book she does nothing more than nonsense? If she had reacted like a real person, there would have been no story at all, the bad guy wouldn´t had a chance, but the author disguises the stupidity of bravery and thus get more pages.I have found it implausible. The past of Rennie is unbelievable. It has been a bit melodramatic. I have not managed neither believe it nor has aroused my sympathy for her... (view spoiler)[ When Rennie was 12 years old she see his father fucking her piano instructor and from that age (or at least that is what lets us believe the author) and up to 16 she becomes the town´s slut...her words, not mine, and then she never have sex again until she meets the protagonist, Wick... ahhh! I expected something more realistic .(hide spoiler)]And I have found it boring. If you have that summarize the story it just happens nothing... the bad guy does his thing at ease, the good guys do not a thing... (view spoiler)[ it seems to me a joke that the bad guy harass Rennie and the police decide that it doesn't matter... Although Rennie tells them that he has paved her house and that he was harassing her, the police does not believe her, and so then she decides not denounce it ... and the bad can guy can move at easy... and after break into her home three times two different people she does not think about an alarms system or leave her home temporarily or nothing at all... that does not happen in real life... (hide spoiler)]And the romance is another case of insta lust...And the end is science fiction. In the real world, the police does not do this, nor they allowed it.A waste of time.

  • Stasha
    2019-05-20 17:19

    "The Crush" was a great story. I've only read a Sandra Brown book once before and I do not recall being disappointed, and for "The Crush" I felt the same.Set in Texas, the story is about a surgeon, Dr. Rennie Newton, whom having acquitted a well-known murderer, Ricky Roy Lozada,becomes the object of his unwanted affection. As a result, two officers, Oren Wesley and Wick Threadgill, of the Fort Worh PD, are on the hunt for Lozada, who proves to be a slick and smooth criminal. He leaves no traces of his crimes and hence is hard to pin down.For Threadgill, the hunt is very personal since Lozada was responsible for his brother Joe's death.I don't want to give away the story, however I must say that I really enjoyed the story's twists and turns and climaxes. The romance and chemistry between Threadgill and Dr. Newton didn't hurt either :D Quoting Threadgill to Dr. Newton: "I'll be your best friend for the rest of your life. I'll try my damnedest to heal the parts of you that still hurts. I'll be an ardent and faithful lover. I'd father your children, gladly. And I would protect you with my life."Now, what woman in her right mind does not want to hear and experience that? That did it for me!

  • Anita
    2019-06-20 09:31

    Sandra Brown never fails to deliver an edge of the seat suspense thriller and The Crush is no exception. SB is my go to author for romantic-suspense and she rarely disappoints. Since the baddie, Lozada, is known from the beginning, the plot revolves around the cat and mouse game he is playing with heroine, Dr. Rennie Newton and the hero, on leave cop, Wick Threadgill.Lozada is a contract killer that, literally, does not leave a trace at any of his crime scenes. Rennie was on a jury and voted to acquit him due to lack of evidence. Lozada thinks she is hot for him and does her a little favor by killing a doctor who got the promotion she wanted. The cops recognize the MO and think she hired him to whack the doctor. Rennie is appalled that she is a suspect and doesn't tell the cops when Lozada contacts her.Three years ago Lozada killed Wick's brother, but no one could prove it. He has been on a leave of absence for about a year and is drawn into the case of the lady doctor and the hit man to try and bring down Lozada. Wick believes that Rennie has done nothing wrong, but the good doctor has secrets in her past and Wick has ghosts of his own.

  • Patricia
    2019-06-09 16:34

    As usual.....I give my opinion of a book. A synopsis of the story will give you a better explanation of the book.I give THE CRUSH (my book has a different cover) 4.5 stars. Great story. I like the way Sandra Brown brings you into a story. The further you read, the more you understand what's going on. I know that's how most stories are, but she reveals the characters and their story like peeling away layers of an onion....a sweet onion. I like the two main characters in this book. They are very "human" and to me, likeable. Of course, the "bad guy" is REALLY a piece of work. Boy....there are really a lot of surprises too. I think you will enjoy this book if you are into murder/mysteries.

  • Louise
    2019-06-12 16:41

    This was a phenominal read!!From back cover:"Notorious contract killer Ricky Lozada is on trial and Dr. Rennie Newton is on his jury. Bringing the same dedication she displays as a surgeon to this job, she delivers a verdict of not guilty-and discovers she has a new admirer. Days after Lozada's release, one of Rennie's professional rivals is brutally murdered. Although Lozada's dark shadow looms over the case, Rennie becomes the prime suspect...while Lozada stalks her and grows more and more obsessed with having her. She forms an uneasy alliance with Wick Threadgill, a rogue detective with his own personal vendetta against Lozada. Wick has nothing to lose by confronting a hit man, who, like the prize scorpions he treasures, strikes so quickly Rennie may never see it coming."

  • Barbara Elsborg
    2019-06-20 14:23

    A study in how quickly things can spiral out of control in a life! There were some bits that didn't ring quite right with me - eg the 20 year thing - don't want to spoil the plot, but it was a fast paced romantic suspense and I particularly liked Wick!

  • Bettina
    2019-05-20 12:16

    Sandra Brown very disappoints. And she delivers again! Good story. I enjoyed it. I recommend it!

  • Sarah Hammar
    2019-06-01 13:18

    Fantastic bookI could hardly put it down. Sandra Brown is the best writer in the mystery\thriller category. Enjoyed every book I have of hers.

  • Eman McAllister
    2019-06-04 10:20

    Picked it up at my library they were doing blind date with a book got it home and wrapped it read it and really liked it the first time I read Sandra Brown