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The True Face of Love Ruth's grandmother lives in the forest, banished there for the "evil" that the townsfolk believed she practiced. But if studying the stars, learning about nature, and dreaming of flying is evil, then Ruth is guilty of it too. Whenever Ruth took food and supplies to her grandmother, she would sit with the old woman for hours, listening and learning.WhThe True Face of LoveRuth's grandmother lives in the forest, banished there for the "evil" that the townsfolk believed she practiced. But if studying the stars, learning about nature, and dreaming of flying is evil, then Ruth is guilty of it too. Whenever Ruth took food and supplies to her grandmother, she would sit with the old woman for hours, listening and learning.When she wasn't in the woods, Ruth was learning the trade of her father, a blacksmith, now that her brother would never return from the Crusades.Amidst those dark days, a new man enters Ruth's life. William is a noble with a hot temper and a bad name, and he makes her shiver. But the young man is prey to his heritage, a curse placed on his family ages ago, and each male of the family has strange blood running in his veins. Now Ruth must come face-to-face with his destiny at Grandma's house...

Title : Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood
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Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Reviews

  • Elevetha
    2019-03-12 13:57

    1.5 stars. I liked Stephan!! I wanted a awesome brother\sister relationship where Stephan helps her figure out what to do about William and is there for her and protective and awesome.....But no. Just kill off the brother and all the potential for greatness. Thanks a lot.So I like the idea of the wolf being a were wolf, or something really similar, but I wish that it would have been more of a mystery to figure out. As it is, you can tell by reading the back cover and by page 3. Real subtle. I wanted to like Ruth and William as a couple but a few things were against them.A. "What if I devour you?" he asked at last. She pulled back slightly and touched one of his eyeteeth with her fingertip. "I hope that you do," she breathed.What? No. I can assure you, Ruth, that that would not be good.That sounds like a super great start to a healthy life long relationship. (Also, "Touched one of his eyeteeth"? Who does that?)B. Ruth is afraid of William....and is still considering marrying him without actually knowing him? Sure, she knows that he's cursed and he seems nice....right? But since he met her, he can't control his wolfy actions. He blacks out after being a wolf. He thinks that having Ruth would be worth the death of a hundred people, but he's not sure he can make that decision, condemning a hundred (or more) people to death all so that he can be loved and love in return. I'm all for helping the poor guy but he's got issues. A lot of them. And until he resolves them, don't get too close. C. He practically killed you as a kid. That's gotta be off putting.D.She glared at him as he stepped closer. "We should never see each other again," he said."That is fine with me," she said, stepping back again until her back hit the wall. She stared deep into his eyes, and suddenly she saw something, a change in them. His voice was little more than a growl. "Unfortunately that doesn't work for me."Than his hands were on her waist and his lips were on hers. She moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave in to his embrace. She was pinned between him and the wall with nowhere to go even if she had wanted to. But I don't want to go anywhere. I want to stay here with him, be a part of him. He gently bit her lip, tugging on it slightly with his teeth, and she closed her eyes. "It's no use," he said, pulling away ever so slightly. "I tried to forget you, but I can't, not now, not ever. I need you, I don't care what the consequences. Just knowing you, loving you, makes me crazy. If that is my fate, I'd rather go mad with you by my side." He kissed her cheek and then trailed kisses down her throat."We are only going to destroy each other," she whispered. "I should leave now and never return.""It's too late for that," he said, gazing at her fiercely."Why?""You love me, don't you?""Yes," she whispered. "God forgive me, I do.""Then I shall never let you go, for I love you.""I could run.""I would catch you," he growled against her lips."I could kill you.""Only your absence could do that.""You can't make me stay with you.""I will marry you and then you will have to," he said."What if I don't agree to that? something inside her forced her to ask. He pulled away from her, and his green eyes bored into hers with an intensity that made her quake. "Then I'll make sure your father forces you to marry me." "And how will you do that?""I don't know. I will not lose you, though." She felt white-hot flame explode throughout her being. "I have no choice but to marry you?""None." She smiled slowly. "Then kiss me again."Pages 121 and 122 in the mass market paperback by "Simon Pulse."At this point in the story, I no longer cared about them as a couple. I didn't like nor did I respect William. He doesn't love Ruth. If he loved her, regardless of personal pain, misery, or effort, he would want her to be happy and safe. And if that meant losing her in his life, he would have done it; had he loved her. As for what these two have.... Attraction? Infatuation?Ruth is just silly. This, in a real life situation where all is not fairytales and gumdrops, is not a safe relationship. Get the heck of out his life. He needs help. He is controlling, possessive, and dangerous. He wouldforce you to marry him! What part of that is in any way good? This should have been her reaction to all that:and then ran like hell.Also, ending a sentence in a preposition: She was pinned between him and the wall with nowhere to go even if she had wanted to. is grammatically incorrect. And then there was Peter. Heard that coming from a mile away. It was blowing a horn and wearing tap shoes.And then there was the anti-freaking-climatic ending. Ruth: "Oh, yeah, we still need to break the curse else William nom me to death one night he gets a little too excited but there is only two pages left. What to do?"William: *nomming on Ruth's neck*Grandmother: "Idiots. You're cured now, William. Happy wedding present, you two. I never want to see you again. It was Magic."The End.Not recommended. The very few things that made this interesting and different were sunk like the Titanic by the truly horrendous romance and characters.

