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[Siren Classic: Erotic BDSM Romance, suspense, sex toys]At twenty-eight, Maddie James has risen through the ranks of investment bank Goldstein Rivers to achieve great success. All of that changes when she receives a demand for half a million dollars for the safe return of her sister. Torn between her allegiance to her job and the demands of the kidnappers, she secretly wir[Siren Classic: Erotic BDSM Romance, suspense, sex toys]At twenty-eight, Maddie James has risen through the ranks of investment bank Goldstein Rivers to achieve great success. All of that changes when she receives a demand for half a million dollars for the safe return of her sister. Torn between her allegiance to her job and the demands of the kidnappers, she secretly wires the money, hoping to replace it with the sale of her house.When thirty-six-year-old wealthy businessman Keaton Rivers discovers the money is missing from his company, he suspects Maddie. Will he throw her to the wolves or find another way for her to repay the debt?As a Dom, Keaton knows Maddie would make the perfect submissive. From the very first moment he laid eyes on her, he d wanted her. Only this time it will be on his terms...To save her career, will Maddie make a deal with the Dom?Note: This book contains anal sex.A Siren Erotic Romance...

Title : In Debt to the Dom
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In Debt to the Dom Reviews

  • Aimee
    2019-06-01 12:57

    I was expecting a little more from this one. It sounded good from the description, I was expecting an experienced dom. But the part that really turned me off was the when they went shooting. Keaton showed professionalism with a gun. Pointing it to the ground, never pointing it at something he 'didn't want to shoot'. Until he decided to use it as a toy. While it had a live round in it. The gun enthusiast in me had a huge problem with this. Granted the scene lasted but a few paragraphs, but it was enough.I said earlier I was expecting a more experienced Dom. Keaton has hidden from his dark desires until now. Which isn't a bad thing. But I'm uncomfortable with novels that don't include peace of mind. He didn't give Maddie a safe word and they both had hopes he would stop if things got to far. It wasn't full blown bdsm, mostly some elements of bondage and spanking, but it still left me feeling uncomfortable.I did, however, like the symbol of the key. I thought this was interesting and clever on the authors part. I liked what it represented.

  • Katrina
    2019-06-06 13:39

    Maddie James works at an investment company Goldstein Rivers she has risen through the ranks, to find herself comfortable and successfull at her job. All of this changes whens she receives a movie, and demands of half a million dollars from kidnappers for her sisters safe return. Torn between family and her ethics she has but no choice but to steal the money from the company she works for in hopes that it is not noticed. However, Keaton Rivers being the owner discoves the money missing, and in turn makes demands of Maddie in which she has no choice but to agree to.In turn, Maddie finds out her submissive side, Keaton finds someone who fulfills his sexual desires, and they both unsure as to where this business deal leads to. Keaton is determined to make Maddie pay in ways in which she never thought possible and finds herself, submitting to all her sexual desires. ....A fast paced Erotic romance filled with likeable characters, a fast flowing dialogue and plot, and smexy, hot and lusty sex scenes. Mild BDSM involved between the characters, and consensual sex and play between two adults. Storyline was present, chapters flowing smoothly. Sexy dom !! SOmething we all love in our BDSM novels, I enjoyed Maddie'c character reserved but in time let her submissive side shine. The relationship progressed throughout the read, would love to have seen more lovey dovey stuff between the characters but being only a short read, it was enjoyable and definelty gave us the goodies.. I liked how Keatons character grew, and in time helped Maddie through her predicament. The symbolism with the key being the factor to seperate their dom relationship and friendship = This I liked !! A happy ending we all love to see, and an enjoyable short erotic read filled with goodies to keep you flicking right till the end. My first read from this author and I will be reading more of her work in the future !!! 3 1/2 stars !!!

  • Noelle
    2019-05-25 18:42

    This one was ok, just not very hot and the story line had big holes in it but being an erotic book (more for the sex and less for the story) I guess you can over look them.Maddie (h) has been working for a big investment bank and was up for a promotion that she desperately needed. She recieved a dvd that shows her younger sister being held captive and they want 500,000.00 that she didn't have. Her house was up for sale but until it sold she was out of luck. The only thing she could think to do is to steal it from her company and hope that she could repay it when her house sold.Keaton (H) is the CEO of his company and had decided to take the people he was concidering for the promotion of Managing Director out to lunch. Although he knows he wont chose Maddie for the job, becuase she's too young and doesn't have enough experience, he wants to spend more time with her because she intriges him. That is until he finds out that she has stolen from him. Now all he wants is for her to pay him back and the only way she can do that is to be his, totally and completely until her house sells.This story is pretty light on both D/s and bondage, Keaton isn't interesed in a 24/7 D/s relationship he only wants that in the bedroom. The bondage only includes a blindfold and some silk scarves.