  • Ann
    2019-03-05 13:57

    I generally enjoy re-tellings of fairy tales, so was excited to hear about this young adult version of the Red Riding Hood story. I regreat to say, I was wrong. This is your basic Harlequin romance with a werewolf in it. Poor, but feisty young woman meets rich, handsome man and they fall instantly in lust. But wait... he has a terrible, deep, dark secret - once a month, he turns into a wolf and rips people's throats out - gasp! But he's so handsome and charming and he bites her lips when he kisses her and growls in her ear that she has no choice but to marry him, so what can she do? Oh dear, I hope it all works out in the end and they live happily ever after! Maybe Grandma, who has been banished by the townsfolk to live alone in the woods because they *think* she's a witch, will save the day. Ya think??? I wish Grandma could give me back the time (short tho it was) that I spent reading this.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-17 16:56

    I loved other books in the Once upon a time series, but this one.. No just no. Red riding hood is my favorite fairytale, but it is my least favorite fairy tales to read retellings of, Why? Because everyone thinks it is a bright idea to make the wolf love interest!!! ( Author, "Hmm, I am writing a books based on Red Riding Hood, and I need a love interest for Red. Hmmm let me see, There was this woodsman guy, who came in and saved Red and her Grandmother and left without a reward, he just wanted to do the right thing. There is also this creepy wolf that tricks a little girl into leading him to her grandmother,s house and eats said little girl and her grandmother. Hmmm ooh I know I'll make this wolf guy like a werwolf, that is a danger to every one. It will be really romantic!") Every single Red Riding Hood retelling I see does this, and this book is no different. I mean Ruth, girl grow a brain already, William almost killed you TWICE! If he really loved he would run off so he couldn't hurt you. I do not recommend. And a note to authors, STOP MAKING THE WOLF LOVE INTREST ALREADY!!

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-17 15:41

    2-6-08Debbie Viguie is an established author with several books under her belt and she is the co-author of a successful book series called Wicked. She has her bachelor of arts degree in creative writing, and she says she has been writing most of her life. Most of her books fall into the fiction/fantasy genre and that is precisely where her book Scarlet Moon can be found. Scarlet Moon, along with her book Midnight Pearls, is part of the 'Once Upon a Time Series' published by Simon Pulse. This is a series of classic fairy tales that have had a new twist and a deeper story line put into them.Scarlet Moon is a modern retelling of Little Red Ridding Hood that you would necessarily want to tell your little girl. The book starts out with a young Ruth, the main character of the book, walking through the woods with her brother on the way home from their grandmother’s house. Disaster hits when the two young children are suddenly come upon by a mysterious black wolf with piercing green eyes. Ruth’s leg is mangled by the savage wolf and her brother luckily saves them both, but even though Ruth is in extreme pain she can’t get the image of those green eyes out of her mind, in fact, she didn’t even know that wolves had green eyes. The book soon progresses into chapter two and it is now nine years in the future making Ruth around eighteen years old. She works in her father’s blacksmith shop, which is frowned upon in this time of the Crusades. Soon a strange man enters the shop and helps Ruth deal with a troublesome customer. This man happens to be William, the Earl of Lauton. William is know to have a bad and dangerous reputation but Ruth doesn’t think to much about it. However, she does notice his strange strikingly familiar green eyes… The story line of this book takes off on the first page of the book so it doesn’t give you any time to get bored in the sometimes dull background overview of other books. The story not only hooks you with the action and mystery from the first page but I also think the it progresses nice. It doesn’t move so fast that you don’t have time to get involved or connected to the story; it also doesn’t move so slow and get into so much detail you feel like putting it down and never picking it up again. Scarlet Moon is definitely a book for fantasy lovers especially if you like books that involve spells, curses, and mystery. If you are a fast or avid reader this book won’t take you long to finish. Its fairly short, so if you are looking for something to keep you occupied for a while it probably shouldn‘t be your first choice, but if you’re looking for a quick read you might pick it up. I would also say that this book is more geared toward teen readers so if it’s an in depth story line your looking for its probably not for you either. Over all I think Scarlet Moon is a good read with a captivating story line that keeps you turning the pages and keeps you entertained down to the last page. Scarlet Moon, which was written by Debbie Viguie, is a mystical, romantic, and thrilling retelling of the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Ruth, who is portrayed as the Liggle Red Riding Hood characted in the book, is living her life without fear even thought she was attacked and her leg was mangled by a wolf when she was a child. This story takes place in a small villiage in the times of the Crusades which her brother and cousin left to fight in leaving her to help her father in his blacksmith shop. I love the mystry and courage in thes book and the story always has you guessing what is going to happen next. Scarlet Moon is a must read for any fairy tale lover especially if you like the movie The Brothers Grim.