  • Sasha
    2019-05-21 20:51

    Fast-paced (not in a good way). Plot was weak. I liked how she refused to sleep her way to the top at the beginning of the book but after they became lovers and he gave her a promotion she was all like, hell yeah! No, don't worry, Maddie, you were just worried about being called a whore the whole damn book.And that ending, man. Everyone is fine and we're all going to go live in our pink, fluffy world with pink fluffy endings. Especially you, sister-whose-name-starts-with-s-but-I-don't-care-enough-to-remember. Disney ending for everyoneeeeeeeee..Guess I should have just avoided the Fifty Shades genre like I usually have the common sense to.

  • Marie Jermy
    2019-06-03 16:49

    I read this in 2 hours and all I can say is WOW.

  • poppy
    2019-06-10 15:51

    Was an okay little read and perfect for a lazy day did not much like the characters though just did not connect with at all

  • Malinda
    2019-06-08 18:07

    I really really liked this story! I wasn't too sure about the whole "You owe me money and have to sleep with me" thing but it's not as bad as it seems. Keaton and Maddie were already very attracted to each other before the kidnapping/money theft drama began. Keaton had actually asked Maddie out to dinner but unfortunately he wasn't real smooth about the way he asked her and she thinks he's asking her to sleep with him for a promotion. She refuses to sleep her way to the top and he realizes things had turned in to a mis-understanding between them and backs off.Soon after this Maddie gets a video for her sister's ransom demand and instead of telling someone she steals the money. Keaton figures out what she did pretty quickly and is pissed. He liked her and was taken aback by her actions. He couldn't understand it because he thought so highly of her. Admittedly him asking for sex until she can pay him back probably isn't the best option but he does it. What I really liked about this is that although he was mad at her he was never cruel to her. Also, he wasn't satisfied with just the knowledge that she stole the money...he had to know why she'd do something like that because it just didn't fit with what he knew about her. He didn't just take the sex until he got his money back, he made an effort to work out what happened and it made me like him a lot. Maddie was foolish in some things (she shouldn't have stolen the money or believed her sister) but she wasn't a whiner about it. She did what she had to and lived with the consequences. In the case of the deal Keaton proposes...she's not happy about it but is willing. Partially because it's her only chance to stay out of jail but partially because she's always been attracted to Keaton. She's confused at times because she feels like she should hate the position she's in with Keaton but she still enjoys her time with him. She likes him and the pleasure he brings her but doesn't feel that she should. As things progress she finds that her feelings are growing towards Keaton, making things more confusing.I really liked their BDSM relationship. They both were kind of starting out in it. Maddie knew nothing. Keaton seemed to know some but hadn't indulged in the past in being dominant even though it's what he's craved. I like BDSM but have never really liked the whole protocol thing with the no talking and such so maybe I liked their relationship because it was more on the light side of BDSM. One person mentioned that Maddie didn't have a safe word in the book....that's true, however this didn't bother me because of the way things played out in the story. They never discussed a safe word but I felt her safe word was just "No". The one time she showed any type of objection to what he was doing (she asked him to untie her in an urgent manner) he was instantly attentive and untying her to make sure she was alright and unhurt so I felt he was a good Dom and I liked their relationship.My only real issue with the book is that I wish there was more buildup of their non-sexual relationship. We get to see a bit of them together doing regular day-to-day type things but I wish it had built this up a bit more. I just loved the last part of the story. Once he figured out why she stole the money and they work together to get it back it just made the book for me. I almost gave this 5 stars (wish I could give it 4 1/2 stars) but the wish for more development of their relationship outside the bedroom was the only thing holding me back from that. Regardless of that, I did love this story. I would recommend it and will definitely be rereading it in the future. :D