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    2019-02-24 17:36

    This is a retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood, a story that I have never really been that found of. However, I actually loved this book! It really brought the whole fairy tale to life, and gave the characters so much more depth. Ruth isn’t your typical girl. She is very pretty, but knows how to fight. She has a love of learning and nature, but works as a blacksmith. William is a great character and you really feel for him and the trails he has to live through. They have great chemistry together. You fall in love with Grandma, and I couldn’t help picturing walking through the beautiful woods to go for a visit at Grandma’s house. The story was full of love, passion, adventure and mystery. There are some parts which are a bit violent, so I wouldn’t recommend it to a young audience. My only complaint is that the book was too short; I would have loved it if it had been a full length novel and really delved into the characters and the story. Since the author was limit to page count, some parts did feel a little rushed, or tied up too quickly. Those were all easy to overlook though, the story as a whole was just fantastic.Of all the Once Upon a Time books this is by far my favorite. Some of the others seemed to be out there, but this one was more along the lines of a traditional fairy tale and yet was still unique

  • Kelsy
    2019-02-27 19:01

    Hahahaha!!I'm sorry, but this is the second "Little Red Riding Hood" retelling I've read whose synopsis ends with "facing their destiny at Grandmother's house" and I think it is the most hilarious thing ever. When I think of my grandmother's house, I do not envision any "showdowns" happening. Funny stuff. Anyway... Scarlet Moon is a really neat retelling of a fairy tale that you don't know much about. Besides the obvious "don't talk to strangers" lesson in "Little Red", we don't know much about the characters and their lives. I especially enjoy retellings of "Little Red Riding Hood" for this reason; there is so much you can do with them and so many different interpretations. It is interesting to see how different authors interpret this fairy tale. Ruth is a very endearing protagonist. She is strong, smart, and forward thinking. And William... well, he is about as dreamy as one might expect a charming, young nobleman with a dark past to be. (The answer is too dreamy.) My issue with this retelling, and most of the other retellings in Once Upon a Time, is that it spends a ton of time on exposition and the result is that the rest of the book feels rushed. At less than two hundred pages, Scarlet Moon does a good job of fitting everything into a very small page number, but it suffers from this problem more than the rest of books in the Once Upon a Time series.

  • Mel
    2019-03-13 16:41

    Once Upon a Time SeriesOkay I'm all for retelling classics but the story and ending seemed soooooo stretched to me! Duke William's family has been werewolves for generations and the secret has been closely guarded. But William meets Ruth (a female blacksmith during the Crusades) and the next day he spills the beans! I would like to think that a dark secret that big would take longer than a couple glances and witty exchanges to come to light, but maybe that's just me. Here's my other pet peeve and this is a spoiler. William's family has had this curse for generations and generations and generations and generations - you get my point. No one has been able to figure out how to break the curse. Oh but of course they didn't ask Granny because she would tell you all you have to do is burn the original cursed Duke's portrait and all would be well! Really. Come on. Really? So overall this reads like an old gothic romance novel which is different but with all the story flaws, it wasn't for me.

  • Kathryn Cooper
    2019-03-19 19:45

    Reviewed onKathryn Cooper Writes I love the Once Upon a Time Fairytales! They are so much fun to read. Some I give 4 stars, and some I give 5. This one was a 5 star book! It was such a fun read.Ruth was so entertaining to read about. She had learned so much in her life. William was so cute. Their relationship was the best. The romance was amazing and took my breath away. There were a few cheesy romance lines, but I loved them.Scarlet Moon was a book I loved! I wished it wasn’t such a short read though. It could have carried on much longer for me.Content Ratings: (content details found at mild Language: noneViolence: mild/moderate

  • Sophie
    2019-03-11 12:38

    I felt like I was reading someone's fanfiction. Throw together some moderately gory murders, a prince who spends half the novel unclothed running through the forest, a lunatic grandmother, a confusing heroine and several repetitive descriptions and what do you get? Why, Scarlet Moon, of course! The author attempted to set the "horror novel mood" by giving many descriptions of bloody deaths and dark forests, but failed. It was comical. My sisters and I refer to this novel as "The Bloody Moon". If you enjoyed it, then great. Just know that I did not. Oh, and just a side note: "face-to-face with destiny at grandma's house"? I literally laughed out loud when I saw that...

  • Ren Dexter
    2019-03-14 14:57

    The story is set during the crusades and centers around Ruth. Ruth's brother and cousin leave to fight shortly after she has been attacked by a wolf with unusual eyes. Without the boys to help RUth's father, the blacksmith, is short handed. Ruth works as his apprentice. Years pass and only her cousin returns from the war, but it has changed him for the worse. Ruth meets the nearby Lord and they fall in love. They have to overcome many challenges to be together, namely the fact that William is the wolf that attacked her as a child.I enjoyed this book. As well as others by this author and in the series itself. SOme of the twists on the classic tales are intriguing and unexpected.

  • Clare Holman-Hobbs
    2019-02-22 12:44

    Okay, so I read more of this than I did Beauty Sleep (part of the Once Upon a Time series), but although it was worthy of 2 stars rather than 1, I still had some serious issues with the development of the story. I loved that Ruth was a blacksmith and her badass Grandmother Giselle, but that was sort of it. When the Wolf was revealed to be [SPOILER] William, to us the reader, it was then revealed to Ruth a few pages afterwards and it felt just like a rehashing of the information we'd just been given. Then, after the whole Wolf thing was revealed, they have this weird insta-love, after only having met 2/3 times previously. No. Nope.

  • Chelsea
    2019-03-20 11:45

    This is a wonderfully written Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood filled with love and Romance as well as a touch of mystery and some unexpected twists and surprises that will keep you entertained and interested throughout the story. All the characters are very well written as well as all the different relationships that are present throughout the story. I particularly enjoyed reading about the relationship between Ruth and William and seeing how it developed.

  • Melanie
    2019-03-20 18:01

    3.5 starsA very intriguing book! From the beginning crazy scene where Ruth got attacked (and nearly killer) by a wolf, to the final scenes were all was revealed about what had caused the murders in the forest, this book held my attention.The one thing that I didn't care all that much for was the romance -- it just seemed to happen a little too quickly. Still, I enjoyed Scarlet Moon and, if you enjoy Fairytale Retellings, I think you might too.

  • Tammie
    2019-03-22 18:33

    I really liked this retelling of Red Riding Hood. There were no big surprises in it, but I loved the story anyway. There was plenty of romance and passion but it was still a clean love story which was nice. Some of the dialog between the two main characters got a bit cheesy during the romance scenes, but I was able to ignore it. Overall I thought it was a fun, quick read.

  • Marcia Lynn McClure
    2019-03-23 13:34

    Scarlet Moon is probably one of my top three favorites in the "Once Upon a Time Series" of retellings! I love this unique, fresh twist on "Little Red Riding Hood." Don't let the Little Red Riding Hood thing scare you...this one is VERY romantic!

  • Jamie Kimmel
    2019-03-05 19:52

    This book was...OK. Short and quick read but felt kinda...meh? I didn't have it in me to write a summary because I didn't know what to leave out without making the story sound uneventful. I noticed this is from a series called Once Upon a Time and the tone reminds me very much of the TV series of the same name. Very similar elements. Wolf is a werewolf, Granny knows what's up, and they snuck Peter and the Wolf in this story, like the TV show did.The answers to the stories questions didn't seem complex enough and of course some questions were just never answered. James & Mary could have been left out and not changed the story at all. Peter behaving like an animal could have been elaborated upon WAY more and replaced all the time Ruth is in the shop and having conflicts about marrying William. If books are like movies, this story felt like a preview. Buildup, buildup, buildup-BOOM Drama Bomb! End scene. I guess a lot of character motives weren't exposed enough for me to be emotionally curious to where I would care why they were doing what they did. Seemed a bit choppy. Peter, James and Mary were too much on the fringes to adhere smoothly and make this more well-rounded story.Well, I'm still gonna read the other 20 books in the series 'cause I'm not a quitter!

  • Melody
    2019-03-06 14:37

    I was going to give it 3 stars because it wasn't really very good. But the end was so ridiculous it dropped to 2 stars. It was really violent and didn't make much sense.It was like the book was accidentally published before all the details which would tie it together and let is make sense could be added. Also the people were complete idiots. *Spoiler Alert* No one, not even the one who could turn into a wolf, recognized that the toothmarks on the victims were made by human teeth and not an animal. Also the wolf prints were apparently made by a one legged wolf since they were all from the same paw.