  • Sassafrass
    2019-05-28 19:52

    A review for The Romance Reviews.IN DEBT TO THE DOM is a quick and sexy read, featuring a hot and loving Dominant that made me want to turn to a life of white-collar crime!Maddie James is on the fast track at the investment firm run by Keaton Rivers until she gets a ransom demand for her "nothing but trouble" sister. She embezzles money from her job to pay the ransom with the intention of paying it back as soon as she sells her house. Unfortunately, Keaton finds out first and confronts a very scared Maddie. When she admits to taking the money, he tells her that he will not have her arrested if she agrees to be with him on his terms until she's able to repay the money. In order to save her job, she agrees, but she may end up losing her heart.This erotic novella was hot. There were lots of sensual and sexy love scenes between Maddie and Keaton, but there was a romance developing between them as well. The chemistry between them was palpable, as they navigate a Dominant/submissive sexual relationship together and it seemed to click for them. I really liked the main characters. Maddie had to deal with some crappy circumstances, but she was a fighter. And Keaton...well, he was just amazingly hot and dominant, and I love that. I didn't particularly like the Maddie's sister, but I think that was the whole point. There was also this central theme in the book with a key. It was symbolic but also very erotic. I don't want to give too much away, but every time the author mentioned a key, I got all tingly. Along with establishing their relationship, the book also focused on why Maddie stole the money and what ultimately happened to Maddie's sister. That subplot was interesting and gave the story more substance than just sex. Although the story was short, it was still developed well. I felt that the pacing of the story was appropriate because although their relationship moved quickly, they were basically together all the time for a month. I think it's much easier to fall in love with someone when you've been around them like that. The plot was also resolved as well.Ultimately, this was a highly enjoyable read: it moved quickly, had great characters, steamy love scenes, a good plot, and a nicely resolved happily ever after. This is my second Jan Bowles read, and both times I've been thoroughly entertained with her strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes.

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2019-06-11 17:47

    This actually wasn't a bad read, I purchase this book a couple of hours ago and just finished it. I like that the moment I started the book it captured my interest and the rest just flowed easily throughout the pages. Maddie has a great job and loves her job, she believes her sister has been kidnpped and sets out to pay the ransom for her sister's safety by taking the money from the company (let's just say all is not what it seems regarding her sisters kidnapping). Keaton who is the CEO notices the money is missing and decides to use the opportunity to finally Have Maddie in his bed. The title seemed very interesting when I first purchase the book, but I must say for those who likes the Dom/Sub while I love this read it wasn't hard core Dom/sub it was soft core on the scale, the sex was not lacking though. I think I would look forward to reading more from this author in the future. *******************Feel free to join my book group on Facebook (Romance Novel Junkies) and fan page ( Romance Novel Junkies Book Reviews). We have over 500 members, which includes well known and indie authors and avid readers as members who are apart of this group. We would love to hear about new books and thoughts. Also check out our kindle and ebook lending library. Twitter @romanceJUNKIES.

  • LynnMarie
    2019-05-20 19:53

    Clare C’s Review The best parts were the erotic scenes where I could forget about the fact that Keaton is blackmailing Maddie into sleeping with him. I couldn’t quite get comfortable with that part. To me, D/s relationships should be based on trust and the fulfillment of mutual needs, and to base it on just blackmail seemed a lot selfish and a bit disturbing. However, Ms. Bowles’s approach to it made the issue mostly innocuous. It all turns out well, with Keaton helping Maddie address her embezzlement problems and solving her problems at work.I liked Maddie and Keaton, and I would have liked to see more development of the relationship between them, especially when he takes her to the privacy of his house in Tennessee and it’s just the two of them. In Debt to the Dom is a fun read that kept my interest. Jan Bowles’s friendly writing style and fast-paced plotting moves the reader smoothly through the story. Bowles and fans of light BDSM won’t be disappointed by this snack.3 ½ Tea Cups!

  • KatSnark
    2019-05-20 13:51

    ***Note: This isn't going to be a real, honest to goodness review.the Plot: I was continually frustrated with the female protag, but the plot was a good idea. the sex aspect: This was the only reason I read it. It was fun. Had me squirming, but wasn't great. As a conclusion: The plot was good, I enjoyed it, but it could have been executed a lot better. This book had the feel of a Harlequin book....with sex. For a non-Harlequin book? Bad. ***Note: This is pretty much the same review for the rest of the books (below). Tamed by the DomClaimed for the Master's PleasureIf you read it, read it for the sex. Seriously.