  • Rachael Marsceau
    2019-02-23 14:38

    The writing was poor, the romance unbelievable, and frankly, it was just too gory for me. "She tasted so sweet." Really? Just yuck. I think after having my mind blown in the first season of the Once Upon a Time TV show (where Red is ALSO THE WOLF !!!!!!!!) I keep hoping for some originality with this fairytale, but it isn't to be here. The wolf is the love interest and, as others before me have said, it just isn't cool. Most of the books in this series I just love, but this goes in the pile of nopes.

  • LeonaCarstairs
    2019-03-05 13:45

    This was the trashiest and stupidest Red Riding Hood retelling I have ever read. If you want quality fairy tale retellings, I recommend The Lunar Chronicles.

  • Allison
    2019-03-01 18:54

    A little gory for me, but a quick read. Not as "fun" as some of the others in the series.

  • Bloomie
    2019-03-13 16:48

    This was by far my favorite telling of Red Riding Hood (of the 3 I have read). Here is why:- I think the wolf being the romantic interest of Red Riding Hood makes the most sense for the story. I can't really get on board with it being any other way.- I loved the spookiness the woods had to them, like the trees were alive and could speak to Ruth. Thumbs up.- This is a given, but the time period, of course, how it was in its own time and the world the author built for this story was perfection.- The steamy, dark, sensual, twisted, deadly, and seductive relationship between Ruth and the wolf. Though their relationship moved WAY too fast for my taste (and probably most other people's taste) the element of darkness was absolutely perfect for a tale like Red Riding Hood. It is so close to what I imagined I almost no longer even want to write my version. Take, for instance, this quote."The wise path would move me away from her, away from she who holds sway over my heart and slays my logic with a single glance, reduces me to the level of the beasts with a single kiss."This quote combines lust with being a beast and becoming an animal in moments of passion. I really wish this book had been longer because I would have loved for their relationship to have been elaborated and more in depth. The relationship was built up too quickly and we didn't get to see enough of the passion; I would have loved a tug of war and Ruth playing a bit more hard to get before they ended up together. The passion that was present, however, was extremely well done. That being said...WHAT WAS RUTH THINKING?? She lives her entire life in fear (well, 9 years) of the wolf that attacked her as a child, and then the second she finds out William (who she has been warned is dangerous) is the wolf, SHE FALLS MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM?? I can't have been the only person who wanted to scream at her to stop at that part. This would have been slightly more acceptable IF:- The book had not ended all teehee, happily ever after, and Ruth had had her heart completely trampled by William (ie, a tragedy) given how dangerous he was, or something else terrible had happened, like the death of her grandmother by the hand of the wolf- The tension had been built even a teeny bit and he had had to fight more for her affections. Give us something to root for!I did not care for the ending when Peter (Ruth's cousin) turns out to be the "wolf" who is poisoning the grandmother (instead of her getting viciously attacked by the real wolf). It was an unexpected twist and I liked Peter. I hated to see him that way, though I did enjoy the sneaky foreshadowing she used to build up to it. I also could not take it seriously when Ruth's grandmother miraculously frees William and his family from the curse. It was not believable whatsoever. After denying she has magic the entire book, she suddenly admits to it in the very last sentence? It would have been a cute ending if it hadn't been so ?!?!Overall, I think this book had great potential. I rated it 3 stars because of the aforementioned flaws, but in terms of how well it spoke to my soul, it gets 5 stars. I only took the time to detail the things above because I WAS invested in this story. I will mention that the writing was improved from Midnight Pearls as well, though not significantly. "He moved toward" and then two seconds later "toward" is used again and "she felt herself do this and that" and "she heard" were all still present. It would be much more effective to describe the noise that is being heard or the feeling that is being felt rather than telling us they are hearing/feeling it. Show not tell!!! There are better ways to describe the scene, but no writer is perfect. I still love this author's imagination and the worlds she takes me to in her books.This book reads like a romance novel (and not in a good way). So if you like those, you'll like this, but if you can't stand the tacky nature of romance, stay far, far away.

  • Brittany
    2019-03-15 17:01

    Total let down. Ruth starts as a super strong character but turns into a total froofroo with William. Really disappointed that her character ends up being so one dimensional. Also the ending was totally forced, like oh yeah I don't want him to be a wolf anymore and so I'm going to make up some bullshit ending with no real basis for why what I'm going to do is going to work but TA DA happy ending, even though it was already happy.

  • Stacie (MagicOfBooks)
    2019-02-26 13:47

    "Scarlet Moon" is a retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood." In terms of historical context, it takes place during one of the crusades (I'm guessing during King Richard the Lionheart's reign, though it's never mentioned). It's about Ruth who is a female blacksmith after her brother has to go to war. When she was a child, she was attacked by a wolf. Years later, she is attacked once again by the same wolf. In the meantime, she falls madly in love with a wealthy man, William, who eventually reveals to her that his family has been cursed since the time of the first crusade to change into wolves on the 3 nights of the full moon. And it turns out he was the wolf who attacked her both times! But William thinks Ruth can somehow tame the beast within.This retelling gets rather angst ridden at times, especially once William and Ruth reveal their feelings for each other and it all comes out he is the wolf who nearly killed her. Some of the dialogue is incredibly corny. Here's a bit of it: "I need you," he whispered against her lips. "You are the light to my shadow, the sun to my moon, the innocence to my guilt. Without you I am lost. If you will not stay with me, then use that knife, because I am dead already." [Ruth responds]"I have died a little every day since we met, but now we shall both live and learn what it is to love," she answered.Seriously, it keeps going after that for another page.'s semi-romantic, but I couldn't help thinking about some of the eye-rolling "romantic" parts of something like "Twilight." I admit, I loved the build up to their relationship, but once they finally revealed themselves to each other, I think I much preferred their prior sexual tension.Corny lovey-dovey dialogue aside, this retelling of the classic fairytale is still pretty good in places. Great historical premise. Great imagery of the forest. Interesting inner character struggles.A few more complaints though: Peter (Ruth's "cousin") and Giselle (Ruth's grandmother) could have had the potential to be a really interesting characters. (view spoiler)[I thought for sure that Peter was actually going to be the wolf that was attacking everyone, and that William had all along not really been killing anyone. Peter just having a mental breakdown was a tad bit disappointing. I thought he was going to Giselle to get a "cure" to stop turning into a wolf. As for Giselle, she was locked away as a suspected witch, so I really thought she was going to be descended down from the witch who cursed William's family. She does remove the curse at the end, but I still didn't quite get if my suspicions were correct or not. She felt heavily underused within the story. (hide spoiler)]The ending was so rushed! There was so much great buildup, so I was disappointed as well with how quickly everything was resolved.I know I did a lot of complaining here, but it was still a nice little, quick read. And if you love everything about "Little Red Riding Hood," you should probably place this on your shelf. Has just enough little twists to keep you interested.

  • Mel (Daily Prophecy)
    2019-03-21 18:39

    The ending is so lame. And the story is actually building towards.. nothing. We already know the identity of the wolf in the beginning of the book and I actually don't see the point of this story.. Such a shame, because Red Riding Hood is a great story.also on man, this was disappointing. Red Riding Hood is a great concept, but Viguié didn’t do this tale any justice. The story has no real point; it seemed so useless. We know the identity of the wolf from the beginning (it’s already told in the blurb) and the ending is so lame!Ruth is bitten by a wolf when she was little. She is now scared all the time, but she is still going IN THE DARK to her grandmother, who was living deep in the forest. When you are so afraid of the big bad wolf, why the hell do you go to your grandmother in the middle of the night? Ruth works together with her father as blacksmith after her brother left for the Holy War in Jerusalem. I can see that her life is pretty busy, but I think her father would give her some free time to visit Granny. In an attempt to make the story a little bit interesting – a failed attempt, mind you – William enters the story. He has a bad name and he is plagued by a curse. Yep. Mystery solved. He is immediately crazy about Ruth and he can’t stop thinking about her. When the two of them spent SOME time together, he proposes to her and of course, she says yes! After this there is some “I’m too dangerous for you”, “please stay with me” “no, you should go!” drama. In the end she gets her father approval – huh, what? He doesn’t even know him, only his bad reputation. I also need to point out that the ‘love’ is creepy.1. He attacked Ruth when she was little. Not very attractive to me.2. He knows that he is dangerous for Ruth, but he can’t live without her. That is no love, that is being selfish and egoistic.3. He watches her when she sleeps before they really know each other. HA, kidding, but it wouldn’t surprised me if he did.Ruth’s cousin Peter returned from the war and he has some serious issues. I was hoping to get something exciting out of this, but he constantly says “that he doesn’t want to talk about it” So, what is the use of being mysterious when you don’t want to reveal it in the end of the story? It felt like a poor excuse for his attack on Ruth’s grandmother. He is forcing the old woman to teach him her magic, but she denies it. This makes the ending even more lame. The curse is cured with the blink of an eye and I just had to roll my eyes. It was a very pathetic attempt of a happily-ever-after.The only reason this book got 1.5 flowers instead of 1; Ruth is a blacksmith despite everyone's disapproval. She stands up for herself and she even starts a fight with a man because he insults her - and she was winning. But the disconnection from all the characters, the fact that the story builds towards nothing and the horrible ending make me recommend to you: please, don’t read this book.