  • Dark Divas
    2019-05-26 20:39

    Jae’s Review:In Debt to the Dom by Jan Bowles tells the story of Maddie James and her growth to a strong and more empowered woman. She’s certainly used and abused by her family, and Keaton isn’t much better to be honest. The way in which the author redeems this character is very good, so that while he may not start out as a dream hero, he sure ends up that way. I rather enjoyed the character development in this story. You really did get lost in the pages as the story unfolded for these characters.I was very glad to see that this is the start of a series, because I can’t wait for the next installment. This is my first Jan Bowles book, but it certainly won’t be my last. She has made quite an impression with her characterizations, plot lines, dialogue that compels you to read more and overall tone of the story.Rated 4 ½ Delightful Divas by Jae!

  • Sheila
    2019-06-01 18:43

    Maddie has stolen money from her employer to help her sister. Keaton Rivers has discovered it. To keep from going to jail she tells him she will do anything he wants her to do. To get her out of his system he decides that she will become his submissive. I liked this. I liked the intense sex scenes. Very hot! Keaton and Maddie make a good couple. Maddie is discovering her kinks. Keaton realizes this and, while angry with her, he does care for her and falls in love with her.

  • Coldcase hertz
    2019-05-20 15:00

    loved it to the max for a book 1 it has me wanting to read the rest of the series. Now onto the meat of the matter ... that BITCH SIMONE serious can one be soooooo freaking ruthless, selfish towards their own sister wow. i love how Keaton acted after he was told the truth n the marrige proposal was sweet.

  • Emily
    2019-05-28 17:58

    When CEO Keaton Rivers asks employee Maddie James out on a date, she thinks he is wanting her to sleep her way to the top and refuses. Maddies refusal spurns something in Keaton, and when he finds she has stolen half a million he offers her a way out, succumb to his every desire until she can pay off the debt she owes him.Full review on Sensual Reads

  • Marion
    2019-05-25 18:06

    Wannabe Dom who gets the girl only through blackmail. He comes across as spoiled and self centered. I found it amusing that he insisted on her trust. The way this " relationship" started really warranted it.As far as I am concerned he should have been horsewhipped for his action on the shooting range.

  • Margaret
    2019-06-15 12:48

    I wasn't all sure about this book at first. The story was great, but the premise of it was a bit forced. I loved the way it came together in the end, though and overall, I enjoyed the book. I hope more of the series is better.

  • Judith
    2019-05-17 15:01

    She has a sister who is kidnapped, or at least that is what she believes, and in order to pay the ransom, she steals half a million dollars from her investment bank where she is a middle executive. Her boss takes the money "out of her hide" quite literally by making her a servant in his home.

  • Emily Steinmetz
    2019-05-23 15:46

    This book was awful, awful, awful! Just, no! I'm not sure why I thought I'd like it, maybe because it seemed like there would be some suspense and some story line, but I was wrong. Don't bother with this one!

  • Nar -
    2019-05-18 12:53

    Rating 3 ★

  • Fiendishly Bookish
    2019-05-24 13:58

    3.5 Stars. I really liked the story, an enjoyable read....but was expecting the dom to be a bit more...well dominant (like Cooper McKenzie's). All in all, worth the read. I enjoyed it.

  • Linda
    2019-05-21 15:49

    Bit of fairy tale ending and a simple read but I actually really enjoyed it. Wasn't as trashy as some of these type of books can be. Typical handsome prince and gorgeous damsel in distress but ...

  • Terri Barnett
    2019-06-12 20:02

    I liked this book. I read it a couple of years ago the author wash first taste of erotic romance. I thought she did an amazing job writing it.

  • Nina
    2019-06-01 19:43

    *3.5 Stars*

  • Wanda Kitchen
    2019-05-22 17:49

    clearly this was an amazing read! I absolutely could not put the book down! I can see why some may have negative feedback but i loved it!

  • Bekah
    2019-06-05 19:42

    this was ok...the dialogue was corny at times and could have been better but it was nice and steamy.

  • Tana
    2019-06-02 14:44

    it was a pretty good book. not sure it was worth the money for only a rather short story.

  • Theresa
    2019-06-02 12:49

    Not very steamy. Bad BDSM. Stilted writing. DNF.

  • MsRomanticReads
    2019-06-15 18:53

    2.5 StarsReview to follow.