  • Nessa
    2019-03-18 13:51

    Some of these comments are just downright ferocious. I had no problem putting this book down or growing weary with the characters. On the contrary, I enjoyed every second of it! Yes, it was predictable but also unpredictable; it's not so much the destination but more the journey that matters when it comes to books.The story is about Ruth, a young woman living with painful reminders of her past. When she was younger, a wolf attacked her, scarring her legs for life. The memory stayed with her for the rest of her life. Ruth currently works as a blacksmith with her father, Jacob. Her older brother, Stephen, and cousin, Peter, have left for the crusades nine years earlier, and only one of them returned home. Meanwhile, a nobleman named William lives with a deep, dark secret that's haunted him and his family for seven generations: a powerful curse, one that can never be broken by true love or the most powerful of magic...I really enjoy these new takes on the classic fairy tales we grew up with. Since I'm going to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year, I though it'd be appropriate to look at the Once Upon A Time book series and get some inspiration for how to interpret the classic character. I didn't regret it for one bit. Ruth is a strong, compassionate, and wise woman beyond her years who's faced with a traumatic experience as a little girl. However, she doesn't let it stop her from being proud of who she, and by the book's end, she discovers her courage from the most frightening of places: the woods. I really enjoyed William's character as well. He was tortured with this curse, and longs to be rid of it. To be free. And when he finds Ruth, he finds that there may be hope from the darkness.To all of the readers who were expecting something deeper and more developed characters, what did you expect? These are fairy tales and they don't always have to be fleshed out for your enjoyment. This book is fine just the way it is. Ms. Viguie did a great job with this adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood as well as her other book for the series, Violet Eyes, an adaptation of The Princess and the Pea. I highly recommend this story for a light read or for some inspiration for your next Halloween costume!

  • Vicky
    2019-03-16 18:58

    This was my second read in the Once Upon a Time series, my first being The Diamond Secret: A Retelling of "Anastasia", and I wasn't particularly impressed by this one.Scarlet Moon's premise was promising - a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with werewolves, a bit of magic and a heroine that grows up as a female blacksmith against the grain (set during the Crusades, blacksmithing isn't a woman's job).Unfortunately, it failed for me in execution. I predicted most of the major plot surprises, and I didn't feel overly connected to the characters.But, the love story was what really disappointed me. Fairy tales are about that sweep you off your feet type of romance, and it was lacking in Scarlet Moon. I get that it's a retelling and there's a certain amount of creative freedom to be given to the author, but the love story read more like the foreplay of a romance novel than a fairy tale. It went something like this:(view spoiler)[William: It was love at first sight. But I have to tell you my family secret. I'm a werewolf.Ruth: OMG you have green eyes, you're the wolf that almost killed me 9 years ago!William: Yes, I am. But I'm sorry and I love you and I need you.Ruth: I love you and I need you too, even though you tried to kill me.William: You're going to marry me.Ruth: What if I don't want to?William: I'll make you.Ruth: I want to anyway.William: I'm dangerous, we shouldn't be together but I need you.(William pushes her up against the wall kissing all over the place at this point)Ruth: I need you too, but I have to go.William: Yes we must marry first. (hide spoiler)]I wasn't particular drawn to William as the Prince Charming of the book, I suspect it was intentional due to the werewolf thing, but c'mon... even The Beast becomes cuddly & lovable!

  • Rachel
    2019-02-26 19:52

    Ruth is Little Red Riding Hood. But she's not little. She's been working in her father's blacksmith shop since her brother and cousin left for the Crusades 9 years ago, and she's pretty tough. But because of a wolf bite in the woods 9 years ago, she's always afraid of entering the woods - which she must do to visit Grandmother. Grandmother lives in the forest ever since the local villagers started to think she was a witch because of her interest in herbs and nature.Then she meets Lord William, the local Earl's son. He's handsome, charming, intense, and insistent that she not stand on formality with him. Their attraction is instantaneous and mutual. Oh - and because of the actions of his great-grandfather during the first crusades, he's also the wolf who bit her on the leg 9 years ago.But let's not let that get in the way of true love, shall we?Their insistence on proceeding with their courtship, despite the fact that his passion with her is causing him to lose the little control over his "condition" that he has been able to obtain, is too reminiscent of the idiocy I observed in Twilight for me to feel favorably towards this book. The fact that they are both cut with a knife held between them while they are kissing passionately kind of says how stupid and hormonal they both are.Dad warns Ruth to stay away from Lord William because he's dangerous, but when that same Lord William comes to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage, there is absolutely no hesitation in saying yes. Finally, the resolution to William's "condition" was abrupt and unbelievable, along with Grandma's glib explanation as to how it worked: "Magic."It seems that all the trouble the author went to to bring this couple together exhausted her for the final crisis: How is Ruth to spend her life married to a monster, and vice verse?Not the best of this series that I've read.

  • Taleechia
    2019-02-23 17:33

    Viguie is not my favorite author in this series by far, but this book is woven so intricately with themes that I cannot help but applaud her. I love books that suck you in, connect you to the characters, surprise you, and leave you thinking.I was very sad to see many reviews quit on this book after a favorite character did not reappear or the romance heated up for less than one PG-13 page total. (He kissed her neck. They both admitted a need for self-control. Oh man, now they're hugging tightly. Call the censors.) Also, there was a naked man - twice! (He's naked. Awkward. All the characters look away and no more is said on the subject.)I love this book not because it's unpredictable (I was only surprised twice) or unique (it's a recycled fairy-tale plot) but because it left me thinking.I would encourage everyone to reread this book with symbolism in mind. It's pretty obvious that the wolf represents inner passions and evil desires we fight - and I don't mean just passions of love, but passions of envy, revenge, regret, anger, despair, etc. What are the wolves in each character? What passions hinder each of them? On the other hand, what are their redeeming passions?There are two transformations of characters. Comparing them is fascinating.Love is another theme. What kind of love had to be addressed and held back? What kind of love saved the day? What is the difference? Which kind of love made the wolf untamed? Which kind made him "a better man and a better wolf"?There are themes of passions, transformations, wars, grief, love, magic vs science, and social judgement interwoven into this tiny 157-page book. I believe there is something for every reader to take away.Maturity rating: age 13+

  • Deb
    2019-03-21 17:47

    I was introduced to this book when I was puttering around the teen section of the library, looking for a graphic novel to devour on the bus ride home. I stopped to talk with one of our Teen Librarians about finding some edible vampire tales for one of my friends that I recommend books to, mainly because I was getting tired of plowing through the candy floss crud that makes up a good chunk of teen literature on my own. When I mentioned my unquenchable thirst for fairy tales, especially re-written ones, she recommended this series that was unimaginatively called the "Once Upon a Time"--if you look for it in the SPL catalog, search for Once upon a time (New York, N.Y.). I snuck dubious looks at both the covers and the book size (flimsy and thin in quality and size) and immediately scolded myself for judging before I read them.First impressions: the more I read, the more I CAN judge a book by its cover.This book regurgitates the Red Riding Hood mythology like a badly written romance novel, redeeming itself only by finding an original ending to the well-worn tale. And by taking about an hour for this child of insomnia to read. The story was a handful of potato chips when I was looking for a main dish. Also, while the Crusades and medieval noble life kept getting nodding references, there wasn't enough history to make it appealing to historical fiction fans. The author didn't do any noticable research for her story.I'm hoping that another book by a different author in the series will have better results - a revised story of "The Magic Flute," Sunlight and Shadow by Cameron Dokey, had a promising story foundation based on the preview pages at the back of this book.

  • May
    2019-02-23 18:01

    Ruth was attacked by a wolf as a young girl. When her brother goes off to fight the crusades, she takes his place with her father as a blacksmith. If this doesn't make her unusual enough, she likes visiting her grandmother, who lives in the woods because she was banished by the townspeople for being a witch. And then there's the young earl, William, who takes a strong, quick fancy to Ruth despite knowing her for a full five minutes. Yeah, it reads as oddly rushed and disjointed at it sounds.I really, really wanted to like this. I wanted it to be as good as all of the others in the series, though the last one I read by Debbie Viguie wasn't as good as the others. This one was just... disappointing. It started out fine, for the first little bit, and then things just started rushing along. It felt like Viguie was been given a page limit and she didn't have enough pages to fit her whole story in, so she only kept the essentials. Things move so fast that there's no time to get a feel for the characters, or how the general village feels about the characters, or what sort of setting it is, so we're told outright--that the villagers thought Ruth too manly as a blacksmith, rather than having a few scenes to convey this. Or that William is a dangerous man with a hot temper, rather than being shown said temper in action. The most we get is weird, brief, out-of-place flashes of him feeling angry, without anything happening. This would have been such a better book if Viguie had taken the time to show us the characters, rather than just tell us about them.